From the Head of the School
Mrs Erica Thomas

From the Head of the School image

As the end of this busy term approaches, I hope all of our students are looking forward to the holiday period ahead. At the mid-point in the year, I urge our older students to reflect on their achievements and be proud of their successes. They should also consider the areas they wish to improve on and the actions they need to take to do this. I asked all the students at the Years 5-8 assembly yesterday to consider ‘What Went Well’ this term and tell someone about it. While there was lots of talk about examinations it was also lovely to hear conversations about friendship and improvement.

As I look back over the term, there have been many academic and co-curricular events to celebrate. Reports for most year groups are currently being sent home – the culmination of a semester’s work. There have been outstanding musical, drama and speech performances this term. The Winter Concert saw performances from Kindergarten to Year 12 and Brass RaZoo played their first major performance on Saturday evening at the Presentation Ball. Debating, Chess and Mock Trial teams have all done well in regional competitions. In sport, students have made representative teams, competed at high levels for Newcastle Grammar School and enjoyed friendly House competitions in the three school Athletics Carnivals this term. Farkwa Day on the Hill Campus last Friday focused students on the contribution we have made as a School over the last six years in this region of the world. What a memorable way to finish our commitment to this region. Last night, I stopped to speak to two Year 7 boys. When I enquired what they had been doing they informed me they had just finished building their robot as part of the robotics program. On the same day, all of Year 6 had performed an orchestral piece at assembly, the Life Education van was engaging our Park Campus students and Year 7 Parents had their first high school Parent and Teacher meeting. What a rich education is offered to our students.

Term 3 begins on Monday, 13 July and students should return in winter uniform. My very best for a safe, family oriented and relaxing break and I look forward to seeing you all next term.

From the Director of Learning & Teaching
Mrs Lisa Peterson

From the Director of Learning & Teaching image

Half-Yearly Reports

Half-Yearly Reports for students in Years 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 will be emailed to parents on Friday, 19 June. Included with the Report are instructions on how to make an appointment for the Parent/Teacher evenings next term. I would encourage you to take this opportunity to come an speak to your child’s teachers to get a more detailed overview of their progress in each subject. Please contact Mrs Carolyn Gowdy ( if you do not receive your child’s report.

This is also a good time to have a reflective conversation with your son/daughter about their education and approach to learning. Research shows that students who engage in metacognition – thinking about their thinking and processes of learning with a view to improvement, and take responsibility for their results achieve greater improvement and at a higher level of achievement.

As part of the Half-Yearly reporting process, we do review student progress, and in some instances, this may result in class changes.


Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher Interviews for students in Years 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 will take place next term. These interviews take place in the Holland and Parnell buildings from 4.00pm to 7.00pm. Students are more than welcome to attend the interviews with their parents, in fact this is something we encourage. Please note, if they do choose to attend, they must wear full school uniform. Dates for the Parent/Teacher Interviews are as follows. Bookings can be made online using the code provided with your son/daughter’s report.

Year 5 – Tuesday, 14 July (Week 1)
Year 6 – Tuesday, 21 July (Week 2)
Year 8 – Tuesday, 28 July (Week 3)
Year 9 – Tuesday, 21 July (Week 2)
Year 10 – Tuesday, 14 July (Week 1)


Year 12 Information Evening

Parents and students of Year 12, 2015 are invited to an Information Evening on Thursday, 16 July in HS1 commencing at 6.30pm. This evening will provide advice on preparing for the Trial and HSC examinations, scaling and the calculation of the ATAR.

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From the Director of Wellbeing
Ms Lynne Walker

From the Director of Wellbeing image

Year 9 Wellbeing Session

Last week, Year 9 worked with their House Coordinators to explore the power of forgiveness and it’s importance in restoring relationships and promoting wellbeing.


Year 11 Presentation Ball

Our Year 11 students, their families and friends all enjoyed a beautiful evening of dancing and fellowship on Saturday night. The students were presented to the guest of honor, Dr John Miller and our Head of School, Mrs Thomas as part of one of the lovely traditions of our School. It has been a pleasure to work with the students over the past eight weeks and I am sure that they will take many memories with them from this experience.

>Click here to read excerpts from the students’ speeches at the Ball.

The Presentation Ball photos are now available for purchase by visiting Newcastle School Portraits at 17a Denney Street, (cnr Jackson and Denney), Broadmeadow between 9.00am and 3.30pm. Phone: 4965 4114

From the Head of Park Campus
Mrs Alicha Dyer

It is hard to believe that the end of Term 2 is here and the holidays are upon us. As we reflect back on the Term, it is exciting to see all that the students have achieved. I have been very impressed with the performance and achievements of our students across the Junior School.

The final weeks of the term can be an especially valuable time to engage students in reflective thinking about their learning. It is important that we encourage our children to pay attention to how they learn best and deliberately assess their own strengths and areas for improvement. By assisting them to develop such metacognitive habits, we can enhance their capacities as self-directed learners.

It is my hope that Newcastle Grammar School community enjoy the coming break, are kept safe as they travel and return looking forward to the exciting opportunities in Term 3.


Lachlan Smith – 2U

During assembly last week, Lachlan Smith from 2U informed the children at Park Campus about his initiative to help the children of Nepal after their devastating earthquake in April this year. The earthquake has affected the quality of water in Nepal, and Lachlan is hoping to raise enough money to purchase water filters through the program ‘Waves 4 Water’.

1520 - Park 2

On Friday, 19 June, there will be a fundraising event held at Park Campus. Children are asked to bring a gold coin donation in support of this charity.


Luke Talley – 3WM

Luke Talley from 3WM represented Newcastle Grammar School at the SSPA (Short Statured People of Australia) Sporting Event in Albury over the June Long Weekend. Luke participated in a variety of sporting events such as Basketball, Badminton and Hockey. Throughout the course of the weekend, Luke had the opportunity to meet new friends and learn new sporting skills. Congratulations Luke for representing the School and for taking part in this event.

1520 - Park


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From the Director of Pre-school
Mrs Angela Tapp

It’s been a huge two weeks at Pre-school as we sail into the end of Term. The children have had their photos taken, visited the Life Education Van and met the chickens in the Kindergarten room.

Trying to get 40 Pre-schoolers to look at the camera, keep still and smile – all together – is always a challenge. This year, the words Anna, Elsa and Olaf (from the movie ‘Frozen’) worked well with the smile factor and we finally got a photo that the photographer was happy with. We then lined up, dismantled the props and headed inside… just as one of the children was returning to pre-school after a session with the speech pathologist – oops! So we about turned, reassembled and started smiling again.

At the Life Education Van the children participated in The Healthy Harold Pre-school program which aims to provide the knowledge and skills to help children make informed choices about leading a safe, healthy lifestyle. Healthy Harold focuses on the body, personal hygiene, safety, exercise, nutrition, sleep and relationships.  This fits beautifully in to the Early Years Learning Framework particularly outcome 3.2 – ‘Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing.’

1520 - Pre-school1520 -Pre-school 2

Another activity that has become part of our pre-school routine is a weekly look at the building site next door on the way back from music. Each week we go to a vantage spot near the ‘big playground’ and look at the various trucks and other machinery (cement trucks, tip trucks, bulldozers, diggers, cranes) and observe what the workers are doing in their hard hats and hi viz jackets. A couple of times, the men have waved at the children or honked their horns which has been very exciting. Often, when the children come outside, a group of boys head straight to the gravel pit and replicate what they have seen – making roads, moving gravel in the big trucks and ‘beeping’ when they reverse the big trucks.

We have also been focusing on our numeracy skills this term  – with lots of counting (e.g. counting heads when we line up; counting to a designated number before our ‘thank yous’ at mealtime; counting to 20 when we are just about finished packing away) and number identification (e.g. at transition times; number jigsaw puzzles and some finding the numbers games).

This Friday, Pre-school closes for three weeks. We wish all our families a safe and happy break and look forward to seeing how much everyone has grown when we return on Monday, 13 July for an action packed Term 3.

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From the Head of Co-curricular
Mrs Corey Rowntree

From the Head of Co-curricular image

>Click here to find further information on the variety of events coming up that you may be interested in attending:

– Information Sessions Studying in the USA
– Course & Institution information sessions for Students & Parents
– Courses & Workshops for Students
– Open Days
– Scholarships
– Early Entry
– Overseas Opportunities

From the Director of Music Performance
Mr Kevin Young

From the Director of Music Performance image

NGS Presentation Ball

My congratulations go to Mr Sherringham and Brass RaZoo for their outstanding performance in support of the Presentation Ball last Saturday night at City Hall.  This was the first extended performance of the band this year and they did not disappoint the audience with their varied and new repertoire. Our vocalists, Chiara Franceschi-Ryan and Oscar Nicholson were brilliant in their first full gig with the band as were the soloists who featured in many of the charts. Thank you to Miss Sweetman, Mr Parish and Alena Harvey who supported the event by playing for some of the Year 11 students who were involved in the ball.  Well done to everyone.

1520-Music 2 1520-Music 1




HRIS Cultural Festival 2015

Notes are now due for this annual event to be held on 29 July at Hunter Valley Grammar School. Students can nominate their preferred ensemble on the nomination form which is available from your ensemble director. Students have a wide range of activities they can support including, string orchestra, concert band, wind orchestra, choirs and dance groups. Buses will transport NGS students to HVGS and there is a concert at 6pm on the same evening which parents and friends are invited to attend. Parents will be responsible for their children/s transport home.


Founders’ Day 2015

Our annual Founders’ Day celebrations take place at the end of the first week back of Term 3. It is planned for the Concert Band and Orchestra to rehearse in the Cathedral on the Thursday afternoon prior to the service on Friday, 17 July. This will be confirmed later this week. This is a special service in the life of our School and the following groups will take part in a short concert at the conclusion of and during the service: Chamber Choir, Orchestra and Concert Band, Piano Trio, Brass RaZoo and Semitones.


Thank you to all of the students involved across our School Music ensembles for their commitment to excellence over this semester. Half of 2015 has no gone and there have been so many outstanding performances such as the Music Scholars Recitals, Sydney Eisteddfod, Presentation Ball, and Winter Concert and of course the music presentations which support our Chapel services each week and assemblies. Many hours of preparation and rehearsals go in to prepare music to support the many events at NGS.

Term 3 is HSC term for the Year 12 musicians. Our focus now needs to turn to supporting the students in their preparation to ensure their success. Year 12 students have the opportunity to perform during Music Week and at their recitals as well as during the Chapel Services.

Last Thursday afternoon, the Symphony Orchestra was fortunate to spend their rehearsal with Mr George Ellis. Mr Ellis has been associated with NGS for many years now and really enjoys his visits to our School. Mr Ellis travelled from Sydney to direct the orchestra in their first look at New Horizons, a new work composed especially for the orchestra. We will look forward to the premier of this work at An Afternoon at the Proms on 22 November.

Mr Gavin Clark has been leading String Tutorials each Thursday at lunch time. This has significantly improved the string section in the orchestra. In term 3, this ensemble will commence playing dedicated string repertoire to assist students in learning more about ensemble playing, balance and technique. This move is designed to promote the importance of strings at NGS and to offer students a challenge in terms of developing repertoire. This is not a co-curricular activity and will remain a lunchtime rehearsal with orchestra repertoire still being rehearsed as required.

My thanks especially to Miss Parkes, Miss Sweetman, Mr Sherringham and Mr Power for their work with their respective ensembles. We are a small but vibrant Music faculty who strives to ensure students are offered the best opportunities while studying here at NGS.

Have a happy, safe and restful vacation and I look forward to seeing you all next term.

1520-Music 31520-Music 4

Term 3 Music Events

17 July: Founders’ Day Service 9.15am CCC
24–28 August: Music Week

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From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

From the Director of Sport image

NGS School Holiday Soccer Matches

Please take note of the following matches that have been forfeited in the upcoming school holidays:

  • Under 9s will not be playing on 27 June and 4 July.
  • Under 10s will not be playing on 4 July and 11 July.

All other games will proceed as indicated on team draws. Please remember matches on 4 July are to make up for the Round 2 washout.

I wish all soccer families a safe and happy holiday.

Mr B Lloyd – MIC Junior Soccer


NGS Primary Athletics Team

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected in the Newcastle Grammar School Primary Athletics team to compete at the HRIS Primary Athletics Championships at Hunter Sports Complex – Glendale next Term.

Information not will go home this week with competitor’s events and information about training in term 3.

8 Years – Luca Swancott, Brandon Muddle, Elliot Collins, Daniel Richardson, Arthur Petrelis, Jack Martin, Eden Simpson, Zahli Ginns, Isabella Myers, Vanessa Kuru, Ella Beattie, Harriette Arnall, Lucy Nightingale

9 Years – Kalen Routley, Thomas McGrath, Ambrose Raftos, William Jeffery, Gabriel Leishman, Alexander Yost, Lachlan Dunning, Alex Moss, Eliza Ginns, Ruby Macdonald, Hunter Rowntree, Abbey Bryant, Emily Lilleyman, Katherine Wang, Alice Jeffery

10 Years – Cameron Carson, Hayden Martinelli, Gabriel Jeffery, Connor Johansen, Alexander Macdougall, Lucas Bortolloto, Jackson Campbell, Bronte Simpson, Hannah Choi, Josephine Armstrong, Sophia Prince, Harriet Carroll, Mary Dundas, Ayva Myers, Veronica Kuru

11 Years – Scott Philpotts, Luke Siderovski, Marcus Ferch, Rhett Boden, Isobel Harbury, Niamh Harrigan, Kiara Bower, Lily Webster, Millie Robbs, Phoebe Eisenburg, Lauren Harvey,

12 Years – Ben Henderson, Jett Robinson, Nicholas Marlette, Dominic Leishman, Lachlan Carey, Leo Hasdarngkul, Ethan Stevenson, Skye Simpson, Eliza Guest, Olivia Byth, Isobal Prince, Isobal Oakley, Vivien Kuru, Emma McGrath


NGS Secondary Athletics Team

The secondary (Years 7-12) team to represent NGS at the 2015 Athletics Championships is posted on the Merrick Sports notice board. This Championship will be held on Tuesday, 21 July Term 3, Week 2) at the Hunter Sports Centre, Glendale. All team members will receive an information sheet in Week 9 of this term.

Any questions regarding the team or the arrangements for the day should be directed to me as soon as possible.


HRIS Primary Basketball Gala

A huge congratulatins to the Boys and Girls Primary Basketball teams that competed last Tuesday in the HRIS Basketball Gala day at Broadmeadow.

Many of the players had never played basketball before but performed outstandingly on the day. The Boys’ team finished 7th and the Girls’ team finished 9th.

Teams were – Girls – Isobel Prince, Vivien Kuru, Eliza Guest, Mia Charleson, Niamh Harrigan,  Emma McGrath, Skye Simpson, Isobel Harbury.

1520-sport 1

Boys – Dominic Leishman, Dominic Leishman, Carter Everett, Lachlan Carey, Leo Hasdarngkul, Ben Henderson, Scott Philpotts, William van Gemet, Eoin Turner

1520-sport 2

A huge thank you to Charlotte Thomas and Mrs Heidi Simpson for coaching and coordinating the girls’ team throughout the day.


CIS Primary Cross Country

Congratulations to the 10 primary competitors that travelled to Sydney last Thursday to compete for HRIS at the NSW CIS Cross Country Championships.

It was hard conditions however all 10 competitors performed outstanding for HRIS. All results can be viewed on the CIS Sport website

1520-sport 3

Olivia Byth and Skye Simpson before their 12 Years Girls 3km race.

Ms C Byrnes – Park/Stewart Sports Coordinator


FISAF (State Aerobics and Fitness Championship)

NGS had four Step teams, seven Fitness teams, two Aerobics teams, four individuals, one pair, and three Hip Hop teams compete in the FISAF State Aerobics Fitness and Hip Hop Championships held at Hunter Performing Arts School on Friday and Saturday, 12 & 13 June.

All teams and individuals performed to the best of their ability with the school gaining Seven Gold medals, four Silver medals and five bronze medals which was an outstanding achievement. It was evident that all the hard work and extra sessions paid off with some very clear and detailed routines performed.

The students who gained 1st, 2nd or 3rd have all earned the right to compete at the National FISAF Aerobics and Fitness Championships as well as at the National Hip Hop Championships to be held in Brisbane from 28 to 30 August. Details regarding these arrangements will come out shortly.

Thank you to our coaches; Diane Harris, Stephanie Martin, Aimee Shearer, and Georga Knight for all their hard work with their respective teams. Thank you also to Mrs Tonia Martin and all the parents who assisted with hair and costumes throughout the weekend it was much appreciated.

>Click here for all the results

Mrs C Rowntree – MIC Aerobics

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Mock Trial
Round 3

On Monday, 1 of June, the Newcastle Grammar School team went head to head with Belmont Christian College, in the state wide Mock Trial competition. Our case was about the police versus Ashley Stone. We, as the prosecution, were to prove that Ms Ashley Stone caused grievous bodily harm to the victim whilst recklessly driving. Our first barrister, Charlotte Thomas, was able to provide the trial with some context and chief examined our first witness Stephanie Illiadis who provided the opposition with a difficult case to solve. Our second barrister, Alexa van Niekerk, then unleashed some vital information to sum up the case, with the help of her second witness Sabrina Kliousis. The solicitor Eve Turner assisted them, providing a strong argument, however, there were several flaws in our case which caused our team to lose the trial. This being said though, through our role playing skills and endless arguments, we won the competition to continue our undefeated winning streak heading into the final round before the knock-out stage. A massive thank you also goes to Gabby Angus who played the Magistrates Clerk and proved to be an invaluable member of our team.

Eve Turner – Year 10 Student

Speech & Drama
Lake Macquarie Eisteddfod

Lake Macquarie Eisteddfod was held this weekend, many entrants coming from Newcastle Grammar School. The weekend was busy with many competitors performing in a number of sections but an enjoyable time was had while a great deal of experience was gained. Those competitors who were not placed performed outstandingly and congratulations to them.

>Click here for all the results.

Mrs Jones & I would like to thank everyone for their support.

Ishbel Beadle

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by the Head of School

Safety in Tyrrell Street

Please refrain from double parking in Tyrrell Street after School.  A number of children are risking their safety by running out onto the road in order to be picked up.  The preferred locations are Church or Newcomen Streets.

Smart Phone App

The new NGS App is now connected to the NGS website and should allow you to read events in the calendar, alerts and the newsletter in a format that should prove more convenient.  It can be downloaded from the >Apple Store or >Google Play.

Recently on Facebook

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Lachlan Smith from Year 2 is surfing to raise money to provide clean drinking water for Nepal. Lachlan spoke to ABC radio during the week to promote his efforts. Well Done Lachlan!

Uniform Shop
Hours for 2015

The Uniform shop hours are as follows.

Monday: 8.00am – 2.00pm
Wednesday & Friday: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Sports Socks
Plain white socks are now permitted as we will be phasing out our current striped socks over the next several months.

‘Artist in Residence’ Programme
Sophie Mill Programme with Artist and Author Sophie Mill

Newcastle Grammar School will be continuing our ‘Artist in Residence’ programme for 2015.

Sophie Mill is an internationally recognised fine contemporary artist and author.  Newcastle Grammar School are very happy that Ms Mill will continue in Semester 2 as our ‘Artist in Residence’ starting Monday, 13 July 2015.

This programme is dedicated to teaching your son or daughter the benefits of ‘thinking outside of the square’ through creative painting and creative ideas.  ’To be a creative thinker takes time, and it is a learnt lesson’, said Ms Mill.  Sophie Mill has dedicated her career to being able to express an emotive thought and turn it into a creative oil painting.

The Artist in Residence programme is an after school activity, and part of the School’s co-curricular programme, and is offered to students from Years 7 to 11.

‘Artist in Residence’ programme
Commencing: Monday, 13 July 2015
When: Monday afternoons 3.30pm – 5.00pm
Where: Hill Campus Art Rooms
Class size: Limited to 14 students
Cost: $25.00 per week

Students will be required to commit to the Programme for a minimum of one semester (Semester 2, 2015 – 17 weeks) and all costs will be charged to the School Account.

If you would like more information  or to enroll your son/daughter to participate in the Artist in Residence Programme please email me at

Mrs T Martin – Coordinator of Creative and Performing Arts