From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

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Securing a strong future for our School

I would like to share with you some exciting news which will bring significant long-term benefits to our School.

As you may be aware, the School owns the Cooks Hill Commercial Centre.

Following a strategic review of this investment, and after taking expert advice, the Board believes the time is right to sell this property and capitalise on the current real estate market.

Funds generated from the property sale will allow the School to develop and implement a Master Plan for the future needs of the School and its students, in accordance with our Strategic Plan. This is an exciting opportunity to continue investment in school infrastructure across both the Hill and Park campuses and enhance student programs.

The Board has appointed Knight Frank as the selling agents. The property will be offered to market from this Saturday via Expressions of Interest, closing at the end of July.

I will provide future updates as they arise.

From the Deputy Head of School
Mr Alan Parsons

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Drop off and Pick up at Hill Campus

If you drop off and pick up your children from Hill Campus, you will know at certain times of the day, particularly from around 8.20am to 8.30am in the morning, the Church, Newcomen and Tyrrell Street entrances can be quite busy. The Tyrrell Street entrance is often the least congested while the pedestrian crossings on Newcomen and Church Streets are major entry points for our students, requiring the most vigilance from drivers.

Our youngest Hill Campus students, in Years 5 and 6, are usually dropped off in Church Street, often on the Cathedral side of the road, and use the pedestrian crossing circled in red to get to the Church Street gates. Being our youngest students, these are also our most vulnerable students.

Please be particularly vigilant when driving through this area in keeping an eye out for these young students as they access the pedestrian crossing each morning.

Please do not attempt to U turn in any of these locations. Tyrrell Street has particularly bad visibility because of the hill and Church Street has students crossing the road and low visibility issues because of the undulating nature of the street.

The safety of all students at the School is our first priority and we ask for your cooperation.

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From the Head of Primary
Mrs Alicha Dyer

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Sharing our Learning

The final weeks of our term will provide opportunities for our students to share their learning with families. Being able to communicate clearly, effectively and confidently with adults as well as children, is an important skill for children to learn. Our K-4 Exhibition of Learning Evening on Thursday, 22 June at Park Campus will allow our students to explain their understandings to an authentic audience. In so doing, they will clarify their learning within their own minds as they share their understanding and the processes involved in their inquiries with their audience.

On Monday, 19 June every child in K-6 will take their Work Sample Folders home to share with loved ones. The collation of work samples celebrates the learning process rather than just focusing on the finished product. Parents and students are encouraged to write their own reflections based on the samples provided.

On behalf of all of us, I pass on our commendation to the students and staff involved in these interesting, valuable learning opportunities.

Lantern Festival

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our Park Campus families to attend our very first Winter Lantern Festival on the grounds of Park Campus.

During the afternoon you will enjoy singing from our choirs and a cup of warm soup.

Please be aware that this is not a mandatory school event, but instead an opportunity to continue to build upon our community spirit.

Students are to wear warm clothing of their choice. The evening will conclude with a concert in the Sandi Warren Performance Centre.

When: Friday, 16 June from 4.45pm – 6.45pm

Where: Park Campus (Corlette and Union Street gates will be open)

Who: Park Campus students and their families

Other Information: A light supper of soup and dinner rolls will be served. A coffee cart will be onsite for the purchase of a hot beverage.

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From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

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Secondary Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to all the Secondary students who participated so well at the Athletics Carnival last Tuesday, 6 June.

The first Years 7-12 Carnival was a great success with the participation being as good as any year in recent history. Congratulations to all as it is this participation which makes this carnival so great. Fortunately, we were lucky to get the carnival in before recent rain set in.

The results of the House Championship were:
1st: Hunter with 3901 points
2nd: Macquarie with 3255 points
3rd: Tyrrell with 3086 points
4th: Shortland with 2883 points

The Age Champions on the day were:
12 Years Girls
1st: Josephine Armstrong (M)
2nd: Halle Smith (T)
3rd: Jordan Muddle (H)

12 Years Boys
1st: Edward Hunt (T)
2nd: Dylan Danuser (T)
3rd: Gabriel Jeffery  (T)

13 Years Girls
1st: Niamh Harrigan (M)
2nd: Elyse Barber (H)
3rd: Lily Webster (M)

13 Years Boys
1st: Scott Philpotts (T)
2nd: Harry Bryant (M)
3rd: Rhett Boden (T)

14 Years Girls
1st: Skye Simpson (M)
2nd: Brodie Horn (S)
3rd: Clara Anscombe (H)

14 Years Boys
1st: Benjamin Henderson (H)
2nd: Nicholas Marlette (M)
3rd: Leo Hasdarngkul (H)

15 Years Girls
1st: Elizabeth Carter (S)
2nd: Susanna Behne-Smith (M)
3rd: Jacqueline Melvelle (T)

15 Years Boys
1st: Jadon Routley (H)
2nd: Kyle Riley (H)
3rd: Joel Owers (H)

16 Years Girls
1st: Bronte Anscombe (H)
2nd: Corbyn Holmberg (M)
3rd: Chloe Banks (H)

16 Years Boys
1st: Connor Henderson (H)
2nd: James Lilleyman (S)
3rd: Nicholas McGrath (T)

17 Years Girls
1st: Caitlin Spencer (M)
2nd: Sabrina Kliousis (M)
3rd: Charlotte Thomas (T)

17 Years Boys
1st: Adam Bradley (M)
=2nd: Samuel Barnett (S)
=2nd: Eoin Brown

18 Years Girls
1st: Brittany Morrin (M)
2nd: Sophie Cominos (S)
3rd: Seraina Danuser

18 Years Boys
1st: Ethan Fowles (M)
2nd: Marshall Unie (S)
3rd: Caleb Agostino-Morrow (T)

A team will now be selected to represent NGS at the HRIS Division 1 Athletics Championships to be held early on Monday, 24 July (Term 3, Week 2) at Glendale.

That team will be published in Week 9.


AICES Cross Country

Last Monday, 5 June, 14 NGS Secondary School students travelled to Horsely Park in western Sydney to represent HRIS at the 2017 AICES Cross Country Championships.

Those students were: Lorcan Redmond, Max Routh, Angus Allen, James Carraro, Caitlin Spencer, Sarah Dykes, Kate Hackett, Connor Henderson, Corbyn Holmberg, Elizabeth Carter, Edward Hunt, Dylan Danuser, Alistair Paterson-Clark and Cameron Carson.

This was a hugely successful day for our athletes, with all students competing really well in big fields.

On behalf of the School, I congratulate each and every one of them for their efforts.

A record 8 students were subsequently selected in the AICES team which will now contest the NSWCIS Championships to be held at Eastern Creek on Thursday of this week.

Those students are:
Lorcan Redmond (17 Years), who was the 2017 AICES 17 Years Champion
Connor Henderson (16 Years), who was the 2017 AICES 16 Years Champion
Corbyn Holmberg (16 Years), who finished 6th in the 16 Years event.
Elizabeth Carter (15 Years), who finished 6th in the 15 Years event

And our 12 Years Boys team who won the HRIS Championship Schools 12 Years competition, then went on to win the AICES 12 Years competition and now have the honour of competing as a team at CIS. Those team members are:
Edward Hunt, who finished 6th in the 12 Years event
Cameron Carson, who finished  8th in the 12 Years event
Dylan Danuser, who finished 13th in the 12 Years event
Alistair Paterson-Clark, who finished 24th in the 12 Years event.

On behalf of the School, I would like to wish all runners every success at CIS this week.


The Newcastle Netball Association’s Winter competition recommences this Saturday, 17 June with Round 9.

Please note that Round 10 is on Saturday, 24 June which is also the first Saturday of out mid-year holiday. Please, if you are going to be away on that day you must let your coach know this week so that they can be certain of who is and who isn’t playing on that day.

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Presentation Ball Photos

The Presentation Ball Photos are now online and available for purchase from Newcastle School Portraits. Click on the blue ‘Specialty Photos’ button and use the code: 187905BK to access the images.

Leave Requests

A number of families have requested leave for family holidays in the middle of this term. While some trips are unavoidable, parents are reminded that missing school is not in the interests of their son or daughter’s education. All leave requests over two days require additional documentation to be filled out and approved by either Mrs Dyer or Mrs Thomas. The School has obligations to encourage school attendance for all students, for all days during school terms.

Canteen Duties

Unfortunately, Kaylene will be away for a while. This means we require reliable volunteer support to assist the Hill Campus Canteen.

If you can help, please contact the School Reception on 49 29 5811.


Hill Campus

Mon 19 June:
Jane Cosens
Katherine Ferencz

Tue 20 June:
Alette Schot

Wed 21 June:
Amanda Folpp
Catherine Raftos

Thu 22 June:
Marnie Coulton
Jo MacDougall

Fri 23 June:
Lesley Filby
Rachelle Krause

Park Campus

Mon 19 June:

Tue 20 June:
Lisa Griffiths

Wed 21 June:
Siobhan Marr

Thu 22 June:
Molly Tao

Fri 23 June:
Emily Macdonald

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop opening hours:

Monday:  8.00am – 2.00pm
Wednesday:  10.00am – 4.00pm
Friday: 10.00am – 4.00pm

If you require an appointment outside of these times or would like to place a phone order, please phone Kerrie at the uniform shop on 4908 4035.