From the Head of the School
Mrs Erica Thomas

From the Head of the School image

The Years 9-12 Athletics Carnival was held on Monday and once again the enthusiasm and spirit of our students was most evident. I congratulate the following age champions:

14 Years Girls – Bronte Anscombe
14 Years Boys – Marcus Baltpurvins
15 Years Girls – Caitlin Spencer
15 Years Boys – Eoin Brown
16 Years Girls – Sophie Cominos
16 Years Boys – Marshall Unie
17 Years Girls – Rebekah Stuart
17 Years Boys – Conrad Talbot
18 Years Girls – Sophia Laurence
18 Years Boys – Tim Rogers

Congratulations to Shortland on being the winning House. A special congratulations to new record holders Sabrina Kliousis for the 15 years Javelin and 15 years Discus, and Conrad Talbot for the 17 years High Jump.

On Monday, our postponed scholarship examinations were held on the Hill Campus. This year sixty four candidates sat for scholarships for 2016. Before the examinations I wished all the candidates luck and reminded them of the experience they would gain in completing these tests. For many of our students, NAPLAN testing dominates next week. About one million students Australia wide are set to sit these literacy and numeracy based tests on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Results are usually available in September and will be sent to parents at this time. Please remember that any tests like this are only a snapshot of a child’s learning on a particular day and not a reflection of their overall progress.

Our primary staff are looking forward to introducing new structured play lunch time activities and I thank Mrs Dyer for this initiative at Park Campus that will grow as the year progresses.

Caleb Agostino-Morrow in Year 10 was placed 11th in the National Triathlon Championships in the 15-16 age category and he is to be congratulated for this fine achievement in a difficult sport that requires such a significant fitness level.

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From the Director of Learning & Teaching
Mrs Lisa Peterson

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Parent/Student Study Skills Presentation:

Students in Years 7 and 8 who would like to improve their study skills in preparation for the upcoming Half-Yearly Examinations are invited to a Study Skills Presentation on Thursday, 7 May beginning at 7.00pm in the Horbury Hunt Hall. This is an interactive session involving both students and parents in developing good study habits. Please remember to bring a pen and a highlighter.

Students in Year 9 who would like a ‘refresher’ are also welcome to attend.

Year 12 Parent/Teacher Evening

Parents and students are invited to the Year 12 Parent/Teacher Evening to be held on Tuesday, 12 May from 4.00pm in the Holland and Parnell Buildings. Students are encouraged to attend the interviews with their parents. They must be dressed in full school uniform.

Bookings can be made on the  School Interviews website: using the Event Code WUJFM.

Half-Yearly Examinations

Students in Years 5 – 10 will complete their Half-Yearly Examinations and Assessments in Week 6. Study Guides will be available next week. Students are encouraged to begin their preparations for these examinations, if they haven’t done so already.

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From the Director of Wellbeing
Ms Lynne Walker

From the Director of Wellbeing image

Celebrating Humility

In this age of ‘me’ we often don’t hear much about humility as a celebrated and desired character trait. Probably because humility has a bad reputation – often being synonymous with being a pushover. However, it would be better to think of being humble as having self-awareness, openness, perspective and respect for others. As C.S Lewis said… ‘Humility is not thinking less of yourself – it is thinking of yourself less.”

Here are some thoughts about ways we may develop and benefit from humility:

  • ​Seek to acknowledge and learn what you don’t know.
  • Be passionately curious – constantly welcoming and seeking out new knowledge.​
  • Be willing to be open to the ideas of others​
  • Turn feedback and criticism into a plan for growth and development​​
  • Resist falling for your own publicity.
  • Embrace and promote a spirit of service.


Our School uniform unites us as a community.  It says: ‘we are all in this together’.

In addition, it has benefits such as:

  • Improving learning and behaviour by reducing distraction, sharpening focus on schoolwork and making the classroom a more engaged environment.
  • Promoting a sense of teamwork and increasing school spirit.
  • Increasing students’ self-esteem because they do not have to participate in the “school fashion show.” Dressing alike helps students to learn that what really counts the most is what’s on the ‘inside’.
  • Saving families time (students know exactly what to put on each morning) and money – (just consider the cost of one pair of designer jeans!)
  • Allowing students to understand the importance of appropriate presentation in many areas of life after school (including job-seeking, interview preparation and the concept of ‘Dress Code’ in the workplace)

We also believe that encouraging our students to wear their uniform well is important, as this fosters self-respec​t and appropriate pride in personal appearance.  In addition, it promotes respect for our School and a positive School identity in our wider community – which benefits all of our students, especially in many post-school pursuits.

Finally, insisting that our students wear their uniforms correctly helps them to develop self-regulation and accountability.

We appreciate all the support you give in ensuring that our students wear their uniforms correctly and well.

The ASPIRE Today Competition 2015 – for students in Years 10 – 12

Would you like to spend a day with the Lord Mayor? Or learn what goes on behind the scenes as a journalist or radio presenter? Would you like the opportunity to spend a day in the life of a ‘Person of Influence’?

The ASPIRE Today competition is about building on the aspirations of today’s students for tomorrow; elevating and focusing their aspirations towards achieving a seat of Influence tomorrow. It is a student leadership and vocation development opportunity.

The persons of influence include: Cr Nuatali Nelmes (Newcastle Lord Mayor), Kevin Wilcock (Minister & CEO of Soul Café), Jason Gordon (Journalist Newcastle Herald), Mark Kentwell (Director PRDnationwide) and Tanya Wilks (Media Personality/KOFM Host).

For more information and entry forms please visit ‘Community’ on the NGS website or >click here

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From the Head of Park Campus
Mrs Alicha Dyer

NGS Lunchtime Clubs

Park Campus will be starting a ‘Lunchtime Club Programme’ which offers all students the opportunity to participate in a range of structured lunchtime activities.

The aim of the Lunchtime Club Programme is to encourage students to explore interests, learn new skills, and build confidence, and develop social skills and friendships based on shared interests.

Lunchtime clubs will provide many enjoyable activities for ALL students to participate in at lunchtime. Clubs are not a compulsory activity for students, merely an option for students. They will be running Monday to Thursdays.

Photo Day Friday, 8 May

Please be aware that students will wear their Winter uniform with blazers. Girls are to wear white socks.

Mothers’ Day Morning Tea Reminder

Please join us for a Mothers’ Day Tea Party to honour and celebrate the Mums and other special women in our lives. The event will be held on Friday, 8 May. Classroom visits will commence at 8.50am followed by a Tea Party in the SWPC at 9.30am. There will be fabulous prizes to win. Please fill in the RSVP, which is attached to the invitation, and send it in with your child for catering purposes. We hope to see you all there.


The increased focus on parking regulations around Park Campus is something that Council is undertaking at all schools in the area. Staff are doing their best to help and we ask all members of the community to continue to be cooperative.

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From the Director of Pre-school
Mrs Angela Tapp

Term 2 is off to a flying start with the children happily reconnecting with friends and adapting well to the winter programme – beginning the day with indoor activities and going outside in the middle of the day. Unfortunately, with all the horrible weather we’ve had, there have been a number of days when we have had to stay inside all day. However, the children have been very flexible and resilient and we are now back on track and well into the term.

Over the last two weeks, we have been working on some ‘Secret Mother’s Day’ business and the children are very excited about the gifts they have created. We hope you like them and feel the love!

On Monday, 4 May, we literally (with the wild weather) sailed the high seas in to our Pre-school Pirate Day. The children had a fantastic day full of pirate dress-ups, games, stories and craft. Patches, swords and hats with skulls were very popular and we even followed a pirate map that lead us to Treasure Island (aka – the sandpit)! We dug deep into the sand for treasure and it was worth it. Lots of ‘bling’ was discovered and worn for the rest of the Pirate Day!

Shiver me timbers what a fun day!




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From the Head of Co-curricular
Mrs Corey Rowntree

From the Head of Co-curricular image

>Click here to find further information on the variety of events coming up that you may be interested in attending:

– Lake Macquarie Career & Training Expo – Year 12 Students

– Course & Institution Information Sessions for Students & Parents

– Courses & Workshops for Students

– Open Days

– Expos & Forums

– Scholarships

– 2015 Engineering and Technology Cadetships

– Girls Choices Summer School and Live It for Boys for Year 9 Students

– MedEntry UMAT Preparation

– UNSW Information


On the 24 April, the SATU held the School ANZAC day service in the Cathedral. They represented the Australian Defence Force and those that have fallen, this service was even more special than other services in the past as it was the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli and the ANZACS.

The Catafalque party for the day was made up from LCPL Carraro, CPL Perry, CPL Krause and SGT Downes, led by CSM Kilgannon. The service went well and the Cadets that were involved should be very proud of their achievements for such a special occasion.

On Saturday, 25 April (ANZAC day) the whole unit was involved in the march along Hunter Street for the service in Civic Park. The attendance at this service was outstanding and we were the largest army contingent to march on the day.

After a freezing dawn service, the day became very warm and made standing for the duration of the service challenging. Every Cadet who went on the march that day should be very proud of who they represented and themselves. This is what defines us as Australians.

Coming up on 6 May, a number of Cadets will be participating in the Combined Schools ANZAC day service at The Civic Theatre. This will be in front of a packed audience and is for those schools that aren’t as fortunate as our School, to have their own service.

All in all the ANZAC Day events were a great success and an honour to participate in.

Adam Krause – Senior Cadet Under Officer

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From the Director of Music Performance
Mr Kevin Young

From the Director of Music Performance image

Lions Convention Opening Ceremony 2015

Last Friday, members of our Brass Ensemble and SATU supported the Lions Club National Convention which was held in the Civic Theatre. The Brass Ensemble provided musical support with a selection of pieces. This included playing the national anthems of the USA, New Zealand, Indonesia and Australia. The SATU participated by being involved in the flag ceremony. We can be very proud of our musicians and cadets for the way they presented themselves at this event.

My thanks to Mr McKensey, Miss Price and Mr Sherringham for their fine work with these students. It’s wonderful to have such an opportunity to present NGS to the wider community.

Sydney Eisteddfod

The Chamber Choir will once again be participating in the Sydney Eisteddfod Open sections. These will be held on Saturday, 30 May at the Chatswood Performance Centre. We will need to leave NGS around 2.00pm on Saturday afternoon. Please check the Chamber Choir group on My Big Campus for your permission note.

String Section Tutorials

This tutorial led by Mr Gavin Clark will continue to take place each Thursday and all students in the String Section of the orchestra from Years 7 – 10 are expected to attend. This will really assist your music reading, playing and ensemble skills. An improvement in the overall sound of the string sections has already be noticed.

HIRS Cultural Festival 2015

This annual event will be held on 29 July at Hunter Valley Grammar School. Students can nominate their preferred ensemble on the nomination form that is available from your ensemble director. Students have a wide range of activities they can support including, string orchestra, concert band, wind orchestra, choirs and dance groups. Buses will transport NGS students to HVGS and there is a concert at 6pm on the same evening. Parents and friends are invited to attend. Parents will be responsible for their children/s transport home.

From the Director of Music Performance

>Click here for the continued article in regards the importance of correct instrument sizing.


Term 2 Music Events

Friday, 8 May: HSC Music Day Year 12 Music Students Newcastle Conservatorium

Saturday, 30 May: Chamber Choir at Sydney Eisteddfod departing at 2.00pm.

Thursday, 4 June: Winter Concert 6.00pm SWPC

Saturday, 13 June: Brass RaZoo at the Presentation Ball

NGS Brass Ensemble at the Lions Club National Convention Opening Ceremony


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From the Director of Sports
Mr Leigh Carroll

From the Director of Sports image

Berkeley Athletics Championships

The 2015 Berkeley Athletics Championships, held at Glendale on Monday was a great day and one which yielded some great results. The participation rate by all that were there was outstanding and all should be congratulated for their efforts.

Perhaps one of the real highlights, again, of the day was the mass participation in the 1500m events. In the past there are always those who attempt to run the distance but for whatever reason cannot make the whole distance. This year there must have been close to 50 students in each of the four races and all ran the whole distance, some slower than others of course; however, the fact that everyone ran-was outstanding.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students who attended and I would imagine that most students participated in most events. During the field events, when all ages have an event, the House areas were empty which indicated everyone was out competing. That certainly pleases everyone involved with the running of the day.

I would also like to express my thanks to the staff who worked so hard all day. Many had very little break-time, if any, and had to rush off when they got a chance to grab their lunch and bring it out onto the field to eat when they could. I am sure they slept well on Monday night!

The various results of the day were as follows:

House Championship
1st Shortland with 3356.5 points
2nd Macquarie with 3349.5 points
3rd Hunter with 3059 points
4th Tyrrell with 2622 points

Records Broken (3)
Sabrina Kliousis:15 years Javelin 32.54m (old record 24.23m)
-15 years Discus 24.49m (old record 23.75m)

Conrad Talbot: 17 years High Jump 1.83m (old record 1.75m)

Age Championships (and points earned)
14 Years Girls
1st Bronte Anscombe, H – 123 points
2nd Charlotte Parsons, T – 104.5 points
3rd Emerson Lees, H – 79 points

14 Years Boys
1st Marcus Baltpurvins, S – 111points
2nd James Stevenson, S – 105 points

15 Years Girls
1st Caitlin Spencer, M – 91 points
2nd Sabrina Kliousis, M – 85 points
3rd Charlotte Thomas, T – 42 points

15 Years Boys
1st Eoin Brown, M – 65 points
2nd Ryan Philpotts, T – 46.5 points
3rd Ryan Campbell, M – 45 points

16 Years Girls
1st Sophie Cominos, S – 105 points
2nd Jessica Finlay-Jones, T – 87 points
3rd Brittany Morrin, M – 85 points

16 Years Boys
1st Marshall Unie, S – 97 points
=2nd Caleb Agostino-Morrow, T – 50 points
=2nd Cameron Utiger, T – 50 points

17 Years Girls
1st Rebekah Stuart, H – 108 points
2nd Eliza McGowan, M – 72 points
3rd Isabelle Todhunter, H – 62 points

17 Years Boys
1st Conrad Talbot, S – 103 points
2nd Xavier Logan, M – 95 points
=3rd Bronson Elsley, S – 52 points
=3rd Theo Sam, H – 52 points

18 Years Girls
1st Sophia Laurence, H – 93 points
2nd Gemma Oakley, T – 83 points
3rd Mackenzie Smith, M – 75 points

18 Years Boys
1st Tim Rogers, T – 79 points
2nd Felix Ferguson, S – 72.5 points
3rd Mikey Cominos, S – 54.5 points

The team selected to represent NGS at the HRIS Division 1 Championships to be held at Glendale on Tuesday, 21 July (Term 3, Week 2) will appear in an upcoming newsletter.

All students selected in the team will receive an information sheet regarding the day, in Week 9 of this term.

Any questions regarding Athletics should be referred to me.

Mr L Carroll – Director of Sport (

Stewart Athletics Carnival 2015

Congratulations to all students for wonderful enthusiasm and participation in the Stewart Athletics carnival last Monday.

A huge thank you to all staff and parents who assisted on the day. Congratulations to Hunter House on securing the Champion’s trophy for the second year in a row. Well done.

House Championship
1st Hunter with 2271 points
2nd Macquarie with 1828 points
3rd Shortland with 1643 points
4th Tyrrell with 1622 points

Age Champions
10 Years: Cameron Carson & Josephine Armstrong
11 Years: Luke Siderovski, Niamh Harrigan & Isobel Harbury
12 Years: Ben Henderson & Molly Broad
13 Years: Jadon Routley & Madison Campbell
14 Years: Connor Henderson & Corbyn Holmberg

Cheering Champions



There was one record broken on the day. The 11 years girls turbo javelin 2007 record of 12.94 held by Sophie Leitch, was broken by Kiara Bower (Year 5) with a throw of 14.52. Well done Kiara.

HRIS  Primary Cross Country Success

Congratulations to all the NGS Primary Cross Country competitors who ran in very difficult conditions on Friday afternoon at Morisset Showgrounds. The track was muddy and slippery however all runners showed just how tough they were performing outstandingly.

The following are some outstanding results that were achieved on the day:

8 Years Boys – Andrew Carpenter 14th
9 Years Boys – Thomas McGrath 7th, Kalen Routley 10th
9 Years Girls – Alice Jeffery 5th, Hunter Rowntree 15th
10 Years Boys – Cameron Carson 6th, Alexander Macdougall 9th
10 Years Girls – Hannah Choi 11th
12 Years Boys – Ben Henderson 9th, Dominic Leishman 14th
12 Years Girls – Skye Simpson 11th, Olivia Byth 13th

The following 10 NGS Primary students have been selected in the HRIS Primary Cross Country team to compete in Sydney at eastern Creek on Thursday, 11 June, 2015.

Park Campus – Thomas McGrath, Kalen Routley, Alice Jeffery, Alexander Macdougall, Hannah Choi

Hill Campus – Cameron Carson, Ben Henderson, Dominic Leishman, Skye Simpson, Olivia Byth.

Please refer to HRIS website for all results from the day from both primary and Secondary Cross Country competitors

Miss C Byrnes – Stewart/Park Sports Coordinator

HRIS Netball Open Selection Trials

Selection trials to select HRIS Open representative Netball sides will be held on Wednesday, 13 May at the Newcastle courts. Any girls interested in attending those trials should see me to obtain an information sheet. Nominations close on Thursday, 7 May.

Mr L Carroll – Director of Sport (


Co-curricular tennis training will commence on Wednesday, 20 May (Week 5 of this term). Students will catch a bus directly after School to District Park Tennis Courts at Broadmeadow. A return bus will leave the courts at 4.40pm to arrive back at NGS by 5.00pm.

If you wish to collect your child directly from the courts, a note will need to be given to Mrs Dart explaining who will collect your child. If parents aren’t at the courts by 4.40pm, children must return to School with us.

Grading will take place at the Wednesday training sessions throughout Term 2, in consultation with our Head Coach, Mr Greg Billingham, and the competition coordinators, Topspin Tennis. More information will be given once training has commenced.

Important Dates

Wednesday, 20 May – Training commences

Saturday, 18 July – First day of competition (end of Week 1, Term 3)

Saturday, 12 September – Last day of competition/finals (end of Week 9, Term 3)

All Saturday competition games will be held at District Park Tennis Courts. The two time slots are:

12.00noon – 2.00pm (lower grades)

2.00pm – 4.00pm (higher grades)

Players need to be at the courts at least 10 minutes before their game commences in order to have their names marked off and have a hit up.

It’s great to see so many students choosing to compete this year. We look forward to a wonderful season.

Mrs V Dart – MIC Tennis

NGS Co-Curricular Touch 2015

Berkeley students – NGS Quads Mixed Division

This term welcomes another exciting season of Winter Touch. Below is some information on the season and dates for training.

Team members:

  • James Robinson
  • Lena Ingram
  • Freya Whitehead
  • Lexy Halpin
  • Sara Farragher Hoey
  • Bethany Lee
  • Bea Torpey
  • Eliza McGowan
  • Sara Melrose
  • Patrick Nicolle
  • Michael Waring
  • Monique Aganovic
  • Tristram Kaluski
  • Joshua Franks
  • Asha Ryan
  • Sam Theo
  • Tara Valarie

Games: Thursday nights – NEWCASTLE CITY TOUCH FIELDS, Harness Racing Club, behind Knights Stadium (first games played at 6.30, last games 8.10pm)

First game night: Thursday, 14 May (the competition runs for 12 weeks)

Uniform: you are supplied a shirt Newcastle City Touch and wear School sports shorts.

Training: Wednesday afternoon starting Wednesday, 13 May at National Park Union Street from 3.30pm – 4.45pm. A bus will run from school to National Park and back for any player requiring transport.

Any questions regarding the commencement of the season please see Miss Byrnes in the PDHPE Department or email on

Miss C Byrnes – MIC Touch

Park Campus Athletics Carnival

Park Campus will be running their 2015 Athletics Carnival at the Newcastle Athletics track on Thursday, 21 May.

Students from Years 2/3/4 will walk to the track for commencement of the carnival at 9.00am and K/1students will arrive after recess.

We ask any parents who are willing to assist on the day to please leave their name at the front office at Park Campus or email Miss Byrnes on

If students are ordering their lunch on the day a revised canteen list was sent home with the information sheet and we ask that items be selected from this list. A coffee van will operate at the carnival from 11.00am for all hot drinks.

There will be no Co-curricular training for Park Campus teams on this afternoon due to the Carnival.

Miss C Byrnes – Park Campus Sports Coordinator

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Nexus 17 Art Exhibition

Nexus 17 Art Exhibition image

Music Fundraiser

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Event Highlights

For the current event highlights please check the School website.

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School Photographs

School photos will be taking place on:
Friday, 8 May – Park Campus
Monday, 11 May – Hill Campus

Please ensure full correct winter uniform is worn (including blazer).

Hill Campus Music Group photos will also be taken on Monday, 11 May from 2.10pm.

Due to the timing of the photographs on the day, we are unable to take family photos at the School, however, if you wish to have these photos, they can be organised and paid directly with Newcastle School Portraits on 4965 4114.

For convenience, the cost of photo packs will be charged to your School account unless individual parents have advised the Head of Finance & Business Services’ office otherwise. The photo packs are expected to be delivered prior to the end of Term 2.

Head Lice Notification

There have been several outbreaks of Head Lice within the Hill Campus since the beginning of Term.

Could all families please check their child/ren’s hair on a regular basis & treat as necessary.

NGS Communication Strategies

Since the start of the year, we have been working to improve communication with parents. We would appreciate two minutes of your time to complete a quick survey to inform our future direction in this area. The Survey will close on Friday, 8 May.

Smart Phone App

The new NGS App is now connected to the NGS website and should allow you to read events in the calendar, alerts and the newsletter in a format that should prove more convenient.  It can be downloaded from the >Apple Store or >Google Play.

Uniform Shop
Hours for 2015

Summer uniform is worn for the first 3 weeks of Term 2. The change to winter uniform will be at the start of Week 4 for Hill Campus. The Uniform shop hours are as follows.

Monday: 8.00am – 2.00pm
Wednesday & Friday: 10.00am – 4.00pm

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Hill Campus

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