From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

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Yesterday we hosted the HRIS Debating Competition at Newcastle Grammar School. I congratulate the following teams who were victorious – Year 12, Year 9, Year 8 and Year 5. These teams will now go on to the next round. Years 6, 7 and 10 were narrowly defeated. Debating provides students with the opportunities to work as a team, process and organise ideas and grow in confidence. I congratulate all of our students who are involved.

The Park Campus Carnival was held in difficult conditions on Thursday. The students did not seem to mind and their participation and enthusiasm was obvious. I congratulate our age winners and the winning House, Hunter. Our talented young athletes rose the challenge, our youngest students raced down the track for the first time and it was good to see our students congratulating each other in a fine display of sportsmanship. >Click here to see some photos of the carnival.

This year, our staff have been working hard to implement the Schoolbox Learning Management system with their students. In addition, a small group of staff have been working on the Parent Portal into this system.

The word ‘Schoolbox’ has become part of the vernacular at Newcastle Grammar School since the start of 2016. The Hill Campus students and teachers know it as their Learning Management System; ‘Your Japanese homework is on Schoolbox’, ‘Look at the video on Schoolbox about chemical formulae’ and ‘Did you complete the Schoolbox quiz on language conventions?

Schoolbox has a different focus for parents and will enable parents in its first stage to:

  • Access a live version of the school calendar
  • View homework and assessments that are due
  • Receive news and event communications
  • View the timetable for your son/daughter
  • Access co-curricular news and communications
  • View multimedia content of school activities

In the last weeks of the term we have a group of parents testing the parent portal and giving feedback. The portal is scheduled to open in the first week of Term 3. At this time, parents will be emailed individual logins and a user guide. We hope you find this portal a useful form of communication between home and school.

From the Deputy Head of School
Mr Alan Parsons

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 The Three Mindset Rules and Praise for a Growth Mindset:

Over the past few weeks, I have looked at the differences between a Fixed and a Growth Mindset and the impact these differences have on learning and academic success. This week I will summarise the significant differences between these mindsets, and finish off with proven techniques that can be employed to help parents and teachers develop a Growth Mindset in our students (Steinberg & Morris, 2001; Yeager & Dweck, 2012).

 Fixed Mindset: Intelligences, talents and abilities are fixed traits. If I’m smart, then I shouldn’t have to work hard. Effort means I am “dumb”.

Growth Mindset: Through sustained effort and application, intelligences, talents and abilities can be developed.

1618-Alan 1

Rule 1: Goals.

Fixed Mindset: Number one goal of a student with a Fixed Mindset is to look smart at all costs. Avoid failure by avoiding challenges.

Growth Mindset: Students care about their grades but care more about their learning. They do what they can to recover from failure and poor results. Students are focussed on what it takes to be successful.

Rule 2: Beliefs about Effort:

Fixed Mindset: Effort is a bad thing. If you have ability you shouldn’t need effort and if you need effort then you have limited ability. This is why talented students may never reach their potential.

Growth Mindset: Effort activates abilities. Effort over time increases an individual’s abilities.

Rule 3: In the Face of Setbacks:

Fixed Mindset: Failure is a refection on the person. Go out of their way to hide failures and conceal deficiencies. They want to compare themselves with those people they do better than.

Growth Mindset: Failure is temporary. Setbacks are a natural part of learning. They would say: “In the face of failure, I need to work harder; study more”. They want to face challenges. They relish the struggle.

1618-Alan 2

Praise: We can praise our students for their intelligence and ability or we can praise our students for their effort and process.

Praising intelligence puts students into a fixed mindset. Dweck’s research (Blackwell, Trzesniewski, & Dweck, 2007; Dweck, 2009) found this intelligence praise instantly turned students into non-learners. Praise for the outcome encouraged students to take on easy, non-challenging tasks.

Students who were praised for intelligence and then given challenging tasks showed a rapid decrease in self-efficacy. They discovered they were not so smart after all and displayed a significant decline in intrinsic motivation and performance.

Students and children who are praised for effort and process are more likely to choose tasks they can learn from. They maintain their confidence, applied themselves to the challenge, enjoyed the struggle, were engaged and strategic in their approaches and their performance flourished.

Praising the Process conveys a value system to our students. We value the challenge and the struggle, not just the result or outcome. Process praise over time develops a Growth Mindset in our students. This allows our students to

  • Embrace learning and growth
  • Understand the role of effort in creating intelligence
  • Maintain resilience in the face of setbacks.

In practice always praise effort not ability. If a child has done well, praise the effort and the strategy that lead to that achievement. To develop a Growth Mindset, avoid praising some innate ability.

References: >click here

Year 10 Dinner

Save the date – Invitation to Year 10 Students for their Year 10 Dinner on Wednesday, 3 August. More details to follow in early Term 3



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From the Head of Park Campus
Mrs Alicha Dyer

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Reminder – Uniform Buy/Swap/Sell

Friday, 17 June there will be a Kindergarten to Year 4 second hand uniform buy/swap/sell at Park Campus.  Clothes may be dropped off in the SWPC on Thursday, 16 June 8am to 9.30am, 2.30pm to 4pm and Friday, 17 June 8am to 9.30am and 3pm to 4pm.  Items will be on sale Friday only between 8am – 9.30am and 3 – 4pm.  If you have any queries please contact Liz Richardson on 0401 149 941.

Beanie Week – Monday 20th to Friday 24th June

Please be advised that beanies are available for purchase from Park Campus Reception and are $15 each.  Please buy a beanie to support Brain Cancer Week which commences Monday, 20 June.  Should your child already have a Mark Hughes Foundation Beanie, please feel free to make a donation at the office.  It is likely that there will be some media coverage on Monday, 20 June at Park Campus.  Should you wish for your child to not be photographed or filmed please contact Mrs Dyer before Friday, 17 June. 

Musical Updates

The Jungle Book – involving students from Kindergarten to Year 2.  Please be advised that tickets will go on sale from Friday, 29th July.  There will be two evening performances which will occur on Wednesday 31st August and Thursday 1st September both commencing at 6pm in the SWPC.  More details to follow shortly.

Oliver with a Twist – involving all students from Years 3 to 6.  Please be advised there will be two evening performances on Wednesday, 14th and Thursday, 15th September commencing at 6.30pm in the SWPC.  Tickets will go on sale on 14th August.  More details to follow.

Parent Nominations

Thank you to the many parents who nominated themselves to be a Year Parent for Semester 2, 2016.  I am pleased to advise of the following Year Parents:

Kindergarten – Jacqui Mejia

Year 1 – Emily Macdonald

Year 2 – Rachael Heslop

Year 3 – Sharon Sawyer

Year 4 – Amanda Folpp

Year 5 – Derani Clarke

Year 6 Danielle Walker

Information regarding Parent Contact Lists will be discussed at our next Parents in Partnership Morning Tea which will take place on Thursday, 23rd June at 10am in the SWPC.


Work Sample Folders

Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 will bring home their Term 2 Work Sample Folder on Friday, 17 June.  Please may I ask that you read through your child’s learning reflections and record your own reflections in the space provided before returning the folder no later than Tuesday, 21 June. 


A date has been scheduled to hold a non compulsory Interrelate Evening on Thursday, 10 November for students and parents in Years 3 to 6Information will follow closer to this date. 

Please note the final K to 4 Chapel and Assembly for Term 2 will take place Friday, 17 June. 

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From the Director of Pre-school
Mrs Angela Tapp

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On Wednesday, 8 June, the Groovers and Shakers walked to Cooks Hill Fire Station and had a fabulous time looking around the Fire Station.

When we arrived at the Fire Station we were welcomed by fire fighters Mick and Simon who talked to us about what to do if we are ever caught in a fire – “Get Down Low and GO, GO, GO!” and “Stop, Drop and Roll”. We also got to see fire fighter Todd dressed from head to toe in the safety gear they wear when they go to a fire. Did you know that everyone should be practising fire drills at home, especially at night time? This means that everyone has to get used to getting out of the house in the dark. Also, the Fire Brigade recommends that the best point of assembly, after evacuating, is the letter box!

The children were really good at answering the fire fighters’ questions – especially when asked what number to dial in an emergency. The Pre-schoolers demonstrated excellent recall skills and impressed the firemen with their listening. They also impressed them with their “stop, drop and roll” actions – especially when they covered their faces with their hands. It was text book! One child put up their hand and explained to the fire fighters that you ‘don’t go back in’. Another child asked “What about our pets? Would they be rescued? There was lots of thinking going on and the children loved receiving a “Hi 5” from the fire fighters when they answered the questions, feeling very important.

The fire hose was a big hit, especially when they got to hose one of the fire fighters who was up in the cherry picker. Getting to sit in the fire truck, listen to the siren and watch the flashing lights was also a thrill but the biggest thrill of the day was the ride in the cherry picker. We were also very surprised when we were ready to leave the station as the alarms started to ring and we had to all move over to one side of the station. We did this quickly and calmly. One of the fire trucks had been called out to an emergency. We were able to see how quickly the fire fighters suited up and hopped in the truck. They drove out of the station with the siren and lights going. Very exciting!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all our helpers because without our volunteer helpers we would not be able to go on excursions. The fire station excursion always seems to attract lots of helpers. In relation to the Early Years Learning Framework this excursion provides the children with the opportunity to develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities (Learning Outcome 2) as well as meeting Regulation 97 in the National Regulations for Education and Care Services.

>click here for photos


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From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

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Park Campus Athletics Carnival – Thursday, 9 June 2016

Strong winds and light rain didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of Park Campus students, staff and parents who attended our annual Athletics Carnival.

It was wonderful to witness the high levels of participation, determination and sportsmanship on display and the terrific support and encouragement a number of Year 10 students were able to provide.

Congratulations to Tyrrell for winning the House Cheer and Hunter House for being the overall House winner on the day.

Our age champions were:


  • Under 7/8 – Luca Collins
  • Under 9 – Luca Swancott
  • Under 10 – Ambrose Raftos


  • Under 7/8 – Vanessa Kuru
  • Under 9 – Harriette Arnall
  • Under 10 – Alexandra Moss

An announcement on the HRIS team will be made shortly.

Mr Ben Lloyd (Park Campus Sports Coordinator)

HRIS Netball Championships

Last Thursday saw 3 NGS teams contest the 2016 HRIS Netball Championships at National Park. A record 41 teams entered the 3 divisions this year, with all 16 HRIS schools represented on the day. NGS had a very successful day with the following results:

Our Year 7 team played 6 games; Winning 5, with one draw to remain undefeated for the day. This was a really impressive performance from our girls as winning any HRIS Championship is difficult, but to go through undefeated was outstanding! The NGS Year 7 team included Isabella Oakley, Vivien Kuru, Leela Bagga, Skye Simpson, Georgia Cameron, Lauren McLardy, Niamh Harrigan, Madison Montgomery and Clara Anscombe (coached by Miss Kim Williams).

Our Under 16 team finished in 7th place in the 15-team competition, after playing a mammoth 9 games on the day. A great performance. The NGS Under 16 side included Abby Morrin, Tyla Casey-Knight, Anna Jordinson, Corbyn Holmberg, Emily Prickett, Sophia Drinkwater, Alexandra Earp, Jade Williams, Emily Conlon and Abbey Cameron (coached by Miss Lucy Judd).

Our open side also finished 7th in their 13-team competition, losing a number of their games by very small margins and also playing 9 games (27 minutes each game) throughout the day. The NGS Open side included Sophie Fogg-Blundell, Zoe Atallah, Bridget Harvey, Courtney Charleson, Brittany Morrin, Charlotte Thomas, Sophie Sherman, Sophia Taylor and Imogen Patey (coached by Mrs Kylie Streatfield).

A big congratulations to all teams on their huge effort in this competition.

Mr Leigh Carroll-Director of Sport. Leigh,

NGS Team for HRIS Secondary Athletics Championships

The HRIS (secondary) Division 1 Athletics Championships will be held on Tuesday, 26 July at Glendale. This is for Years 7-12. The NGS team will be posted on the Merrick noticeboard and also on Schoolbox later this week and any questions regarding this event should be referred to Leigh,

Training is available each Tuesday afternoon at the Newcastle Athletics Field in the lead-up to this event for any student wishing to develop their skills.

NGS has had some very qualified coaches training our students each Tuesday afternoon since the beginning of the year and it would be wise for any student wishing to improve their speed, distance or jumping height to come down and spend a couple of sessions doing exactly that.

Any questions, please contact me as soon as possible.

Mr Leigh Carroll-Director of Sport. Leigh,


On the Saturday and Sunday, 11- 12 June, Newcastle Grammar School had two fitness teams, one aerobics team, one individual, two step teams and two hip hop teams compete in the FISAF State Aerobics and Fitness Championships held at the Griffith Duncan Theatre in Newcastle.

All teams performed extremely well throughout the two days and showed great team work. The following results were achieved: Five Gold Medals and 2 Silver Medals, with seven out of the eight teams qualifying for the National Championships held in Brisbane in late July.

Thank you to Sinead Conway for coaching the aerobics and fitness teams and the individual male, to Whitney Doolan for coaching the Cadet Mega Hip Hop crew, Andrea Nikoletatos for coaching the Junior Mega Hip Hop crew and to all the parents for their support over the two days of competition. A special thank you to Brooke and Whitney Doolan and to Paige Peterson for their help in preparing the students for their performances on the day.

NGS Senior Step Team- Venga Girls- Gold Medal
Brooke Doolan, Whitney Doolan, Anna Doyle, Andrea Tiernan, Andrea Nikoletatos

NGS Party in the USA Cadet Step Team – Gold Medal
Anishika Kendurkar, Brilee Stubbs, Hannah Choi, Isabella Oakley, Emily Fogg-Chorely

Individual Male- Gold Medal
Leo Hasdarngkul

Junior Fitness Petite Team National Stream and Secondary School Team – NGS Wild One Silver and One Gold Medal
Amelia Young, Sophie Franks, Alexandra Lange, Abigail Riddell, Nethra Vinodh

Mini Sports Aerobics Team NGS Rock Stars- 5th place
Adesha Kendurkar, Keerthana Kumar, Charlotte Jones, Lucia Baltpurvins

Junior Hip Hop Mega Crew- Gold medal
Elizabeth Kinsella, Maria Petrelis, Evgenia Petrelis, Rosemary Hunt, Tia De Silva, Alexandra Lange, Annabel Brown, Sophie Cominos, Grace Ellis, Abbey-Rose Everingham, Allysion Loveless, Tali Robinson, Rebecca Rayner, Julianna Sebastian, Corbyn Holmberg

Cadet Mega Hip Hop Team- Silver Medal
Marcus Ferch, Mitchell Ellis, Ruby Robinson, Katherine Kosy, Ruby MacDonald, Lillian Miller, Madeline Guest, Lucia Clarke, Harriet Carroll, Athanasia Petrelis, Ayva Myers, Pierre Singh, Halle Smith

Mrs C Rowntree – Head of Co-curricular


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From the Hunter House Coordinators
Ms Marnie Thomas & Ms Chantal Byrnes

To conclude Hunter Term we have one more social justice opportunity to engage with this week. Last year we ran a “Share the Dignity” drive for one week and encouraged Year 9-12 students to bring in sanitary items.

All items were given to “Share the Dignity” which is an organisation that aims to provide homeless and at risk women with sanitary items to allow them a sense of dignity at a time when they need it most.

This organisation seeks to address the issue that no woman should suffer the indignity of having to choose between eating and buying sanitary items. Hunter House’s drive went really well last year and this year we would like to at least match our last effort.

We would be very grateful if Hunter students could all bring in at least one packet of sanitary items Ms Thomas’s Hunter office this week please. There will be a large basket in my office for all the sanitary items.

We understand this has been a busy term but I would be so grateful if we could all put in a huge effort for this last Hunter initiative. For more information please have a look at the “Share the Dignity” website Thank you so much for helping us to fulfil our vision of HOPE FLIES.


From the Coordinator of Library Services, Teacher Librarian
Ms Sue Bright

From the Coordinator of Library Services, Teacher Librarian image

2016 HSC Study Guide

The 2016 HSC Study Guide will be published in the Sydney Morning Herald and online next week, on Monday 20 June. The guide is a joint project with BOSTES. It is a valuable resource for students, teachers and parents covering a wide range of HSC subjects. It contains:

  • study advice
  • oral, performance and written exam advice
  • tips for finalising submitted works
  • videos

Contributors include BOSTES curriculum inspectors, experienced HSC teachers and markers, past HSC students and parents.

>click here for more information



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Performing Arts Concert
Wednesday, 15 June 6.00pm

Performing Arts Concert image

A night with NGS Players
Wednesday, 22 June 6.00pm

A night with NGS Players image

NGS Gala Ball Donations
Prize and Auction Items

Prize and Auction donations for the NGS Ball being accepted now

The fundraising efforts at the NGS Gala Ball rely heavily on the generous prizes donated by both our school families and their businesses and outside businesses.  These donations are used both in our Platinum Raffle and to create exciting packages for our Silent Auctions.

This year, we are pleased to announce that the funds raised at the Ball will go towards renovations of our Horbury Hunt Hall. The Hall is a valuable and central part of the School. The current state of the stage means that we are very limited in regards to activities and productions that can presented in the Hall. We envisage that the funds raised will go toward renovation of the stage, including the flooring and lighting etc. This will enable us to use the Hall in its full capacity.

We would now like to request prizes and donations for the Ball. This is a great opportunity for businesses to gain significant and positive exposure during the evening. We also welcome prizes donated by families and will respect the privacy of those making anonymous donations.

Some ideas that might help you – bottles of wine/ champagne, gift vouchers, perfume, art, sculpture, beauty gift packs, breakfast, lunch or dinner vouchers, electrical and technical appliances, kids’ activity vouchers, homewares, sporting vouchers, an ‘experience’ prize that could be used as an auction prize (flight simulator, balloon flight, tickets to sporting/ concert events, hotel accommodation etc).

Please note that if you donated prizes at our last Ball, we will automatically be back in touch with you soon.

For further information about prizes including ideas on what vouchers would complement our packages, please email Lisa Foster at Park Campus on who will put you in contact with the relevant people.

Please note that all prizes should be dropped to either Park or Hill Campus Reception by no later than Friday 17th June. Please include who the gift is from so we know who to thank.

We thank you in advance for your generosity and look forward to a wonderful evening together

NGS Gala Ball Sponsorship
Packages Now Available

We are pleased to announce the introduction of sponsorship packages at this year’s inaugural NGS Gala Ball.

Sponsorship Packages include the opportunity for businesses to gain significant and positive exposure both leading up to and during the evening. 

Silver sponsorships can be purchased for $250 and Gold sponsorships can be purchased for $1000. 

Anonymous sponsorships-both corporate or personal- are also welcome and privacy will be respected. 

For more information about these packages and what they include,  please contact Lisa Foster on 4925 2121 or





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The 98th Gala Ball

The 98th Gala Ball image

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Winter Uniform

A reminder the uniform shop hours are as follows;

Monday: 8.00am – 2.00pm
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