From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

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It is a busy time in the School and I thank the many staff who are currently working with students in a range of academic and co-curricular pursuits. The Library on Hill Campus have just set up a display of photos of our Year 12 students – from their first days in Pre-school and Kindergarten to the end of their School journey. While they have less than 20 days left of formal schooling, Year 12 are no doubt beginning to reflect on the many activities and experiences Newcastle Grammar School has allowed them to be part of, over many years.

Last week The Jungle Book was a great success and the confidence K-2 displayed in their performance of this classic story was obvious for all to see. We welcomed many of our fathers to our Father’s Day BBQ at Park Campus on Friday and the children very much enjoyed preparing small gifts and showing off their classrooms – despite the wet conditions. Years 3-6 are now finalising their performance of Oliver with a Twist and we look forward to finding out all about the Twist!

In the last week, we have hosted the Tournament of Minds Competition and enjoyed seeing what our students could produce both in prepared and impromptu sections. Selected Year 6 students had the opportunity to be part of the HICES Gifted and Talented Camp and our Chess team won the regional competition and will now compete at the State Titles.

In sport, the 13 and 15 years teams won their Grand Finals on Saturday, secondary students represented HRIS in Athletics and several now move on to represent AICES to contest the NSW Combined Independent Schools Championship, later this month. It was great to welcome Rio Olympian Scott Westcott to the Hill Campus Assembly yesterday. He was there to award our 18 Years Girls team their trophy after the recent Hunter Schools’ Knock Out competition. What a fitting way for these athletes – particularly those in Year 12 to finish their athletic season this year.

From the Head of Primary
Mrs Alicha Dyer

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Our Kindergarten, Year 1 and 2 students recently concluded their school production, The Jungle Book. Our talented students performed magnificently and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. As one Kindergarten student commented, “it was the best time of my life Mrs Dyer”.

If you had the pleasure of attending one of the performances you would have been amazed by the set as it had been transformed into a colourful jungle themed space. The lighting and costumes were impressive and the youngest students in our school certainly gave remarkable performances.

We have been overwhelmed by the feedback that we have received – everyone we speak to tells us how amazed they were by the professional standard of the students, how funny it was, how impressed they were by how all elements of the production worked so well together.

I would like to thank the School community for the support we have received – we are thrilled that so many people enjoyed the show. Of course we could not have such high quality if it were not for the brilliant team behind the scene. Thank you Mrs Van Gaal, Miss Priest, Staff and Parents. Together we made the magic happen!


Inquiry Learning Evening

Reminder that an Inquiry Learning Evening for Primary Parents will take place in the SWPC on Wednesday, 7 September at 6.00pm. Please rsvp

Macquarie Day Celebration Park Campus

This Friday, 9 September 2016
Students to wear Sports Uniform to School
Please bring a gold coin donation
All donations go towards Indigenous Reading Scheme
Zumba Dance Class will be held at lunch time for all to join in

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From the Director of Operations
Mr Duncan McKensey

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School Pick-up and Drop-off

Please obey all road rules and parking signs when dropping off and picking your children at both Hill and Park Campus.

A number of concerns have been raised regarding dangerous practices in particular on Tyrrell Street.

Failure to obey road rules and parking signs may lead to serious injury.

From the Director of Pre-school
Mrs Angela Tapp

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Pre-school were so excited last Tuesday when we were invited to watch the full dress rehearsal of the K-2 school production of “The Jungle Book”. We walked over to the hall at 12.00pm and were seated on the jungle floor. At 12.15pm the show began and (like all the families would have been) we were blown away! 39 pre-schoolers sat absolutely enthralled for the duration of the show – many of them excited to see their siblings performing and all of them mesmerised by the constant colour, music and movement.

From the Pre-school staff’s point of view we were pleased to see so many of our ex pre-schoolers confidently performing in front of an audience. It was so interesting to see how far everyone has developed in the space of a few short months or years. It was a terrific experience and we were very proud of the production, and thrilled to be invited. Well done to all those involved – it was spectacular.

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From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

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Two NGS Teams WIN Grand Finals!
Congratulations to both our NGS 3-15 years and NGS 4-13 years’ sides who were successful in winning their respective Grand Finals on Saturday.

This was the culmination of a very long and committed season from the girls and they should be very proud of the effort they have put forward since that first training session way back in March.

The NGS 15 years team defeated the previously undefeated Souths 29-16, in a game dominated by sustained, intense pressure from the NGS side- a trait they have displayed through the entire Finals’ series. This team has played together for a number of years now and that team cohesion they have developed has certainly brought its rewards with it. A big ‘well done’ to this team and their coach, Miss Angel Barber for a tremendous 2016 season and her ability to ensure all 11 girls in this team developed their skills and juggled the players’ court time so well during the season . The NGS 15’s Premiership side comprised: Jessica Barnett, Elizabeth Bruce-Scott, Abbey Cameron, Tyla Casey-Knight, Sophia Drinkwater, Alexandra Earp, Corbyn Holmberg, Anna Jordinson, Abby Morrin, Mia Osmotherly and Emily Prickett.

The NGS 13’s also defeated Souths, 29-21, in a very close tussle. Again, this side has played together for a number of years and the way they work together and feed the circle so well has been great to watch. This side’s fitness levels and their ability to go so hard for the entire game has been a key factor in their success this year. Once again, many thanks to their coach, Miss Kim Williams for her skill in guiding this team to their 2016 premiership. It should be noted that members of this talented side also won the HRIS Year 7 competition earlier in the year! The NGS 13 years Premiership side comprised: Olivia Byth, Mia Charleson, Eliza Guest, Niamh Harrigan, Viviaen Kuru, Ciara Loong, Gabrielle Macready, Lauren McLardy, Skye Simpson and Chloe Smithson.

NGS  Netball  2016 –  End of Season Results: >click here

AICES Athletics Championships

Congratulations to the following students who represented NGS and HRIS at the AICES Athletics Championships last Wednesday, 31 August at Homebush.

This fine group of athletes spent over 14 hours away from home on this day, leaving NGS at 5.30am, travelling for two and a half hours each way and in most cases for only a few seconds of competition. Even after all of that most performed close to or better than then previous best performances.

Isobel Harbury (12 years) – 3rd in the 100m, 6th in the 200m.
Connor Henderson (15 years) – 5th in the 200m, 1st in the 400m.
Corbyn Holmberg (15 years) – 5th in the 3000m
Sabrina Kliousis (16 years) – 1st in the Javelin, 3rd in the Discus, 6th in the Shot Put.
Caitlin Spencer (16 years) – 4th in the 400m, 4th in the 800m.
Jackson Gosling (18 years) – 7th in the 200m
Matthew Griffiths (18 years) – 3rd in the 400m
Nathan Young (18 years) – 5th in the Javelin
Isabelle Todhunter (18 years) – 5th in the 800m, 4th in the 1500m.
Phoebe O’Keeffe (18 years) – 1st in the 800m, 3rd in the 1500m.
Laura Flack (18 years) – 2nd in the 200m, 1st in the 800m, 1st in the 1500m, 2nd in the High Jump, 5th in the Triple Jump.

Congratulations to Sabrina, Connor and Isobel on their selection in the 2016 AICES team, which will contest the NSWCIS Championships on Wednesday, 21 September, also at Homebush.

2016 NGS Summer Touch Football Teams

Summer Touch Football training will commence this Wednesday afternoon, 7 September from 3.30 – 4.45pm at National Park Fields.

Students from Hill Campus will catch a bus to and from the fields and Park Campus students will walk across with Mr Wood and return by 4.30pm.

Please see SchoolBox under Co-Curricular Touch for students who have indicated they are playing this season and who have bought registration forms back.

Ms C Byrnes
MIC Touch

HRIS Primary Netball Gala Day

Congratulations to all the girls who played so outstandingly at the HRIS Primary Netball Gala on Tuesday, 30 August.

Our Senior B team was undefeated all day going through to take out the Championship. Well done girls! Our senior B team comprised: Veronica Kuru, Katherine Kosy, Ruby McDonald, Ruby Robinson, Melissa Carpenter, Katherine Wang, Meicha Blamey, Hannah Cleary, Isabella Ida, Sophia Prince, Sedani Karaswayian

Our Senior A side fought all day and finished 4th and our Junior C team finished 5th.

Thank you to Mrs Murdoch, Mrs Simpson and Mrs Zilic who helped with coaching and organisation.

Ms C Byrnes
Stewart Sports Coordinator


HRIS Junior Soccer Gala Day

On Tuesday, 30 August, 15 students from Years 3 and 4 were wonderful Park Campus representatives at the HRIS Junior Soccer Gala Day played at Adamstown Oval.

The team played 4 matches against some strong opposition and despite not registering a win, all players gave their best effort and displayed excellent teamwork and sportsmanship. The boys improved in every match and only narrowly lost in their final game, 2-1 against Scone Grammar.

I would like to thank Mrs Luxon for her assistance on the day, parent supporters who gave great encouragement and our team of: Bowen Stubbs, Taj Curran, Ambrose Raftos, Alex Yost, Andrew Carpenter, Lachlan Smith, Mitchell Franks, Daniel Richardson, Elliot Collins, Maxim Siderovski, Koen Schott, Tom McGrath, Sunny Feros, Susamai Saha and Lachlan Dunning.

Mr B Lloyd


Futsal – Season 2016/17

Welcome to all invested Futsal parents and players. We hope that you find this season a fruitful experience and enjoy the games and training sessions.

The coaching staff will attempt to provide a safe and productive learning environment for all players and as MIC, I hope to provide an open line of effective communication to provide all details surrounding training and games. To that end, I would encourage all invested participants to regularly check their School Box page for Co-Curricular Futsal. Each Friday I attach a news item that provides current information about the upcoming week. The Futsal homepage will also include playing draws, student information and player photographs strutting their stuff on court. Training commenced last week and all coaches were delighted with their teams’ efforts.

The competition commenced this week with game times being posted on the Futsal homepage. Speaking of strutting their stuff on court, I wish to congratulate our representative teams who recently completed their School tournaments throughout the last couple of weeks of Term 2. We were very successful this year, with our 16 Years Boys placing 2nd at the NNSW State Championships and both our 19’s Boys and 19’s Girls claimed the NNSW State Championships with amazing wins in their respective grand finals.

Students involved in these teams are listed below:

16 Years Boys – NNSW State Runners Up
Isaac King
Vincent Unie
Lachlan Keane
Max Ventura
Oliver Wentworth
Jazz Cooper
Connor Henderson
Ryan Turner

19 Years Boys – NNSW State Champions
Matthew Griffiths
Mitchell Bisson
Emerson Gosling
Theo Sam
Cameron Utiger
Thomas Jones
Ross Valaire

19 Girls Boys – NNSW State Champions
Rebekah Stuart
Jessica Evans
Susie Behne-Smith
Elizabeth Behne-Smith
Eliza Charlton
Maeve McCallum
Laura Flack

Surf Sports

Students at Newcastle Grammar School in Year 8 and above can complete their Ocean Surfer Safety Award and participate in Surfing for sport.

Students must complete a 200 metre pool swim in under 5 minutes, complete a class theory session and learn some rescue skills to meet the requirements for this activity. (DET Surf Requirements) 

Training Sessions and Proposed Dates
Occur on Wednesday afternoons starting in Week 8, Term 3.
Wednesday, 7 September : Timed Pool Swim Charlestown Pool, please bring $3.50 for pool admission.

Bronze Medallion Students are encouraged to attend to practise for proficiency.
Wednesday, 14 September : School Theory Session
Wednesday, 21 September: Catch – up theory at School

Surfing will continue in controlled groups on Wednesday afternoons in Term 4 until mid-Term 1 2017.

Co-curricular Commitments

Parents may I please remind you if your son or daughter can’t attend their co-curricular activity for some reason an email to the staff member running the activity prior to the day is expected.

Please do not put medical and other appointments on when your son or daughter is expected to attend these activities where possible.

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Chess Tournament

Chess Team in One Day Schools Lightning Tournament Progresses to the State Finals

Our Year 7 – 12 “Lightning Chess” team travelled to Muswellbrook to play in the State Semi-Finals of the Sydney Academy of Chess One Day Schools Tournament.  In this tournament every player plays seven matches in the day, using Chess clocks, with a time limit of 15 minutes per player per match.  Our Team was very successful on the day, qualifying for the State Finals of this competition.

This is an especially high achievement as, with Year 8 and 9 being at Camp that week, three of our four players who played that day are in Year 7, and most of the players from other schools are in Year 11 or 12.  Elizabeth Behne-Smith (Year 12) came second overall and Jett Robinson (Year 7) came fifth overall on the day.  Egan Griffiths and Carter Everett (Year 7) were also in our NGS Team that day.

We wish the team well for the State Finals, which will be played in Strathfield on Friday, 16 September.

Newsletter One Day Chess Team - Muswellbrook

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Oliver with a Twist
Years' 3 to 6 Production


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School Pick-up and Drop-off

Please obey all road rules and parking signs when dropping off and picking your children at both Hill and Park Campus.

A number of concerns have been raised regarding dangerous practices in particular on Tyrrell Street.

Failure to obey road rules and parking signs may lead to serious injury.

Co-curricular Commitment

Parents may I please remind you if your son or daughter can’t attend their co-curricular activity for some reason an email to the staff member running the activity prior to the day is expected.

Please do not put medical and other appointments on when your son or daughter is expected to attend these activities where possible.