From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

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Congratulations to all our students who were involved in activities or events over the weekend. Bamboozle and Brass RaZoo entertained their audience on Friday night with a dazzling display of musical talent. Our rowers enjoyed good conditions on Saturday at the NGS Regatta at Berry Park and came away from the day with a lot of confidence and excellent results. Thank you to many members of our community who were involved in making our regatta such a success. Shortland House is doing a great job working at the Community lunches this term – and what a learning experience it is to be involved in a programme that emphasises service and highlights the diversity of our local community.

Congratulations to the following Year 11 students who were elected as Prefects for 2018. Caleb Agostino-Morrow; Ryan Campbell; Courtney Charleson; Seraina Danuser; James Davies; Liam Drinkwater; Hannah Everett; Rebekah Fong; Aphakorn Hasdarngkul; Stephanie Illiadis; Stephen Kerras; Patrick Krause; Genie Moon; Brittany Morrin; Zachary Perry; Michael Sharpe; Manasa Swaminathan; Charlotte Thomas and Eve Turner.

We conducted interviews yesterday for key student positions in the School and the House Coordinators are working with students in both Year 11 and 7 who wish to nominate for House leader positions in 2018. It is an exciting time for these students and I congratulate the many students who have put their names forward with the desire to lead the student body.

With Orientation and Information sessions this week we have a lot of visitors in the School and we welcome new families who will join the School community next year. Our Year 4 students are looking forward to having a longer day at Hill Campus today as they participate in a range of activities designed to make them feel comfortable about their transition.

From the Director of Studies
Mr Philip Fielden

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Yearly Examinations – Week 5

The Yearly Examinations for all students in Years 7-10 will take place in Week 5 this term (7-11 November).

The schedules for these exams were posted on SchoolBox last Friday. They can be found on both the Parent Portal (the red tile under ‘Course Documents’) and on the Student Bulletin.

In addition, subject teachers are helping students to prepare effectively by posting examination notification documents on their subject pages and the Parent Portal.

I wish all of our students every success in their exams.

From the Head of Primary
Mrs Alicha Dyer

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Starting school is an exciting time for young children and their parents.

Children starting school in Kindergarten 2017 will have their first opportunities to experience learning at Newcastle Grammar School when they attend our orientation mornings. For the next 4 Thursdays, 3, 10, 17 and 24 November, the children will see many new faces and develop some initial familiarisation with our School. A number of students from Year 3 will be assisting as they will be buddies for the 2017 Kindergarten children.

Our Year 4 students are looking forward to their Orientation of Hill Campus in preparation for their move to Year 5 next year. On Wednesday, 2 November they will participate in a Hill Campus tour along with meeting staff and engaging in exciting learning opportunities. In the evening there will be a Parent Information session at 6pm in Horbury Hunt Hall regarding the students commencing at Hill in 2017.

Please remember that Park Campus is once again collecting gifts to share the spirit of Christmas with other children in the Hunter through the Samaritans. Please send any unwrapped lego gifts to school. Thank you for helping other children in the Hunter experience some Christmas cheer.

From the Director of Pre-school
Mrs Angela Tapp

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Last Friday, Pre-school enjoyed learning about Diwali – ‘the Festival of Lights’ – an important holiday in India. The name Diwali originally comes from the Sanskrit word ‘dipavali’, meaning row of lights. Wherever Diwali is being celebrated, shops, houses and public places are decorated with small earthenware, oil lamps known as diyas. Before Diwali night, people clean, renovate and decorate their homes and offices and on the actual night, they dress up in their best clothes; light diyas inside and outside their home; and participate in family puja (prayers typically to Lakshmi – the goddess of fertility and prosperity). After puja, there are fireworks, a family feast which includes mithai (sweets), and gifts are exchanged between family members and close friends.

At Pre-school we have lots of friends who celebrate this special festival. We talked about different cultures and celebrations, created firework paintings and enjoyed eating mithai (sweets which were yummy chocolate cupcakes made by Sahib’s family). It was good to learn about different cultural celebrations and for children to understand that not all families celebrate the same days / occasions as their family.

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From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

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NGS Rowing

Although Mrs Ellis has included a report later in this Newsletter, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all of those people who made the 2016 NGS Regatta, held last Saturday at Berry Park, such a great success.

To Mr and Mrs Ellis who so efficiently ran the event after weeks of dedicated preparation beforehand.

To our team of coaches who looked after our competitors so well throughout the day and ensuring their charges were ready to race at the correct time, were well hydrated and were out of the sun as much as possible.

To the Friends of Rowing who made everything run so smoothly: from feeding the masses, ensuring medals were presented, looking after the merchandise store, looking after the BRO’s. Much of this work we done beforehand and of course there is also the clean-up-all of which takes a great deal of time, so once again-many thanks.

To the huge number of parents and supporters who came out to cheer on the NGS team and add to what was, a tremendous atmosphere.

To Mr Young and the members of Brass RaZoo who provided us with some great music to add a professional touch to the day. This was a particularly big effort from that group who were backing up from their successful dinner and show at Lizottes only the night before!

And finally to our rowers. Over a hundred of our students turned up very early on the day to start getting ready for the day, with many there until well after 5.00pm – a great effort seeing as they also had a regatta on the Sunday, making a huge weekend. It is so good to see them taking responsibility in knowing when to boat and knowing exactly what they need to do to ensure the on-water programme runs smoothly.

HRIS Touch Championships

Last Thursday, 27 October, NGS students competed in the 15 Years HRIS Touch Gala Day at Salamander Bay.

A huge congratulations to both boys and girls teams as they played with confidence and determination against opponents, in many cases, 2 years their senior.

The girl’s team finished in 6th position and the boy’s team finished in 11th.

Team members:
Boys – Lachlan Mill, Henry Riddell, Jackson Lane, Jadon Routley, Kyle Riley, Tors Webster, James Kosy,  Jayden Bisson, Ben Vickery, Eoin Turner.

Girls – Lara Ferch, Annabel Brown, Eliza Guest, Shravannya Tummala, Madison Campbell, Evgenia Petrelis, Isobel Prince, Vivien Kuru, Skye Simpson, Tia de Silva, Molly Broad

A huge thank you to Abbas Makki for coaching the boy’s team on the day.

Ms C Byrnes – Stewart Sports Coordinator

Summer Touch Football

Round 5 –  Tuesday, 8 November

Under 8 Mixed: NGS Buff Bulldogs – BYE, Declan Spencer & Mr Daly
Under 10 Girls White: NGS Amazing Otters – 4.45pm, Miss Angel Barber
Under 10 Boys Green: NGS Power Pugs – 5.15pm, Jonathon Curk REF
Under 10 Boys White: NGS Radical Roosters – 5.45pm, Mr Ryan Wood REF
Under 12 Girls Green: NGS Narly Narwals – 6.15pm, Mr Ginns
Under 12 Girls Green: NGS Swift Snails – 6.15pm,  Taylor Constantine, Natasha Robards REF
Under 12 Boys: NGS Kick 2 Much – 7.15pm, Mr Stevens REF
Under 12 Boys: NGS Bettercups – 6.45pm, Mr Matthew Cook REF
Under 12 Girls White: NGS Lightning – 6.45pm, Mr Carroll REF
Under 12 Girls White: NGS Allstars – 6.15pm, Mr Armstrong
Under 14 Boys: NGS Bolts – 8.15pm, Brodie Tonks REF
Under 14 Boys: NGS Mixed Maniacs – BYE, Abbs Makki
Under 14 Girls: NGS Seals – BYE, Miss Byrnes
Under 14 Girls: NGS Un Touchables – 7.45pm, Miss Van Ryswyck REF

Please see SchoolBox under Co-curricular Touch for all draws and information

Ms Byrnes – MIC Touch


Saturday, 29 October saw NGS host our 5th annual rowing regatta on the Hunter River at Berry Park; the day was a wonderful success! Off the water several parties contributed to ensuring the day had a vibrant atmosphere and was enjoyed by all while our rowers shone with the full squad performing at its best with excellent results from all year groups.

The regatta was a huge success and record entries saw 320 athletes from Port Macquarie to Nepean and out to Central Tablelands taking to the water. NGS lead the charge and were a dominant force in many races, showing that their commitment and dedication is paying off.

On Saturday, NGS rowers were rewarded with 36 wins, 32 seconds and 15 thirds.
There were several exciting races with many wins, tight tussles and rowers taking home their first medals.

One of the highlights was seeing both the senior boys and girls taking out the Open 8 races against crews from Redlands and Newcastle Uni.

A big thank you must go to Michelle Prickett and Mike Angus, Secretary and President of the Friends of NGS Rowing who led an army of parent volunteers and donors, at and leading up to the regatta, all of whom contributed greatly by driving speed boats, officiating, sponsoring races, donating raffle prizes, cooking the BBQ and running the canteen, presenting medals, selling merchandise and tickets and many other essential jobs that ensured the day went off without a hitch. Thank you also to Mr Kevin Young and the talented musicians who gave up their Saturday to provide some entertainment and ambiance to the event. Thank you Year 11 students Charlotte Thomas, Hannah Everett, Eve Turner, Genie Moon, Brittany Morrin and Stephanie Illiadis who volunteered to assist with medal presentations, selling raffle tickets and helping out with anything else that was required. Thank you to Paige Peterson of year 10 for her energetic and consistent commentary of the racing. We are also extremely grateful to the generous sponsors and donors that supported the day and helped raise funds ( a full list can be found on Schoolbox ) and also thank you finally to all the friends, families, NGS staff and coaches that came out and supported our rowers and the regatta who without the day would not be possible.

I would also like to acknowledge the external organisation’s that helped the regatta to be a success- the SES who helped keep the waterway safe, the Berry Park clubs- Endeavour, Newcastle Uni and HVGS who welcomed us back and loaned resources and all the clubs and individuals that attended and supported the event, the day is truly a collective effort made possible by so many- thankyou.

On Sunday, rowers from Year 7- 9 returned to Berry Park for the HVGS regatta, in the absence of our oldest rowers our younger team members stepped up and put on a great display still managing to take home a very impressive 17 wins, 19 2nds and 19 3rd places. It is exciting to see the next generation of NGS rowers taking early steps in their rowing journeys, having lots of fun experiencing racing and coming off the water with happy faces. It is particularly impressive seeing how competitive some of our year 7 crews are at what is just their 2nd time racing. It is clear our programme is growing from strength to strength. Well done NGS rowers!

I look forward to seeing crews and coaches build on the weekend’s success as we approach the biggest event on our school calendar the Independent Schools Championships which will be held in Penrith in 3 weeks’ time.


Mrs S Ellis – Rowing Co-ordinator

Interschools Snowsports 2017

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