From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

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Week One was certainly a busy week in the life of the School and it was terrific to see the number of students involved in the various activities on offer. We had many visitors to the School on Founders’ Day who joined in our celebrations. Thank you to staff and students who contributed to our 99th celebration. >Click here to see some images from Founders’ Day.

This evening, 55 students from Years 5-11 will join other local students for the HRIS Cultural Festival. We have students involved in Choirs, Orchestra, Band and Dance and I hope the students enjoy the experience of working and performing with others. The Music Scholars’ Concert for 2017 took place in Christ Church Cathedral last night. It is a busy time for students involved in the Music Programme with many opportunities to display how far they have developed this year.

Footloose was a great success last week and Year 10 should be proud of their achievement. The Year 10 production is a valuable part of the pastoral programme in the School and the sense of achievement that these students enjoyed at the end of the production was visible. >Click here to see some photos. Year 9 students are already asking what they will be performing – but as those who have gone before them know – they need to wait until Term 4!

In sport, our aerobics/step and hip hop students compete in the National competition in Brisbane this weekend and I wish them well. The netballers hosted Portsmouth Grammar on the weekend and played two matches against the English teams. HRIS Secondary athletics was held at Glendale on Monday and our team was placed 4th in Division 1. Lorcan Redmond won the 17 Years NSW State Championship in Cross Country and Connor Henderson finished 6th in the 16 Years event.

On Thursday, we will welcome My Huong Le to NGS. My Huong grew up in Australia and now runs the school and orphanage we support in South Vietnam. More details appear later in this newsletter.


From the Head of Primary
Mrs Alicha Dyer

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Grandparents’ Day

Friday, 21 July was marked by much celebration and fun as grandparents and grand friends joined us at Park Campus. Our festivities began with our choirs Minims, Semitones and Tones singing a range of songs and Grandparents were very appreciative of their efforts and were generous with their applause.

In the classroom, grandparents and their grandchildren enjoyed a variety of activities including games and creating a range of artworks to take home. Classrooms were buzzing with activities as grandparents and their grandchildren enjoyed the opportunity to share these experiences.

Grandparents and their grandchildren added thoughtful contributions to our Grandparents Graffiti Wall and everyone enjoyed scones with jam and cream. It was a very special morning and a memorable moment in our School year.

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From the Director of Pre-school
Ms Angela Tapp

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Last week, we had another great example of learning generated by a child’s interest. It began with one of the Shaker boys, Bronx, and his interest in nature.

Bronx was talking to one of his friends about the basilisk lizard and how it can walk on water. His friend was a bit dubious and asked a staff member (who was also a bit dubious). We then looked it up on the internet and, sure enough, there were YouTube videos of these strange lizards running on water. The discussion then turned to why we couldn’t walk on water and one of the girls explained that we were too heavy and would sink. That afternoon we extended the discussion, read “Who Sank the Boat?” and conducted a simple science experiment with a small fish tank and various objects which the children predicted / guessed would either sink or float.

Another exciting event last week was Grandparents’ Day. Pre-school had lots of visitors throughout the day. Children took great delight in showing their guests around the pre-school, introducing their friends and taking them through all the work we have done so far this year in their special books. Visitors appeared suitably impressed and were happy to share themselves around – often ending up with 5 or 6 children vying for their attention.

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From the Coordinator of Library Services
Ms Sue Bright

James Phelan Author Visit

We are very excited to be hosting a visit by best-selling award winning Australian children’s, Young Adult and thriller fiction author, Dr James Phelan on Wednesday, 2 August 2017.  Students in Years 6 – 9 will have the wonderful opportunity to participate in talks and workshops with James.

James is the author of several popular series, including The First Thirteen series, Alone Trilogy, Lachlan Fox and Jed Walker series.  These books are available for loan from our Library.

More information about this outstanding author can be found at

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From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

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HRIS Athletics Championships

The 2017 HRIS Division 1 Athletics Championships was held at Glendale on Monday, 24 July. On what was a great day for Athletics, over 70 students represented the School with distinction. Unfortunately, due to illness, our numbers were down on the team originally selected, and this certainly adversely affected the overall results. NGS finished in 4th position overall, only 60 points behind 3rd place, which was a fair result for the day.

NGS had 4 students earn Age Championships, with those being:
– Jadon Routley (15 Years Boys)
– Connor Henderson (16 Years Boys)
– Caitlin Spencer (17 Years Girls)
– Caleb Agostino-Morrow (18 Years Boys)

Although it is always fraught with danger mentioning those ‘special’ performances, I would like to make mention of:
– Our 18 Years Boys’ team which comprised Caleb Agostino-Morrow, Justin Becker and Marshall Unie, who participated in every event open to their age group on the day and in the process, achieved some excellent results.
– To Millie Robbs (Year 8) who competed in the 18 Years age group to assist in that age group. Millie finished in 2nd place in her track event, which was a wonderful performance.
– To Madison Montgomery (Year 8) who ran in the 17 Years’ age group and powered home in her 400m race.
– To Milan Umesh who more than willingly stepped into a number of events when others were ill.
– Our 12 Years’ team of Cameron Carson, Milan Umesh and Dylan Danuser completed 10 events between them. Cameron also competed in the 3000m
– Jadon Routley and Kyle Riley, from our 15 Years team, competed together in 10 out of 11 events
– Joel Owers ran up an age group to compete in the 16 Years 1500m.
– Connor Henderson competed in every event open to him in winning his 16 Years Age Championship.

The Division 2 carnival was held on Tuesday, 25 July and once the two carnivals results are collated, the 2017 HRIS team to compete at AICES in Sydney on Thursday, 31 August, will be announced. That team should be announced this week and will be published in next week’s newsletter.


Our many Netball teams continue their march to the end of the season with a good number now looking forward to the Semi-Finals. Our standings at the moment, after Round 12 are:

NGS 1-Under 21 Div. 2 Currently in 4th position with 2 games remaining before semi-finals.
NGS 2-Cadet C Currently in 5th position with 2 games remaining before semi-finals.
NGS 3-Cadet C Currently in 3rd position with 2 games remaining before semi-finals.
NGS 4-14 Years Div. 1 Currently in 4th position with 3 games remaining before semi-finals.
NGS 5-13 Years Div. 3 Currently in 2nd position with 2 games remaining before semi-finals.
NGS 6-12 Years Div. 2 Currently in 7th position with 2 games remaining before semi-finals.
NGS 7- 12 Years Div. 3 Currently in 7th position with 2 games remaining before semi-finals.
NGS 8- 11 Years Div. 4 Currently in 5th position with 2 games remaining before semi-finals.
NGS 9-10 Years Div. 3 Currently in 4th position with 2 games remaining before semi-finals.
NGS 10-8 Years Brown Non point-scored ‘competition’. 4 games remaining. No semi-final series in this age group.
NGS 11-7 Years Brown Non point-scored ‘competition’. 4 games remaining. No semi-final series in this age group.

NGS 6 showing their support for the McGrath Foundation on Pink Socks Day at Newcastle Netball on 22 July

Portsmouth Grammar School, England Visit to NGS

Last weekend, NGS hosted Portsmouth Grammar School from England on the Newcastle leg of their Australian tour.

It was a very successful weekend with the NGS girls being defeated by just one goal in the Senior game and the NGS 16 Years team winning by eleven in their game.

I would just like to take this opportunity to sincerely than those NGS families who were able to host one or more or the Portsmouth girls for the weekend. Hosting people you have never met can be daunting for both hosts and visitors alike; however, once the meet and greets are done, these experiences are always very positive, and that was certainly the case with our guests. The hospitality shown, by taking the PGS girls to the Year 10 production, sightseeing around Newcastle, trips to Blackbutt to see the Koalas, and meals out at cafes and restaurants was so generous of you and one which those girls will never forget.

The NGS teams comprised:
Senior: Gabrielle Angus, Zoe Atallah, Alice Bright, Brittany Morrin, Sophia Taylor, Charlotte Thomas and Eve Turner.

16’s: Elyse Barber, Courtney Charleson, Emily Conlon, Sophia Drinkwater, Alexandra Earp, Anna Jordinson, Ella McConnachie, Abby Morrin, Emily Prickett and Neha Vinodh.

Once again, many thanks.

Portsmouth Grammar and NGS players, coaches and officials.

NSW All Schools Cross Country

Last Friday, 21 July, two students, Lorcan Redmond (17 years) and Connor Henderson (16 years) represented NSWCIS at the NSW All School’s Cross Country Championships at eastern Creek. After already representing NGS, HRIS and AICES, to get to this level is a tremendous achievement and both boys performed extremely well with Lorcan winning the 17 Years NSW Championship, and Connor finishing in 6th position in the 16 Years event.

And just a side note, both boys backed up at the HRIS Athletics on Monday with Lorcan winning the 1500m and 3000m events and Connor having a great day to win his Age Championship. Both boys certainly deserve the accolades they receive from all of their hard work in the lead-up to these events.

Student Achievements

Jackson Bartley – Rugby
Congratulations to Jackson (Year 11) who is one of only six Junior Referees across NSW selected to referee at the NSWPSSA State Rugby Championships in late August. This is a tremendous achievement and one which is the result of many hours of training and refereeing over a good number of years. This is just another feather in Jackson’s Rugby cap, having won the Wanderers Junior Rugby Club Person of the Year at their annual Presentation night in 2016.

On behalf of the school, I would like to wish Jackson every success in his refereeing career.

Michael Rewitt – Rugby
Congratulations to Michael (Year 12) who after coming back from a fairly serious back injury in 2016, was selected in the NSW Country U18’s Rugby side earlier this year. Following his strong showing for the Country side, Michael was selected in the NSW State Under 18 side, which is a great reward for his perseverance in this sport.

Mitchell Bisson – Hockey
Following his selection in the 2017 HRIS, AICES sides, Mitchell (Year 12) was selected in the 2017 NSWCIS Open Hockey side. Just the travel to and from Sydney to compete in these competitions is a great effort on it’s own. Following an outstanding performance for CIS at the NSW All Schools’ tournament, Mitchell was one of only 3 students from CIS to be selected in the NSW All School’s Open Hockey Merit team. Once again, well done to Mitchell on the huge amount of effort he has put forward to achieve these great performances.

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Vietnam Project

We have an exciting event coming up! A visit to the School from an outstanding and inspirational Vietnamese-Australian, My Huong Le.

My Huong, the founder of an orphanage and school enriching the lives of impoverished children in Long Hai and Vung Tau, Vietnam is coming to visit our school community. My Huong shares her story with another Vietnamese-Australian, Sophie English, in this ABC Foreign Correspondent episode. Fast Forward to 6 minutes 28 seconds to hear her story.

The Students of NGS along with the Head of School and staff have committed to supporting My Huong in her charitable works with orphans and children living in poverty in Vietnam.

My Huong was a Vietnamese war baby air lifted to Australia and adopted. She was brought up as an Australian citizen. At the age of 35 she returned to Vietnam finding her mother, setting up a charity and adopting her two sons. She has a boundless amount of energy and enthusiasm for her work with poor and abandoned children. She is a smart, driven and truly dedicated woman. She is a wonderful example to our community of the embodiment of our School Values, RISE; Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence.

The school has chosen to support the Trung Tam Bao Centre for Protection of Children in Long Hai and in Vung Tau. NGS children have the opportunity to visit Vietnam in years 9-12, with our first group having visited in December, 2016. They will learn about the culture and way of life and the work of these projects. They will experience communities so different to their own and will have the chance to make a difference to these children’s futures.

We are very fortunate that on 27 July, My Huong will address the School community Years K-4 students and Parents across both years/ campuses. Commencing at 9am with an assembly followed by a morning tea. Tickets are available on Flexischools $15 each which includes coffee or tea, sweet and savoury treats.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet this inspirational and amazing lady and hear her story.

Attached are two articles about My Huong.

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Presentation Ball Photos

The Presentation Ball Photos are now online and available for purchase from Newcastle School Portraits. Click on the blue ‘Specialty Photos’ button and use the code: 187905BK to access the images.

Headlice Notification

There have been several outbreaks of Headlice within the School over the last few weeks.

Could all families please check their child/ren’s hair on a regular basis and treat as necessary.

Canteen Duties

Unfortunately, Kaylene will be away for a while. This means we require reliable volunteer support to assist the Hill Campus Canteen.

If you can help, please contact the School Reception on 49 29 5811.


Hill Campus

Mon 31 July:

Tue 1 August:

Wed 2 August:
Yvette Anscombe

Thu 3 August:
Marnie Coulton
Jo MacDougall

Fri 4 August:
Anne Oakley

Park Campus

Mon 31 July:

Tue 1 August:
Jacqui Mejia

Wed 2 August:
Lisa Griffiths

Thu 3 August:

Fri 4 August:
Nerida Gray

Hill Campus Canteen Specials

Exciting news from the canteen. We have some salubrious house-made specials in the canteen this Term.

This Thursday, we have a delicious vegetarian frittata with roasted capsicum and Kumara frittata served with a tossed salad.

Next week’s specials:
Tuesday – super healthy chicken tandoori wrap w baby spinach and tarziki

Wednesday – Chilli con Carne w baked potato, natural yogurt and avocado

Thursday – spinach and ricotta frittata w tossed salad

Please order on flexischools and see our special Wednesday lunch deals.

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop opening hours:

Monday:  8.00am – 2.00pm
Wednesday:  10.00am – 4.00pm
Friday: 10.00am – 4.00pm

If you require an appointment outside of these times or would like to place a phone order, please phone Kerrie at the uniform shop on 4908 4035.


Please remember to advise the School if there are any changes to your family details/address/ emergency contacts/ email addresses and phone numbers or your child’s medical needs so that our database can be maintained with correct and up to date information.   A form is available on the website under Parents/Forms, Update of Information or via email to