From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

From the Head of School image

This week we received some photos from the school we are now supporting in Vietnam. The staff at the school are thrilled to report that they have now purchased and set up a hair dressing salon where students will be trained by a teacher in these skills. Crazy Hair Days at Hill and Park Campuses in Term 1 raised a combined $3000 that was immediately sent so we could begin our support in a meaningful and visible way. This money funded the establishment of the salon. >Click here to see some photos. We look forward to raising more funds and extending our commitment. The School and orphanage have many needs. Our first group of students to visit this project will leave in December. Any student in Years 9-11 who are still interested in being part of this trip should contact Mr Parsons.

Thank you to the many parents, staff and students who supported various activities over the weekend. We are well represented in soccer and netball on Saturdays at present. The quality of art and the worthwhile cause combined to create a most successful Nexus Art Show. >Click here to see some photos of this event. Thank you to the Prefects and the Chamber Choir who supported the service on Sunday evening to welcome our new Chaplain, Father Paul West. Parents are invited to attend the Hill Campus Service on Friday at 10.30am and meet Father Paul at the conclusion.

Our Years 7-10 students begin examinations next week. I congratulate the majority of our students on the way they are approaching this time and the effort that they are making. Learning how to study, managing time effectively and approaching examinations calmly, are part of the learning process. These skills help students prepare for their educational journey ahead.

From the Deputy Head of School
Mr Alan Parsons

From the Deputy Head of School image

Winter Uniform

There will be a two week transition period in which students will change over from Summer to Winter uniform, commencing Monday, 16 May.  By Monday,  30 May, we would expect that all students attend School in complete Winter uniform. Students need to be very clear in understanding that they must wear complete Winter uniform including blazers during travel from home to school each day. This includes any visits to shopping centres and the like during the journey home for example.

Our students have a tradition of wearing their uniforms with pride and respect and I commend them for that. The respectful corporate image they present to the community can only be of benefit to them. Parents’ support with maintaining these high standards is appreciated.

Newcastle Grammar School “Hands on Humanity” Tour Vietnam

Thursday, 8 December to Monday, 19 December

We still have just a few places for intrepid pioneering students with a strong desire for adventure, service and international understanding to join us on our first tour to Vietnam to establish partnerships with Trung Tam Bao Orphanage and Long Hai School.

1614 - Vietnam 1

After exploring Ho Chi Min City and the Mekong Delta, we will be partnering with My Huong Le, having the opportunity to work with the staff, boys and girls at Trung Tam Bao Orphanage and Long Hai School in Vung Tau, 96 kms South East of Ho Chi Min City.

We then fly to Hoi An, 20 kms South of Da Nang where we will explore the countryside on foot and on bicycles, meet with young Vietnamese trainee tour guides, participate in traditional Vietnamese lantern making, painting and cooking and partner with the Lifestart Foundation, helping disadvantaged Vietnamese people to become self-sufficient.

If your child is in Year 9, 10 or 11 and might be interested in this adventure, information is available from the School Office or from me.

1614 - Vietnam 2

1614 - Vietnam 3

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From the Director of Learning and Teaching 7-12
Mrs Lisa Peterson

From the Director of Learning and Teaching 7-12 image

Year 12 Half-Yearly Reports

Year 12 Half-Yearly Reports were emailed to parents last week. It seems there may be a technical issue which means that emails from the School may go to your trash or clutter. If you did not receive your son/daughter’s report, please check this before contacting Mrs Carolyn Gowdy.

Year 12 Parent/Teacher Interviews

Just a reminder, Year 12 parent/teacher/student interviews will be held this Thursday, 19 May. To book online go to and use the code th6hp in the centre of the screen. We look forward to seeing all parents and students of Year 12 on Thursday evening.

From the Director of Studies
Mr Philip Fielden

From the Director of Studies image

Half Yearly Exams, Years 7-10

Next week we will be conducting the Half Yearly examinations for students in Years 7-10.

Examinations are important events in any assessment program. They are intended to help students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of course content and skills. Also, they provide students with valuable practise in examination technique.

Timetables are on SchoolBox. In planning the schedule I have put two examinations on each day, with the longest ones in the mornings, private study sessions in the middle of the day then an examination in the afternoon. Students will not be in their normal rooms and should study the timetable carefully to know where they should be.

In preparation for the examinations next week, I encourage all students to think about the information and skills provided by Dr Salter in the recent Study Skills sessions. It is important that they think carefully about the revision skills that work for them. I don’t believe that anyone is inherently “bad at exams” – it maybe that they are just poor at preparing for them. They should also look after their minds and bodies during the week – eat well, exercise and get plenty of sleep.

If students notice any problems when they see their exam schedule, or if they have any questions about it, then they are very welcome to see me in HG5 to discuss them.


From the Head of Primary
Mrs Alicha Dyer

From the Head of Primary image

Children growing up in today’s connected world are proficient users of technology. As educators we need to ensure that they are becoming creators, designers and problem solvers rather than consumers of technology. This week our Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 students will begin an exciting Kid Coder project.

Over the next 6 weeks they will learn how to: code, become computational thinkers, learn core computational and mathematical concepts. They will also be focusing on learning important strategies for designing, problem solving, and collaborating which are skills that are transferable to every part of life.

The Wand of Wisdom

Speaking in a Brain Growing Way

The self-talk that we use can either help or hinder our brain’s growth.

Students in K-4 this week have been focussing on using positive self-talk when they are faced with a challenge. Investing time to help students develop positive thinking and self-talk is one of the longest lasting and beneficial ways we can impact their future success.

We can help promote a positive mindset by reinforcing that we learn from our mistakes. We need to let children know that we do not expect them to be perfect, share examples of mistakes that we have made and the lessons that we have learned. Our children need to know that we love them unconditionally and that the mistakes they make will never change that.

The words and thoughts that we use create our mindset. We can replace negative thinking with positivity for brain growth. Instead of….. ‘I just can’t do this’…try thinking…’I am going to train my brain’. Replace ‘I’m not good at this’ with ‘What am I missing?’

The more we help our children to improve their self-talk the better they will grow. It can be likened to practicing an instrument or going to sports training, it won’t be easy to start with but will get easier with time and effort.

Mrs A Dyer and Ms A Bibby





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From the Director of Pre-school
Mrs Angela Tapp

From the Director of Pre-school image

On Friday 13 May, we had a fabulous day at Pre-school. It was another favourite day on the term calendar, “Pancake Day”.  It was just like Junior Master Chef! The children not only looked the part in colourful aprons and chef hats but they all helped measure and  mix the self-raising flower, milk, sugar, vanilla essence, bi-carb soda and white vinegar. We used an “egg free” recipe and lots of children were intrigued with the fact that there were no eggs. This led to a fabulous discussion about allergies and anaphylaxis which the children responded to beautifully – an opportunistic discussion to take place before “big school” next year.  The pancakes were delicious and the children enjoyed devouring the end result with big smiles and then finished the day with more cooking – this time in the sandpit (between showers of rain).

Making pancakes is actually a terrific learning experience involving science, maths, safety, sharing, taking turns, patience and persistence. To relate this back to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)…. the experience demonstrated that the children were open to new challenges and discoveries; co-operated and worked collaboratively with others; recognised their individual achievements and the achievements of others; persisted when faced with challenges and when first attempts were not successful (EYLF outcomes 1.2); celebrated and shared their contributions and achievements with others (EYLF outcome 1.3); showed interest in other children and being part of a group;  and engaged in, and contributed to, shared play experiences (EYLF outcomes 1.4) – just to name a few.

1614 Preschool 2

1614 Preschool 1

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From the Coordinator of Visual Arts
Mrs Tonia Martin

From the Coordinator of Visual Arts image

NEXUS 18 – Creating Community Connections

Last Friday evening 13th May 2016, members of the School community, the John Hunter Hospital community and the Visual Arts community of Newcastle gathered in Holland Staff Common Room for the opening of the annual Nexus Exhibition. It was a wonderful night filled with a diverse range of outstanding artworks – 175 individual pieces produced by over 70 local Newcastle artists. The tone of the evening was celebratory and positive with those gathered also enjoying the beverages and delicious canapés prepared by Cranky Chef Catering.

As many of you would be aware the funds raised at the exhibition enable the School to make a generous annual donation to the Nexus Unit – the Paediatric and Adolescent Mental Health Unit at John Hunter Hospital – to provide much needed items for the young people that are in need of the support of the unit.  The Nexus Committee would like to thank all members of the community and the artists who so generously supported the exhibition this year.

The Nexus Committee has a strong sense of satisfaction from knowing that in a small way we are assisting young people in our community who are experiencing difficulties with mental health and associated issues.

I would like to thank Laura Wilson, Kerrie Coles, Lea Rugg and Julie Owers who so generously gave their time and expertise to the Nexus Exhibition this year.

Congratulations to the following raffle winners:

Ross and Joan Wilson – “Lotus Views #4”, gouache monotype – generously donated by artist Helene Leane, (Represented by Gallery 139)

Jo Messenger – “Loading II” –  Ipad Drawing – generously donated by Dino Consalvo (Represented by Gallery 139)

Tom MacDougall – Series of art prints – generously donated by Shan Turner Carroll

Peter Lankas – One month’s membership at Curves – donated by Curves

Thank you to the Year 10 students who assisted on the evening with the selling of raffle tickets and the serving of canapés – Paige Peterson, Lucinda Watt, Kate Hackett, Bronte Anscombe, Margot Roberts, Emily Conlon, Isobel Arthur-Henry and Lorcan Redmond.  They were enthusiastic ambassadors for Newcastle Grammar School.


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From the Hunter House Coordinators
Ms Marnie Thomas and Ms Chantal Byrnes

Hunter House Day and Hunter House Chapel

Hunter House is very excited to announce the details of Hunter House Day and Hunter House Chapel to be held in Week 6 this term. Park Campus will be celebrating Hunter Day on Friday, 3 June and it will involve a festival-inspired “Day on the Green.” There will be picnic rugs for students to have their lunch on with their friends, exciting entertainment performed by our very own NGS rock band from Hill Campus, a dance floor out the front of the hall and various activities run by Hill Campus students. The Hunter House Day will then run into Hunter House Chapel and Assembly which will also feature some beautiful music and presentations by Hill Campus students. This day will not only offer a fantastic opportunity to celebrate HOPE and raise money for Allambi and the Vietnam Project but it will also be a lovely chance for both our School Campuses to connect and have fun together.

Hill Campus will be celebrating Hunter Day on Wednesday, 1 June and it will also involve a festival-inspired “Day on the Green” on the Courts. This will consist of a beautiful banquet of food, live music, picnic rugs and plenty of HOPE. From next week we will be selling wrist bands at lunchtimes which will provide students with a delicious lunch and fabulous entertainment “on the Green.” Hunter House Chapel on the Hill Campus will be held on Friday, 3 June in Christ Church Cathedral at 10.40am. Parents are more than welcome to join us for this special Hunter Service. All funds raised on Hill Campus on Hunter Day will also go to Allambi and the Vietnam Project.

Hill Campus Students at Park Campus

Last Friday Hunter House students from Hill Campus travelled down to Park Campus to join in their Chapel Service. The service focused on HOPE and the ways that we can all help to ensure “Hope Flies” this term. Thank you to Hunter Stewart and Berkeley students for the beautiful music, prayers and presentations and thank you to Park Campus students for their beautiful “Hope Flies” artworks and for joining in such a lovely service.



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From the Director of Sport/PDHPE Coordinator
Mr Leigh Carroll

From the Director of Sport/PDHPE Coordinator image

Park Campus Soccer News 14 May 2016

NGS soccer teams were once again fortunate to have another beautiful sunny morning for Round 4 of the MiniRoos competition at our home ground, Smith Park. All teams had a wonderful turnout of players who were a credit to our club with their enthusiasm, teamwork and sportsmanship. A big thank you must go to coaches and parents who give wonderful support each week. Parents, please take note of a few important reminders for the remainder of the season:

  • All players must wear boots and ship pads at training as well as weekend games.
  • All players must get their names marked off by their coach at the beginning and end of each training session.
  • Please ensure your child arrives at least fifteen minutes prior to kickoff to ensure proper pre-game preparations and warm-ups can occur.

Many thanks for your support!

1613-Soccer 3 1613-soccer 2 1613-Soccer 1

Mr B Lloyd (MIC Park Campus Soccer)


Congratulations to the following 25 NGS students who have been selected in the 2016 HRIS Cross team to contest the AICES Championships in Sydney on Thursday, 2 June. All NGS runners are members of their age-group team and will be running for individual and team honours.

All students will receive an information sheet this week which will detail all travel and other arrangements for the day. NGS will be sharing a bus with St. Philip’s Christian College, Newcastle for the trip to Sydney.

  • Agostino-Morrow, Caleb
  • Box, Ryan
  • Boyer, Gabrielle
  • Danuser, Seraina
  • Dykes, Sarah
  • Flack, Laura
  • Gentizon, Nick
  • Hackett, Kate
  • Henderson, Connor
  • Holmberg, Corbyn
  • Liebbrandt, Saxon
  • McGrath, Nick
  • O’Keeffe, Phoebe
  • Philpotts, Ryan
  • Rae, Lachlan
  • Randall, Karma
  • Redmond, Lorcan
  • Sharpe, Michael
  • Sherman, Sophie
  • Spencer, Caitlin
  • Stuart, Rebekah
  • Todhunter, Isabelle
  • Tonks, Nick
  • Wentworth, Oliver
  • Zangger-Paige, Lucie


HRIS Primary Cross Country Team

Congratulations to the following Newcastle Grammar School students who have been selected in the HRIS Cross Country team to compete at the NSW CIS Primary Cross Country at Eastern Creek on Thursday, 16 June 2016.

  • Alice Jeffery  –  Year 4
  • Thomas McGrath  – Year 4
  • Hannah Choi  – Year 5
  • Alexander Macdougall – Year 5
  • Hunter Rowntree  – Year 5
  • Cameron Carson  – Year 6

I recommend that all competitors and parents view the NSW CIS Cross Country website

Further information may also be obtained from the HRIS website:

Ms C Byrnes-Stewart Sports Coordinator

 Winter Touch begins

The first round of the Ladies Winter Touch competition began last Tuesday night with a promising start to the season from a talented Year 11 team.

Unfortunately team “Can’t Touch This” didn’t notch up a win but tries to Zoe Atallah and Brittany Morrin kept the team in the game.

‘Can’t Touch this’- team members are:

Zoe Atalah, Brittany Morrin, Hannah Everett, Molly Wentworth, Bridie Bland, Scarlett Frazer , Amelia Pawley, Lucie Zangger-Paige, Genie Moon, Niamh Leonard England, Eve Turner.

Games are played every Tuesday night, with training on Wednesday afternoon at National Park from 3.30pm – 4.45pm

1614-sport 1



Congratulations to Elizabeth-Behne-Smith (Year 12), Rebekah Stuart (Year 12), Caitlin Spencer (Year 10)and Susanna Behne-Smith (Year 8), all pictured below, who represented HRIS at the AICES Open Football Championships held in Sydney last week.

The HRIS team won the Championship and to top it off, Susanna was selected as a shadow player for the AICES team to play in the CIS Championships later this term.

Great effort girls!

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Girls Rowing
Mrs Sarah Ellis

1613 Girls Rowing

For more details and the permission note, please click here.

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Winter Concert

Winter Concert image

Performing Arts Concert

Performing Arts Concert image

NGS Gala Ball
Sponsorship Packages Now Available

We are pleased to announce the introduction of sponsorship packages at this year’s inaugural NGS Gala Ball.

Sponsorship Packages include the opportunity for businesses to gain significant and positive exposure both leading up to and during the evening. 

Silver sponsorships can be purchased for $250 and Gold sponsorships can be purchased for $1000. 

Anonymous sponsorships-both corporate or personal- are also welcome and privacy will be respected. 

For more information about these packages and what they include,  please contact Lisa Foster on 4925 2121 or


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From the Head of School

Carol Service - Calendar Change

The Carol Service has also moved and will now be held in the Cathedral at 11.30am on Tuesday, 29 November.

Uniform Shop
Winter Uniform

We will have two weeks of optional uniform starting from Week 4 of the school term. Between 16 May and 27 May students may wear either summer or winter uniform to school. At this point, we expect to be able to move to winter uniform on 30 May. If the weather remains warm we will review this.

A reminder the uniform shop hours are as follows;

Monday: 8.00am – 2.00pm
Wednesday & Friday: 10.00am – 4.00pm


Canteen Duties

Hill Campus

Mon 23 May:

Tue 24 May:
Alette Schot

Wed 25 May:
Aznive Beesley
Julieanne Vickery

Thu 26 May:
Allison Elvish

Fri 27 May:
Lesley Filby

Park Campus

Mon 23 May:

Tue 24 May:
Renee Hurley

Wed 25 May:
Lisa Griffiths

Thu 26 May:
Vanessa Lewis

Fri  27 May:
Allison Elvish
Emily Macdonald