From the Head of the School
Mrs Erica Thomas

From the Head of the School image

This Friday, the students on the Hill Campus will be participating in a final fundraising event for Farkwa. We have chosen a walk to mark the School’s commitment to this cause and the distance between seven and eight kilometres is the average distance a woman in a developing country walks each day to bring water and supplies back to her home. The walk from Carrington to School should be a memorable way for the community to join together and celebrate all we have achieved in this region. The partnership with World Vision has already delivered a dormitory, wells and educational facilities.

Over the past few years NGS has raised over $80,000 to support Farkwa Secondary School including the start of the sustainability projects. All money raised from the walk on Friday will go to support these sustainability projects World Vision is now working on, including an Animal Husbandry program and a Bee Keeping project.

The Animal Husbandry program was established so the Farkwa School has an income source to be able to generate its own sustainable source of funding and ensure that both the health and wellbeing of the students and the wider community is improved. This would enable the school to become more self-sufficient, especially as World Vision begins its final stage of development work, preparing to exit the community.

NGS funding has purchased beehives (200), bees (10 pairs), a honey making machine (2), packaging materials, dairy cows (4), a cow shed, veterinary equipment and the training of up to 70 participants to look after the animals and harvest and market honey and milk.

Students are asked to wear a Farkwa shirt on the Friday with their PE Uniform. Shirts are available free of charge from the School Shop for any student who needs one. Any families with Farkwa shirts or the red ‘sloppy joes’ they would like to donate please wash these after the walk and ask your son or daughter to drop them into the School shop before the end of the term – we will be sending them to Farkwa.

Next term, we will also hold a Farkwa Day at Park Campus. I thank all those who have contributed to this worthwhile cause over the past six years. What an incredible achievement by the Newcastle Grammar School Community.

From the Director of Learning & Teaching
Mrs Lisa Peterson

From the Director of Learning & Teaching image

Year 7 Parent Teacher Evening

Parents of students in Year 7 are invited to attend the Year 7 Parent/Teacher Evening on Tuesday, 16 June from 4.00pm. Bookings are to be made online at using the code VLU7H. We encourage you to take this opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with their classroom teachers. Students are welcome to attend the interviews. As this is an official School function, students must wear full School uniform.

From the Director of Operations
Mr Duncan McKensey

Opportunity to Fly with the SATU

Commencing Term 3, Cadets in Years 9 and 10 will have the opportunity to learn to fly a fixed wing aircraft.

The Royal Newcastle Aero Club has a long and proud history, with its beginnings back in 1928. The Club has had many missions over the years, from supplying aircraft parts for the war effort in the 30s and 40s, to training Royal Australian Air Force Pilots in the 50s. These days their mission is to foster the love of aviation in all people and help them achieve their dreams of taking to the skies in the safest environment possible. In 2014, the Club was awarded Aero Club of the Year and Chief Flying Instructor of the Year. Their Chief Flying Instructor Phil Unicomb has some 15 titles to his name, including 5 Australian aerobatic titles and the World Tiger Moth Aerobatic Championship. His team of four full time instructors, including himself, has a cumulative 85 years and 22,000 hours of flying experience. The team includes Grade 2 Flight Instructor Georgia Morris, a former NGS student who began her flying career through the partnership between RNAC and Newcastle Grammar School’s SATU. We are very proud to have been involved in Georgia’s career as well as the flying journeys of former NGS students Ryan Bodilly, commercial pilot; and David Bowen – Thomas, F/A-18 Hornet pilot. The Royal Newcastle Aero Club looks forward to once again partnering with the SATU to give students an opportunity to try ‘something different’, to build confidence and decision making skills, and to most importantly have loads of fun!

Students are welcome to join the SATU in Years 8, 9, 10, 11 and Term 4 of Year 7.


Year 5-6 Father & Son Camp

It is with great pleasure that Newcastle Grammar School is endorsing the Years 5 –  6 Father & Son Camp, from 9 – 12 October 2015. A parent of the School, Mrs Justine Clark  is coordinating the camp. If you are interested in participating please contact her on




Abseiling in the Watagans

On Sunday, 31 May, the cadets along with, ‘Out and About Adventures’, headed to the Watagans for a day of abseiling. Once we got there it was clear that it was going to be a wet but highly beneficial day. As soon as we got off the bus cadets were quick to realize that no amount of bushmans insect repellent was going to stop the waves of leeches. During the course of the day, cadets participated in a 10m, 45m and a 72m abseil. The 72m abseil was down a waterfall. Unfortunately because of high wind warnings for the Monday we were not able to stay overnight. So once we had finished the day’s abseiling we headed home for a hot shower and a comfy bed.

From the Head of Park Campus
Mrs Alicha Dyer

Inquiring is more than just a way of learning. It needs to be recognised as being a way of living, of reaching out to the world, of forming relationships, making meaning and creating change. Children inquire from birth, as they seek relationships with the world around them. The desire to know is intrinsic and children in particular have an enormous capacity for asking questions and observing. Inquiring is the most natural, exciting and meaningful way of learning.

At the heart of inquiring is a deep sense of curiosity, from which arise lots of substantial questions. It is this sense of curiosity and wonder that propel us forward and motivate us to learn. During Term 3 we will be focusing on implementing the Inquiry based framework into our Science and Technology units. Through the Inquiry process students will learn through active construction, making meaning by building connections between current understandings and new information and experiences. The Inquiry framework will allow each child’s understanding of the world to develop in a manner and at a rate that is unique to them. In this transformational, inquiry-based approach, education is empowering, meaningful and lasting.

From the Director of Pre-school
Mrs Angela Tapp

On Tuesday, 2 June and Thursday, 4 June, the Groovers and Shakers walked to Cooks Hill Fire Station and had a fabulous time looking around the Fire Station.

When we arrived at the Fire Station we were welcomed by the fire fighters who talked to us about what to do if we are ever caught in a fire – “Get Down Low and GO, GO, GO!” and “Stop, Drop and Roll”. We also got to see fire fighter Todd dressed from head to toe in the safety gear they wear when they go to a fire. Did you know that everyone should be practising fire drills at home, especially at night time? This means that everyone has to get used to getting out of the house in the dark. Also, the Fire Brigade recommends that the best point of assembly, after evacuating, is the letter box!

1519 - PS

The children were really good at answering the fire fighters’ questions – especially when asked what number to dial in an emergency. The Pre-schoolers demonstrated excellent recall skills and impressed the firemen with their listening. They also impressed them with their ‘stop, drop and roll’ actions-especially when they covered their faces with their hands. It was text book! One child put up their hand and explained to the fire fighters that you ‘don’t go back in’. Another child asked “What about our pets? Would they be rescued?” There was lots of thinking going on and the children loved receiving a ‘high 5’ from the fire fighters when they answered the questions, feeling very important.

1519 - PS 21519 - PS 3

The fire hose was a big hit, especially when they got to hose one of the fire fighter’s windows as he drove the truck out of the fire station. Getting to sit in the fire truck, listen to the siren and watch the flashing lights was also a thrill but the biggest thrill of the day was the ride in the cherry picker. Another high point was the fire truck leaving for a job, with its siren on, just as we were having a roll call outside the station.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all our helpers because without our volunteer helpers we would not be able to go on excursions. In relation to the Early Years Learning Framework this excursion provides the children with the opportunity to develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities (Learning Outcome 2).

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From the Head of Co-curricular
Mrs Corey Rowntree

From the Head of Co-curricular image

>Click here to find further information on the variety of events coming up that you may be interested in attending:

– Defence Force Recruiting Information
– Macquarie University Information
– Information Sessions Studying in the USA
– Ernst & Young Cadet Program

From the Director of Music Performance
Mr Kevin Young

From the Director of Music Performance image

Winter Concert 2015

My congratulations to all of our young musicians on their outstanding performance at last week’s annual Winter Concert. The event was thoroughly entertaining and as diverse as any audience could hope for. Our ensembles have spent many months preparing for this and other performances and I thank everyone for their commitment to music making at NGS.

My thanks to Celine St George and Holly Overmyer, our Senior Musicians for their compering and to our stage managers Elizabeth Creevey, Monique Aganovic. I would also like to thank the many students who assisted as Stage Hands.

Our groups would not be so prepared if it were not for our dedicated Music and Instrumental staff who direct and accompany our ensembles. Their hard work and persistence with weekly rehearsals is appreciated by all.

We also had support from a number of staff who looked after front of house and supervision at the concert. Thank you for giving up your time to help us out.

Well done to everyone in showcasing Music at NGS.


1519-Music 2 1519-Music 1


Extended Orchestra Rehearsal        

Symphony Orchestra members are reminded that this week’s rehearsal will go until 6.00pm and we will have our guest conductor Mr Ellis with us. Please make arrangements to stay until 6.00pm.


HRIS Cultural Festival 2015

Notes are now due for this annual event to be held on 29 July at Hunter Valley Grammar School. Students can nominate their preferred ensemble on the nomination form which is available from your ensemble director. Students have a wide range of activities they can support including, string orchestra, concert band, wind orchestra, choirs and dance groups. Buses will transport NGS students to HVGS and there is a concert at 6.00pm on the same evening. Parents and friends are invited to attend. Parents will be responsible for their child’s transport home.


Brass RaZoo at Presentation Ball

Brass RaZoo are rehearsing to support this year’s Presentation Ball. This event will take place on Saturday, 13 June. Times are to be advised but you will need to wear your formal gear. Students in the group are asked to be at City Hall by 7.30pm please. Year 11 members of Brass RaZoo should come and speak to me regarding their involvement on the night.


 From the Director of Music Performance

>Click here for tips on how to help you prepare for performance examinations.


Term 2 Music Events

Saturday, 13 June: Brass RaZoo at the Presentation Ball

Sunday, 14 June: Chamber Choir at the Sydney Eisteddfod Championships

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From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

From the Director of Sport image

AICES Cross Country

Last Thursday, nine students from NGS travelled to the Sydney International Equestrian Centre to represent HRIS at the 2015 AICES Cross Country Championships. Those students were: Molly Broad, Connor Henderson, James Myles, Kate Hackett, Lachlan Rae, Karma Randall, Phoebe O’Keeffe, Seraina Danuser and Sophia Laurence.

This was the first time this event had been held at SIEC and it was a resounding success – a dry track, great weather and large fields in each race. Considering the early start to get down there our students performed extremely well with five students being selected in the AICES team and one student, Lachlan Rae, missing out on selection by only one placing!

The following students were selected in the AICES team to compete at the NSWCIS Cross Country Championships will be held at Eastern Creek Raceway this Thursday (and their placing at AICES): Sophia Laurence 4th, Phoebe O’Keeffe 5th, Seraina Danuser 14th, Connor Henderson 5th and Molly Broad 13th.

On behalf of the School, I would like to wish all of these students every success on Thursday.



Last Wednesday, our 16 years Rugby team participated in the Hunter Schools 7-a-side competition at Waratah Oval. Ten schools contested this event, with the winner going on to represent Hunter at the State Titles this week in Sydney.

The NGS boys were very impressive on the day, showing great determination and skill in each and every match. With only limited training as a team, the NGS boys drew favourable comments on their performance from the organiser of the day and we all hope to build upon those results in the future.

The team played Merewether High School (lost l0-0), Tomaree High School (lost 20-10), Maitland High School (drew 15-15) and Hunter Valley Grammar School (lost 20-5).

The NGS team comprised: Michael Rewitt, Zac Perry, Patrick Krause, Nicolas Gentizon, Michael Sharpe, Liam Faragher, Sam Fairbrother, James Davis, Ryan Campbell and Jackson Bartley.


NGS Secondary Athletics Team

The secondary (Years 7-12) team to represent NGS at the 2015 Athletics Championships is posted on the Merrick Sports’ notice board. This Championship will be held on Tuesday, 21 July Term 3, Week 2) at the Hunter Sports Centre, Glendale. All team members will receive an information sheet in Week 9 of this term.

Any questions regarding the team or the arrangements for the day should be directed to me as soon as possible.


All Schools Touch

Trials for all Year 7 and 8 students who have put their names down with Miss Byrnes to nominate for the All Schools’ Touch trials, to be held next term, will be held this Thursday at lunchtime. Please meet outside the Stewart building as soon as the bell goes at lunch.

If for whatever reason you cannot attend you must let Miss Byrnes know as soon as possible.


Junior Soccer Holiday Matches

A big thank you to all families who have returned the note regarding player availability in the upcoming holidays. Could I please ask for all notes to be returned to myself as soon as possible so a determination can be made as to whether matches can proceed on 20 June, 27 June, 4 July (catch up from Round 2 washout) and 11 July. Alternatively, I can be emailed at

Mr B Lloyd – MIC Junior Soccer

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Preliminary Business Studies
29 May 2015

On Friday, 29 May, the Year 11 Business Studies students competed in the annual NGS Apprentice competition. There were nine teams representing various countries around the globe, including Belgium, Mexico, Thailand, USA, Germany, China, Italy, France and the Netherlands. The aim of the competition is to generate the highest profits while staying under the budget of $100. All proceeds from the day are then donated to the charity that is selected by the winning team.

1519-Business studies 2 1519-Business Studies 1

Despite the overcast, and at times rainy weather, the turn out from both staff and students was outstanding, with huge queues quickly forming at all nine stalls. By the end of lunch the majority of the food stalls had sold out of all their food.

1519-Business studies 5 1519-business studies 4 1519-Business studies 3

The results for sales and profitability were the best yet achieved for this event and the teams all deserve a well-earned ‘thank-you’ for their commitment, effort and dedication. The students thoroughly enjoyed the day and we believe that the charitable donations perform a valuable service for the wider society.

The results for this year’s NGS Apprentice were as follows:

  1. Dicko’s Dutch Pancakes $459.80
  2. Hot Dog Heaven $374.00
  3. Made in China $315.50
  4. Wafflicious $255.75
  5. Papa Droopy’s $240.60
  6. Schnitty Express $238.50
  7. Machos Nachos $221.45
  8. Fun French Feed $144.70
  9. Thai-Tanic $143.30

Grand Total: $2,393.60

I would like to congratulate the winning team, ‘Dicko’s Dutch Pancakes’ for an impressive victory by achieving an outstanding profit of $459.80. The winning team consisted of the Project Manager Olivia Dickinson, Matthew Blunden, Rhiannon Harvey, Eliza McGowan, Sarah Melrose and Isabelle Todhunter. The winning team will announce the charity that will be receiving this large donation in the coming week.

Mr P Hopson – Coordinator of Social Science

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