From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

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Over the coming weeks we are welcoming new students and students entering their next phase of schooling in 2017. These include:
– Pre-school 2017 Parents Information Evening: Wednesday, 26 October at 6.00pm at the Pre-school
– Kindergarten Orientation: Thursday, 3 November from 9.30am to 10.40am at Park Campus
– Kindergarten Parents and Children BBQ: Friday, 25 November from 5.00pm at Park Campus
– Year 5: Student Session – Wednesday, 2 November – Commencing at 9.00am until 12.45pm at Hill Campus; Parent session at 6.00pm at Hill Campus in the Horbury Hunt Hall
– Year 7: Friday, 4 November – Students from 8.30am until 3.00pm; Parent session 8.35am-9.20am at Hill Campus

These sessions are a great way for parents to meet each other, key staff and ask questions about the year ahead. We look forward to seeing you.

Earlier this week I attended a Principal’s meeting of Coeducational Heads of School in NSW. The organisation represents around 40 schools and aims to bring together students from our schools in sport and cultural activities. One key area of interest for the group is ensuring our schools develop mutual respect between the genders while promoting best practice in gender specific education. This year our students have benefited from this organisation through involvement in Debating, Gifted and Talented camps, Music Camp and Music Festival and a wide variety of sporting events and representative opportunities.

The final Parent Forum for this year will be on Wednesday, 16 November at 6.00pm to 7.00pm in the Horbury Hunt Hall. These forums are an opportunity for parents to ask questions of senior staff. All parents are welcome.

From the Deputy Head of School
Mr Alan Parsons

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What in the World are MeMeet, Omegle and Tinder? Internet Awareness and Social Media

Internet sites that are designed to enable interaction between people are considered Social Media sites. The best known of these include Facebook (population 1,1000,000,000), Twitter (population 310,000,000), Google+ (population 120,000,000), Instagram (population 100,000,000), virtual worlds such as Second Life, Club Penguin and The Sims and various gaming sites.

Given the size of Social Media “virtual” populations compared with countries’ “real” populations, there is little doubt that all of us, parents, students and teachers, will be directly or indirectly affected by Social Media.


Ongoing education and a willingness to keep ourselves informed of the latest trends in Social Media is arguably now a serious parental and educational obligation. Those of us who lack online savvy or have little time or technical abilities may find it difficult to relate to their online teenagers, described by Australian clinical psychologist, Michael Carr-Gregg as a “tribal Generation” with their own unique forms of communication. This disconnect can at times result in a lack of understanding by parents and teachers that the teens’ online lives are an extension of their offline lives and become a crucial part of their personal identity.

On Wednesday 30 November, Brett Lee from Internet Safe Education will give a presentation to our Year 9 students and in the evening, commencing 6:00pm in Horbury Hunt Hall, will present to our parents and community members.

A former detective, Brett Lee worked as a Queensland Police Officer for 22 years, 16 of which as a detective in the field of Child Exploitation. Brett has been personally involved with the interview, location, arrest and prosecution of hundreds of online criminals and predators. In his investigative role, Brett spent years and thousands of hours using the internet under the guise of fictitious children and adults, both male and female. This unprecedented view of the online world enables Brett to view the cyber world through the eyes of a child yet stand back and process this experience with the mind of an adult.

The internet is not static. The goal posts are constantly shifting. I strongly encourage all our community to attend Brett’s evening presentation. This site may be useful as a primer for the evening:

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From the Director of Studies
Mr Philip Fielden

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Yearly Examinations – Week 5

The Yearly Examinations for all students in Years 7-10 will take place in Week 5 this term (7-11 November).

The schedules for these exams were posted on SchoolBox last Friday. They can be found on both the Parent Portal (the red tile under ‘Course Documents’) and on the Student Bulletin.

In addition, subject teachers are helping students to prepare effectively by posting examination notification documents on their subject pages and the Parent Portal.

I wish all of our students every success in their exams.

From the Head of Primary
Mrs Alicha Dyer

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Congratulations to our Junior Division Chess Champions!

A huge congratulations to our 24 chess players who represented NGS at the HRIS Chess Tournament at  Avondale College. Their behaviour brought credit to the School with an impressive level of maturity and sportsmanship shown throughout the day.

After a very tense afternoon, our teams finished with a stellar set of preliminary rankings. The final rounds came down to the wire and I am thrilled to announce that NGS was successful in taking out the Junior Division for the second year in a row.

Koen Schot, Thomas McGrath, Zac Choi and Lachlan Dunning proudly accepted the Junior Division shield after placing first.

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From the Director of Pre-school
Mrs Angela Tapp

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We know it’s spring at pre-school when our garden is flourishing with vegetables and flowers, there are kookaburras looking for worms in the big playground and stink bugs are in the citrus tree. Every year the challenge of catching stink bugs is too much for the children and they race for the three bug catchers to fill them up with the bright coloured beetles. To add to this booty there are often a few black beetles that can be found around the shed and gravel pit. There are the inevitable discussions of ‘nature’ and ‘being kind to nature’ when the insects are freed at the end of the day and all this provides a perfect opportunity to encourage the children to develop an increased understanding of the interdependence between land, people, plants and animals. This becomes even more relevant when it is low waste lunch week, as it was last week. The planting of sunflower seeds into small pots has also extended the children’s contributions towards our pre-school environment.

To provide a good balance with this environmental / scientific theme running through the pre-school, we have also had a very creative and crafty start to the term with children doing blow paintings, bubble paintings and threadings to help decorate our rooms for the upcoming Information/Enrolment Night and play dates.

img_3170 img_3284 img_5909 img_5939

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From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

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Summer Touch Football

Congratulations to the Year 6 Boys team, the NGS Bettercups, who came away with an exciting draw last week in the U/12 Boys division.

Other victories came from the U/12 girls NGS Narly Narwals and NGS Allstars and the U/14 Mixed Division the NGS Mixed Maniacs.


Round 4 –  Tuesday, 1 November

Under 8 Mixed: NGS Buff Bulldogs – 3.45pm, Declan Spencer & Mr Daly
Under 10 Girls White: NGS Amazing Otters – 4.45pm, Miss Angel Barber REF
Under 10 Boys Green: NGS Power Pugs – 5.15pm, Jonathon Curk REF
Under 10 Boys White: NGS Radical Roosters – 5.45pm, Mr Ryan Wood
Under 12 Girls Green: NGS Narly Narwals – 6.15pm, Mr Ginns
Under 12 Girls Green: NGS Swift Snails – 6.15pm,  Natasha Robards Taylor REF
Under 12 Boys: NGS Kick 2 Much – BYE, Mr Stevens
Under 12 Boys: NGS Bettercups – 7.15pm, Mr Matthew Cook
Under 12 Girls White: NGS Lightning – 6.45pm, Mr Carroll
Under 12 Girls White: NGS Allstars – 6.15pm, Mr Armstrong REF
Under 14 Boys: NGS Bolts – 8.15pm, Brodie Tonks REF
Under 14 Boys: NGS Mixed Maniacs – 8.15pm, Abbs Makki
Under 14 Girls: NGS Seals – 7.15pm, Miss Byrnes
Under 14 Girls: NGS Un Touchables – 7.45pm, Miss Van Ryswyck

Please see SchoolBox under Co-curricular Touch for all draws and information

Ms Byrnes – MIC Touch

Interschools Snowsports 2017

After a hiatus of a number of years, NGS once again entered a team in this very high-profile, very popular, annual competition.

There is a large amount of organisation and travel involved in this competition and particularly so if students progress from Regional to NSW to National competitions, which is what our 2016 team achieved. To that end it is important that organisation begins now to enable registrations to occur, accommodation to be booked, and so on.

The participant numbers are very large across all events, as can be seen from the figures below for 2016:

  • The collective 2016 NSW/ACT/Queensland Regional + NSW State Event entry numbers were 9,515 (8,916 in 2015), which equates to an overall growth of 7% in 2016.
  • Northern NSW Event (4 days – Wednesday to Saturday) – 2,407 entries (2,392 in 2015 / 1,916 in 2014) – up by 0.6% > 1,099 participants (1,147 in 2015) from 190 schools (189 in 2015)
  • In 2016, there were 23 days of events in total, with a scheduled 25 days of events in 2017 due to the growth in numbers of competitors, and potentially 27 in 2018

Mrs Kathryn Dries, parent of one of our 2016 team members has kindly offered to be the School’s organiser for this event and after participating in the process this year, is well qualified to field any questions.

Kathryn has asked that if there are any parents interested in finding out more about this competition and/or expressing an interest in participating, that they should contact her on either of the following: e: or m: 0434379739

I have copied below, an introduction from the Interschools Snowsports Handbook to outline what the competition is all about. More information can be found by following this link:


What is Interschools?
The Interschools Snowsports Championships is a series of snowsports competitions where students compete for their school as part of a team or an individual in any of our seven discipline events. Thousands of students have been introduced to competitive ski and snowboard competitions through the Interschools Championships. Many athletes have gone from competing for their school, to competing for Australia, and we have seen at least 20 Olympians begin their competition days in NSW & ACT Interschools Snowsports Championships. In 2015, the three Regional Championships attracted 6,040 entries from 333 NSW, QLD and ACT schools.

Who Can Compete?
School students from Kindergarten to Year 12 can compete. Schools from all States and Territories can compete, noting that there are Victorian and South Australian Championships in Victoria. Students can compete as either an individual or part of a team in the Regional Championships to qualify for the NSW State Championships, and/or Australian Championships. International schools can compete in the Regional Championships (either the Northern NSW or Southern NSW Region). International schools must inform NSW Interschools of their intentions to compete. International exchange students enrolled in an Australian school can compete as long as they inform NSW Interschools of their intentions to compete and provide a brief overview of the student’s snowsports experience and/or competition record.

What Disciplines are on Offer?

  • Alpine – Skiers are timed on a modified giant slalom course
  • Skiercross – Skiers are timed individually on a slope-style course.
  • Freestyle Moguls – Skiers are scored on a bumps/jumps course.
  • Snowboard Giant Slalom – Boarders are timed on a modified giant slalom course
  • Snowboard Cross – Boarders are timed individually on a slope-style course
  • Cross Country Freestyle – Raced with skate or classic cross country skis or style with a mass start. Teams need to field three skiers to achieve a team result.
  • Cross Country Relay – Three skier relay team event only.

When and Where are the Events Usually Held? ** Please note the dates and venues are subject to change.

The Northern NSW and Sydney Interschools Championships are held during the NSW July school holidays. The Northern NSW Interschools Championships are held during the first week of the holidays, with the Sydney Interschools Championships held during the second week. These events alternate yearly between Thredbo and Perisher.

The NSW & ACT Interschools Cross Country Championships is held in Perisher before the NSW State Championships.

The NSW State Interschools Championships is held in the third or fourth week of August. This event alternates yearly between Thredbo and Perisher.

The Australian Interschools Championships is held in the first or second week of September. This event alternates yearly between Perisher and Mt Buller.

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