From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

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Year 12 students enter their final days of school this week. As they have finished each course recently, prepared University applications, enjoyed the last of their co-curricular activities and reflected on their preparations for the Higher School Certificate examinations, no doubt each student has many mixed emotions. They will be farewelled by the School with several activities next week. There are fun activities such as the Year 12 BBQ , mentor farewells and an Amazing Race in Sydney on Wednesday evening. Ceremonial events also mark this significant milestone, including a Year 12 Assembly, Eucharist and Graduation Dinner.  It has been pleasing to see that Year 12 have decided to raise money for CanTeen as part of their final week of schooling- a testament to their understanding about service and responsibility to others.

Good luck to  Years 3 -6 for their performances of Oliver with a Twist over Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I thank the staff for their involvement in this production. It has given our students a chance to express themselves creatively and grow in confidence. School life for this age group will get back into a normal routine on Friday and I am sure the students will be able to reflect positively on the time spent in production of this musical well into the future.

One co-curricular activity that is held weekly is our Artist in Residence programme. Students from Years 7 to 12 are able to work with a practising artist – Sophie Mill and develop their technical skills and widen their view of art. >Click here to see recent work completed by Year 7 students in this programme. Last Sunday, ArtExpress – a selection of the best HSC Artworks from the 2015 HSC, opened at Maitland Art Gallery. Felix Ferguson’s (Class of 2015) work is part of this remarkable exhibition. I certainly encourage students interested in taking Visual Arts and Design as a subject to visit Maitland Gallery over the next few weeks (10 September to 30 October) and see this exhibiton.

Congratulations to Azleena Akhand in Year 12 who has won an ICAS medal in English this year. This is a most outstanding academic result and recognises her achievement – the top score in her age group in Australia in 2016. Azleena will receive her medal in a ceremony later this year. Well done, Azleena.


From the Deputy Head of School
Mr Alan Parsons

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Volleyball, Fundraising BBQ and CanTeen

This coming Monday, the Senior students under the leadership of our two School Captains, Phoebe and Bronson, are hosting a fundraising BBQ, our own NGS Bandanna Day, raising funds for CanTeen, a teenage cancer support organisation, and some great entertainment in the form of the annual Student/Teacher volleyball challenge.

I would encourage all students to show their support for the excellent leadership that Bronson and Phoebe, along with all the Year 12 students, have displayed this year by supporting the Bandanna Day and joining in the festivities at the BBQ and Volleyball Game on Monday.

Senior students will be selling Bandannas for $4 each this Friday and next Monday with all proceeds going to CanTeen.

We have been very fortunate this year to have had exemplary leadership from our Year 12 cohort and their student leader representatives. If the school is to be judged by the qualities of its graduating class, then Newcastle Grammar School is in a very good place.

From Park Campus

What a fabulous time we had down at Park Campus today. We all jumped and sang and shimmied our way through a Zumba session. I spied Mrs Dyer and Mrs Thomas dancing to the beatbox too.

What a great way to finish off the week. Thank you all so much for your generosity in supporting Macquarie Day, the Wall of Hands Indigenous Literacy Programme and the NGS Vietnam programme.

You are sensational!

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From the Director of Learning & Teaching
Mrs Lisa Peterson

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Tyrrell Library Opening Hours

The Tyrrell Library will be open during the School Holidays every day from 9.00am to 3.00pm.

From the Director of Pre-school
Mrs Angela Tapp

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Spring has sprung at the Pre-school! We have been reading lots of books about seeds and flowers; there has been lots of colourful flower pictures drawn and painted and we have had some little science ‘experiments’ set up in each of the rooms. To begin with we placed some white daisies in various coloured water and watched as the water went up through the stems and turned the white petals orange, blue and green.

In another experiment, we have put some bean sprouts in a jar with moist paper towel and seen roots and shoots growing out of the beans. We have also filled a stocking with soil and put some grass seeds at the top so that the grass will (hopefully) grow to look like hair (at this stage ‘Mr Happy Face’, as the children named him, is still bald).

Next week we are planning to plant some sunflower seeds in our garden in anticipation that, when we return in term 4, there will be some beautiful sunflowers to welcome us back.

These experiments fit nicely with the Early Years Learning Framework 2.4(f): Children explore relationships with living and non-living things and observe, notice and respond to change.

Finally, spring is also the perfect season for outside play – nice and warm but not too hot – and we have been enjoying watching the children transitioning into summer clothes and enjoying water play outside in the sun.

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From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

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National Interschools Snowsports Championships

As mentioned in earlier newsletters, three NGS students have been busy representing the School in the annual Interschools Snowsports competitions held at Thredbo over the last 10-12 weeks.

The NGS Snowboard team comprising Taj Curren, Otto Dries and Lachlan Dunning firstly contested the Northern NSW Snowsports Snowboard competition in the last holidays, finishing 3rd in the Snowboard Giant Slalom in that competition, the first on the representative ladder.

Following their success at that Regional level, the team were then selected to compete at the next level – that being the NSW Championships, held earlier this term, where they finished in 7th position.

Finally, after their excellent results at the NSW level, they were selected to compete at the National Championships which were held last week, again at Thredbo. The boys acquitted themselves extremely well to finish 8th out of the 12 competing schools-an outstanding result against schools from all over the country!

A big congratulations to the boys and also thank you to the parents who spent considerable time and effort in facilitating the team’s entry and attendance in these competitions.

Information regarding the 2017 competition will be published early in 2017.

Co-Curricular Summer Touch Football

Thank you to all players and coaches for a great start to the Summer Touch season.

Last Wednesday saw our first training session at National Park with 14 teams and over 100 students.

Due to ‘Oliver with a Twist’ the following teams won’t be training this week.

Year 3/4 Girls U/10 – NGS Amazing Otters
Year 3 Boys U/10 – NGS Radical Roosters
Year 4 Boys U/10 – NGS Power Pugs
Year 5 Girls U/12 – NGS Swift Snails
Year 5 Girls U/12 – NGS Narly Narwals
Year 5 Boys U/12 – NGS Kick 2 Much
Year 6 Girls U/12 – NGS Allstars
Year 6 Girls U/12 – NGS Lightning
Year 6 Boys U/12 – NGS Bettercups

All other teams will train as per normal.

Please note that if you are unable to make training for any reason then you must notify your coach or Ms Byrnes.

Ms C Byrnes – MIC Touch


This Wednesday will be our final training session for the year and the coaches have organised a mini competition to finish the season.

Our last game and the finals will be played at District Park tennis courts this Saturday. The ladder last week showed that we have at least 3 divisions with NGS teams in the finals. Top Spin will, hopefully, have an updated point score to us in time for Wednesday’s training session. We will then know exactly who has made the finals.

A barbecue will be provided at the courts on Saturday at around 1.30pm to celebrate the end of a fabulous tennis season.

When your game has finished on Saturday, please make your way to the office where a presentation will be held.

Thank you to our coaches and all players and spectators for a wonderful season.

Mrs V Dart – MIC Tennis

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Blessing of the Fleet and Henley-On-Hunter

On Saturday, members of the Rowing fraternity gathered by the shores of Lake Macquarie to mark the Official Start of the Rowing Season and honour the Traditional Blessing of the Fleet Ceremony. The newest addition to the fleet of boats was also named.

Thank you to the Friends of Rowing who through fundraising efforts were able to purchase a new Sykes quad scull at the end of 2015, naming rights of the boat were handed over to the rowers and the name Tarakona evolved.

Thank you to Father David Cole who kindly conducted the ceremony for us.

Congratulations to Gabby Angus and Emerson Gosling of Year 11 who were announced as the 2016/17 Captains of Boats.

Thank you again to the Friends who put on a BBQ for everyone to enjoy.

We look forward to a successful and rewarding season ahead.




On Sunday, 36 Senior rowers had a fantastic day of Racing at the local and layed back Henley- on-Hunter Regatta, it was a bit of fun and a chance to have a hit out very early in the season. Despite being a long way from race ready our Rowers put on an exceptional performance across the board and managed to achieve 16 Wins, 12 seconds and 10 thirds.

Congratulations to 2 newcomers – Allyson Loveless of Year 9 and Caleb Agostino Morrow of Year 11 who both competed in their first race after commencing the sport less than 1 month ago.

I would like to make special mention of Caleb who has impressed everyone with his determination to succeed in rowing. For the past 3-4 weeks Caleb has trained relentlessly to acquire the essential on-water skills to allow him to compete at a high level. Caleb proved that if you put your mind to something anything is possible. Caleb was not only successful in completing his first regatta but also won 2 of his 3 races including a single. Well done and well deserved Caleb!

Congratulations Jack Thomas and Max Routh who won 3 from 3 and to Kate Hackett, Lili Farragher- Hoey, Samira Bagga and Acacia Ozturk who successfully out-rowed Newcastle University to win the Open Women’s Quad Scull- a very impressive achievement.

Thank you to Mr Douglas Routley who I believe had a great time being a Boat Race Official for us for the first time- your time and enthusiasm is truly appreciated.

Mrs S Ellis – Rowing Coordinator


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Library News
BookFace Competition

On 2 September we announced the winner of our ‘BookFace’ competition, which was held in the Library over the past few weeks.

Students had the chance to demonstrate their creativity, finding a book and merging themselves with the image.

The winners were: Bronte Simpson and Miecha Blamey.

Runners-up were: Veronica Kuru, Melissa Carpenter, Mia Charleson, Chantelle Pepper, Edward Fagan, Chanel Holmes and Alexandria Smith.

We had 29 fabulous entries.  Thank you all for participating!

Ms Sue Bright – Coordinator of Library Services

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Oliver with a Twist
Years' 3 to 6 Production


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