From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

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The weather was shining on one swimming carnival – and very unkind to the other. As usual the participation rate was high at the secondary carnival and on a spectacular day at Lambton Pool, our senior students enjoyed competing for their House and banking as many points as possible. Well done to our elite swimmers who will now go on and compete at the HRIS Carnival. We will announce all our winners at assembly on Thursday. Our primary carnival was less fortunate last Friday and was cancelled after lightning strikes and thunder in the area. We will look for another time to run this carnival and I wish all our primary swimmers competing for NGS at HRIS on Thursday the best of luck. Swimming carnivals continue to be key events in the school calendar and a source of community spirt and fun for our students.

The Year 5 and 6 Information Evening will be held this Wednesday, 22 February at 6.00pm in the Horbury Hunt Hall. A tour of the Year 5 and 6 classrooms will take place at the conclusion of the formal sessions. A reminder to parents that all of the information given out at these evenings are in Schoolbox and can be accessed via the parent portal. Year 7 parents –please follow >this link to the powerpoint presentation from the Year 7 night.

The Term 1 parent forum on Thursday, 9 March at 6.00pm in HHH, is open to all parents. Part of the evening will be devoted to the newly developed NGS Framework that brings together our vision for focus areas in teaching and learning and student wellbeing K-12. Please register your attendance to Kate Grogan (

Music Camp last weekend at Broken Bay on the Hawkesbury River was highly successful. 76 students from Years 7-12 attended and worked in the areas of Orchestra, Concert Band, Choir and Guitar ensemble. The setting was spectacular and provided the students with something they said they enjoyed – no wifi! Congratulations to all the students who contributed so positively to the success of the weekend and the growth music in the School.


From the Head of Primary
Mrs Alicha Dyer

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Gratitude in Action

‘Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness and joy we feel in response to something we’ve received, whether the gift is tangible or intangible.’ MindUp Curriculum – Brain-Focussed Strategies for Learning and Living.

Gratitude has powerful physiological effects on the brain and body. The feelings that come with gratitude trigger the calming branch of the automatic nervous system. Feeling appreciative also affects levels of brain neurotransmitters, including releasing dopamine toward the prefrontal cortex where reasoning and logic occur.

Year 5 teachers recognised the importance and power of providing students with opportunities to express gratitude on the recent camp. A table was set up in the dining hall and students were encouraged to write messages, giving thanks to others. These messages were left on the table for others to read or handed to camp staff on our departure.

This simple act supports the findings of McCullough et al., 2001 who found that young people who do daily exercises in gratitude have higher levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness and energy. A quick Google search uncovers many ways that gratitude can be fostered in the home environment. From building appreciative language into daily conversation to choosing a ‘thanking’ part of the day, there are many ways in which we can support the wellbeing of our children and ourselves.

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From the Director of Pre-school
Ms Angela Tapp

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Last week at pre-school we started our music programme with Miss Nicole (Sherringham). This complements our library visits as well. These specialist programmes are a big occasion for the children – there is a new routine and transition process to learn and, for four and five year olds, this process is complex. In relation to the Early Years Learning Framework, this part of our curriculum covers a lot of learning outcomes – in particular it allows the children to develop a sense of belonging to groups and the wider school community (Learning Outcome 2.1) and to become confident and involved learners (Outcome 4).

When it is time to prepare for music or library, the tambourine will ring and the children are encouraged to stop what they are doing and listen. They are then asked as “Groovers” or “Shakers” to collect their shoes from the shoe basket, put them on; go to the bathroom and /or have a bubbler drink; take their hats, put them in the basket and line up at the gate. This sounds simple enough but for the children, at the beginning of the year, this is quite a difficult process. First they have to remember whether they are a “Groover” or a “Shaker”; then they have to remember what shoes they were wearing and what basket they put them in and then they have to try and put on their shoes. If they can’t do their shoes by themselves they are encouraged to ask for help.  Once all this has been completed they are encouraged to make a line (as they would in School) and walk sensibly across the school to the Library or Music room remembering to be respectful in ‘the big school’ because of all the ‘hard work’ that the big children are doing.

So, as you can see, there is a lot for little minds to take in and learn when experiencing a new transition. It’s understandable why many of them are tired at the end of the day. We have to say though… they have all done very well! 

This Wednesday, we are looking forward to a visit from Newcastle City Council to talk to us about recycling and our environment.

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From the Director of Operations
Mr Duncan McKensey

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CHANGES – Minmi Bus Service

Commencing: Thursday, 21 February 2017

Dear Parents,

Please be aware that the following stops have been added to the Minmi Bus schedule in order to service the Black Hill area (see changes below). The current minibus will also be replaced with a coach/larger bus.

Morning Schedule
7.15am Forsythe Parade
7.20am Lenaghans Dr
7.30am Minmi Shops (Woodford St)
7.35am Highland County (Brittania Boulevard)
7.40am Coles Supermarket, Fletcher
7.54am Jesmond Roundabout (Newcastle Rd, near Blue Gum Rd)
8.07am Hunter School of Performing Arts (Lambton Rd, near Bavin St)
8.17am Park Campus
8.30am Hill Campus

Afternoon Schedule
3.15pm Hill Campus
3.28pm Park Campus
3.38pm Hunter School of Performing Arts (Lambton Rd, outside HSPA)
3.42pm College of Dance Lambton (Young Rd)
3.51pm Jesmond Roundabout (Newcastle Rd, near Chalmers Rd)
4.05pm Coles Supermarket, Fletcher
4.10pm Highland County (Brittania Boulevard)
4.15pm Minmi Shops (Woodford St)
4.20pm Lenaghans Dr
4.25pm Forsythe Parade

Head of Co-curricular
Mrs Corey Rowntree

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Year 7 Camp

On Tuesday, 30 May through to Friday, 2 June, Year 7 students will be travelling to Mittagong for their annual camp. We will be holding an information session for all parents run by the Outdoor Education Group on Wednesday, 15 March at 6.00pm in HHH. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

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Hunter Region Independent Schools Primary (Years 2-6) Swimming Carnival

On Thursday, 23 February 2017 the Newcastle Grammar School Primary Swimming Team will compete in the HRIS Primary Swimming Championships at the Maitland Aquatic Centre. May I take this opportunity to wish the team all the very best of luck for the day.

Congratulations to the following students on their selection.

8 Years: Oscar Avery, Winter Bennett, Jessica Choi, Oliver Knauer, Jenny Park,  Myla Tucker, Bailee Turner, Gabrielle Waerea

9 Years: Maximilian Cohen, Amelia Dries, Vanessa Kuru, Morrison Martin, Bailey Parkinson,

10 Years: Jett Floyer-Kell, Zahli Ginns, Charlotte Knauer, Jack Martin, Ella Mejia, Brandon Muddle, Eden Simpson, , Bowen Stubbs, , Lachlan Smith, Jack Welsh.

11 Years: Edward Bell, Tatum Gilmour, Alice Jeffery, William Jeffery, Kalen Routley, Luke Talley.

12 Years: Connor Johansen, Veronica Kuru, Isabelle Ida, Alexander MacDougall, Hayden Martinelli, Bronte Simpson


A number of students have recently expressed interest in the ski and adventure trip to New Zealand in the September holidays and we are hopeful that we can run this exciting trip in 2017.

Please note that a decision on the viability of the trip will be made on Friday, 24 February. 

Any deposits made prior to this date will be held and will be returned, in full, in the event of the trip not proceeding.

If any student wishes to attend, the deposit and note must be returned to the School no later than the 24th of February.

Further details can be accessed through the following link >


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From the Head of School

Leave Requests 

Please note that all NSW schools have reporting requirements on student attendance. The School policy on attendance states that leave will only be approved for special circumstances. All holidays must be taken in school holiday periods. This year, holidays are on the following days:
Monday, 10 April to Tuesday, 25 April
Monday, 26 June to Friday, 14 July
Monday, 25 September to Friday, 6 October

Any leave request must be sent to the Head of School (Years 5-12) or the Head of Primary (K-4) and require paperwork to be completed well in advance of the leave. Attendance at school is important to all students and achievement and attendance are closely linked. Please support your child’s learning and achievement and only apply for leave for exceptional circumstances. 

Psychology services at NGS

Psychology/ counselling services are available to our students on Hill and Park Campuses. Appointments are made through reception on each campus. The service operates during school hours, Tuesday to Friday. 15 sessions per year are free of charge for each appointment. After this time, a $50 fee is charged per session.  We have three psychologists available on the Hill Campus – Amy Oswald, Andrew Ornstein and John Wearing. Amy Oswald also works at Park Campus.


Parent Forum

Thursday, 9 March 2017 @ 6.00pm

All parents welcome

Hurbury Hunt Hall – Hill Campus

Co-curricular Activities
Term 1 2017

Co-curricular activities for 2017 are well underway. Please ensure you take the time to review the handout on SchoolBox to ensure your son or daughter is at their chosen activities.

These details can be found on >SchoolBox on the Co-curricular homepage under files. Click here for access >SchoolBox

For any questions, please direct them to


Dear parents,

Could you please change your childs year on the Flexischool orders as this does not happen automatically.

If you’re volunteering in the canteen or the School in general, could you make your way to the reception to sign in so we are aware that you’re onsite in case of emergencies.

If there are any parents who would like to volunteer in the canteen please contact Kaylene on Ph: 4929 5811.

Canteen Duties


Hill Campus

Mon 27 February:
Catherine Raftos
Kathryn Ferencz

Tue 28 February:
Jacqulene Doran
Alette Schot

Wed 1 March:
Sue Clark
Alette Schot

Thu 2 March:
Jenny Bell
Marnie Coulton

Fri 3 March:
Lesley Filby
Alette Schot

Park Campus

Mon 27 February:

Tue 28 February:
Tiffany Parkinson

Wed 1 March:
Lisa Griffiths

Thu 2 March:

Fri 3 March:
Nerida Gray
Derani Clarke

Uniform Shop

If you require a new summer uniform remember the Uniform Shop opening hours are:

Monday:  8.00am – 2.00pm
Wednesday:  10.00am – 4.00pm
Friday: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Before School Yoga
Park Campus (Year 1-4) Starting Soon!

Before School Yoga  image

I am excited to announce that we will start ‘Before School Yoga’ again in Week 3 this term.

A beautiful calming practise every Friday morning 8.00am before school to help the kids finish the week well.

The practise will give them tools to relax and find their own calm space in times of excitement. We focus on movement with the breath, build strength and create flexibility. Yoga is a great way to learn to connect with your body, breath and mind and sharing the practise with friends makes it even more amazing!

Please sign up and pay for the term or per session via >Flexischools to secure a spot. Maximum numbers apply.

Please bring you own mat and a smile.

Alette Schot – Yogalet