From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

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Year 12 began their half yearly examinations this week and have been busy consolidating their learning. Their HSC program began in October 2015 and they have now completed two out of the four terms of HSC work.  I congratulate the students on how well they are managing the examinations.

Our rowers had a terrific week at the National Rowing Championships at Penrith. The events culminated in finals on Saturday and Sunday. All students who participated enjoyed the experience of mixing with rowers from around the country and I congratulate the boys and girls on their achievements. The boys’ quad of Bronson Elsley, Jackson Gosling, Connor McDonald and Nathaniel Young, coxed by Gabrielle Angus won the National title in the 500 metre sprint.

Tyrrell House Day on Hill Campus raised close to $2000 last week – well done to all involved. The money will go directly to the Vietnam Project we have established to replace Farkwa and be used to establish a hairdressing salon and training centre for young Vietnamese students. >Click here to see some pictures of the school. Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 will have the opportunity to travel in our first trip in support of the project this December. An Information Night will be held on Tuesday, 5 April and further information can be found in the Deputy Head of School’s section of this newsletter. A number of parents volunteered at the last Parent Committee Meeting to help launch this project to the parent community. This will start later next term. It is hoped that the Vietnam Project will become a significant part of Newcastle Grammar School’s approach to social justice and assist in broadening our students’ views of the diversity and challenges in our world.

At the end of this week we break for Easter and mark this significant event in the Christian calendar with two events on Thursday. Park Campus will host a morning tea and short concert commencing at 10.45am. Hill Campus students will take part in the Easter Eucharist in Christ Church Cathedral. Parents are welcome at both and I ask parents who are attending the Cathedral Service to please be seated by 10.30am.  The Easter message is one of forgiveness and hope – and the death and resurrection of Christ – the foundation of faith.

From the Deputy Head of School
Mr Alan Parsons

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Newcastle Grammar School ‘Hands on Humanity’ Tour for Years 9, 10 & 11

Information Evening: 6.00pm Tuesday, 5  April @ Horbury Hunt Hall – NGS Hill Campus

Vietnam Tour: Thursday, 8 December 2016 to Monday, 19 December 2016


We are looking for 20 intrepid pioneering students with a strong desire for adventure, service and international understanding to join us on our first tour to Vietnam to establish partnerships with Trung Tam Bao Orphanage and Long Hai School.


After exploring Ho Chi Min City and the Mekong Delta, we will be partnering with My Huong Le, having the opportunity to work with the staff, boys and girls at Trung Tam Bao Orphanage and Long Hai School in Vung Tau, 96 kms South East of Ho Chi Min City.


We then fly to Hoi An, 20 kms South of Da Nang where we will explore the countryside on foot and on bicycles, meet with young Vietnamese trainee tour guides, participate in traditional Vietnamese lantern making, painting and cooking and partner with the Lifestart Foundation, helping disadvantaged Vietnamese people to become self-sufficient.

If your child is in Year 9, 10 or 11 and might be interested in this adventure, please join us for an information evening on Tuesday, 5 April starting at 6.00pm in the Horbury Hunt Hall, Hill Campus.

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Director of Learning and Teaching
Mrs Lisa Peterson

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Year 8 Information Evening

A reminder to parents of students in Year 8 that the Year 8 Information Evening will be held in HHH on Wednesday, 23 March at 6.00pm. We encourage all parents to attend.

ICAS Competitions

Newcastle Grammar School is again competing in the ICAS Competitions for English, Mathematics and Science. Students in Years’ 3 to 12 are invited to participate. Please return the permission note to either Mrs Foster (Park Campus) or Mrs Gowdy (Hill Campus) by Friday, 8 April.

See permission note attached.

SchoolBox Parent Portal

The SchoolBox Parent Portal will open towards the end of Term 2. This will provide parents with access to their child’s calendar, due work and relevant documents. It will also be a primary source of information from the School. Parental access to SchoolBox will be through your email address. To assist us in rolling this out successfully, please let the School know if your email address has changed or if you haven’t already supplied NGS with an email address you will need to do so in order to gain access to SchoolBox and future communications. Email your details to

From the Director of Primary
Mrs Alicha Dyer

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These days it is near impossible to escape the commercialism of Easter, however, it is imperative that we do not miss the message of Easter. To quote the words of John Newton, the man who wrote the song Amazing Grace, (one of my favourite hymns): ‘I am a great sinner, but Christ is a great Saviour’.

I hope you, as I will, share this Easter with your family enjoying the eggs and buns but also use this time to reflect on the blessings we have been given through the grace of God. K-4 will gather together on Thursday for our Easter Chapel and Assembly before the Easter break to reflect on the Easter message.

1608 - Easter Invitation

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From the Director of Pre-school
Ms Angela Tapp

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Pre-school is a sea of colourful Easter Eggs as we begin the countdown to the Easter Bunny. The children have decorated their own eggs, using quite complex fine motor skills to trace their Easter Eggs with crayons and then paint them with water paints. The sense of accomplishment on each face as they complete their eggs is just delightful and the look of pride when their eggs are hung up for each family to see is priceless.

On Friday Greg Dimmock, the Music Man, brought his “Swag Full of Instruments” to Pre-school.  The children had a ball dancing the morning away. Greg’s performance enabled the children to experience music from diverse backgrounds and a variety of cultures – playing instruments from the Middle East, Australia, Ireland, America, Spain, Brittany, Africa, Japan, Italy, China and the universal kitchen (spoons and forks). One of the Shaker girls brought in her Peruvian pan pipes to show everyone.

Pre-school had another exciting cultural experience the previous Friday when a Shaker boy’s mum came to Pre-school to talk to the children about being a Sikh and explaining how and why her son wears a ‘patka’ (turban). She showed the children how she plaits her son’s hair, puts it in a bun, then wraps and ties the patka. She brought some of his favourite patkas (including those featuring various superheroes, Cat in the Hat and Hungry Caterpillar) from home and tied them onto his friends’ head. It was a really interesting afternoon with children reluctant to part with the patkas at the end of the day.

1608 - PS 11608 - PS 31608 - PS 2

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Hill Campus - Chess Club
Ms Sue Bright

Chess Success at Secondary One Day Interschool Chess Challenge Tournament

Congratulations to our Year 7-12 Team, who came second in the One Day Tournament organised by Sydney Academy of Chess at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College on Friday, 18 March.  This result has enabled us to qualify for the State Semi-Finals of this competition.

On an individual level, extra congratulations go to Jett Robinson in Year 7, who came second overall, Elizabeth Behne-Smith who came equal fourth, Susanna Behne-Smith and Aditya Deshpande who came equal seventh and Carter Everett who came equal 15th overall. Every member of the team won at least 2.5 games.

1608 - Chess

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From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

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Berkeley Cross Country Results

As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, the School Cross Country was held on Tuesday, 8 March at Stevenson Park, Mayfield West. A large number of Year 9-12 students nominated to contest this House-based event and the results are as follows:

Berkeley Age Championships
14 years boys: 1st -Jackson Lane,  2nd – Kishok Pradeepan
14 years girls:  1st – Emily Prickett, 2nd – Allysion Loveless, 3rd – Jessica Barnett
15 years boys: 1st – Connor Henderson,  2nd – Ryan Box, 3rd – Nicholas McGrath
15 years girls:  1st – Corbyn Holmberg,  2nd – Harriette Venter, 3rd – Gabriella King
16 years boys: 1st – Lorcan Redmond, 2nd – Saxon Leibbrandt, 3rd – Nicholas Tonks
16 years girls:  1st – Karma Randall, 2nd – Amelia Sadler, 3rd – Caitlin Spencer
17 years boys: 1st – Caleb Agostino-Morrow, 2nd – Lachlan Rae, 3rd – Nicolas Gentizon
17 years girls:  1st – Phoebe O’Keeffe, 2nd – Seraina Danuser, 3rd – Sophie Sherman
18 years boys: 1st – Jackson Gosling, 2nd – Bronson Elsley, 3rd – Theo Sam
18 years girls: 1st – Laura Flack, 2nd – Rebekah Stuart, 3rd – Isabelle Todhunter

House Championship
1st: Shortland with 685.5 points
2nd: Hunter with 665.5 points
3rd: Macquarie with 548.5 points
4th: Tyrrell with 465.5 points

A team list to represent NGS at the HRIS Cross Country Championships on Friday, 6 May is now on Schoolbox and also the Merrick Sports notice board.

Stewart Cross Country Results

Well done to all the Stewart students who ran the Cross Country on Tuesday, 8 March at Stevenson Park.

It was an amazing turn out for a school activity that is not compulsory with 139 students turning up to run the course which showed fabulous commitment to their house and school.

House Championship
1stHunter 315 points
2nd: Shortland 263 points
3rd: Tyrrell 245 points
4th: Macquarie 226 points

Stewart Cross Country Age Champions
10 years boys: Kalen Routley (Hunter)
10 years girls: Tatum Gilmour (Shortland)
11 years boys: Cameron Carson (Hunter)
11 years girls: Lillian Miller (Macquarie)
12 years boys: Scott Philpotts (Tyrrell)
12 years girls: Niamh Harrigan (Macquarie0
13 years boys: Aiden Fay Downs (Macquarie)
13 years girls: Olivia Byth (Tyrrell)
14 years boys: Henry Knights (Shortland)
14 years girls: Madison Campbell (Macquarie)

An NGS Cross Country team will be selected to represent the school at the HRIS Primary and Secondary Cross Country Championships on Friday, 6 May at Avondale College.

Park Campus Cross Country Results

A huge congratulations to all the Park Campus students who competed in the Cross Country carnival and those students in Year 2 and other 8 year old competitors who ran on Thursday morning, 17 March.

House Championship
1st: Hunter 197 points
2nd: Tyrrell 168 points
3rd: Shortland 143 points
4th: Macquarie 95 points

Park Campus Age Champions
7/8 years girls: Gabrielle Waerea (Hunter)
7/8 years boys: Luca Collins (Shortland)
9 years Boys: Andrew Carpenter(Macquarie)
9 years Girls: Ella Beattie (Shortland)
10 years Boys: Thomas McGrath (Tyrrell)
10 years Girls: Alice Jeffery (Tyrrell)

Thank you to Mr Taylor and the staff for their support in running two Cross Country carnivals for our Park Campus Students.

Representative Honours

Congratulations to the following NGS students who have attended various selection trials and have subsequently been selected in HRIS and AICES representative teams so far this term:

HRIS (Secondary) Open girls Basketball team
Charlotte Thomas (Year 11)
Allysion Loveless (Year 9)

HRIS (Secondary) 16 years girls Hockey team
Georgia Ferguson (Year 8)

AICES (Secondary) 16 years girls Hockey team

Georgia Ferguson-Year 8

HRIS (Secondary) Open boys Hockey team
Benjamin Boyle (Year 12)
William Scott (Year 11)
Mitchell Bisson (Year 11)
Jaydon Bisson (Year 8)

HRIS (Secondary) Open girls Football team
Rebekah Stuart (Year 12)
Caitlin Spencer (Year 10)
Susanna Behne-Smith (Year 8)
Elizabeth Behne-Smith (Year 12)

HRIS (Secondary) Swimming
Jack Fensom (Year 7)
Oscar Jeffery (Year 8)
Kyle Riley (Year 8)
Hamish Bell (Year 8)
Jadon Routley (Year 8)
Connor Henderson (Year 9)
Samuel Barnett (Year 10)
Seraina Danuser (Year 11)
Caleb Agostino-Morrow (Year 11)
Joshua Barnett (Year 12)
Nathan Young (Year 12)
Bronson Elsley (Year 12)

HRIS (Primary) Football
Luke Siderovski (Year 6)

HRIS (Primary) Tennis
Jackson Campbell (Year 5)

HRIS (Primary) Netball
Kiara Bower (Year 6)
Maryam Dundas-Sharrad (Year 5)

HRIS (Primary) Swimming
Vanessa Kuru (Year 3)
William Jeffery(Year 4)
Alice Jeffery (Year 4)
Henry Guest (Year 4)
Edward Bell (Year 4)
Tatum Gilmour (Year 5)
Gabriel Jeffery (Year 6)
Aiden Manning (Year 5)
Kalen Routley (Year 5)
Hunter Rowntree (Year 5)
Eliza Ginns (Year 5)
Alexandria Smith (Year 6)

HRIS Primary Representation for NGS Talented Athletes

Congratulations to Year 6 legend Luke Siderovski for his selection in the HRIS Primary Boys Football team for 2016. Luke impressed in his two trials and was selected in the 13 man team from around 40 players. Luke will play in the NSW CIS Primary Football Championship next Term in Sydney. Congratulations Luke!

1608 Sport 1

Congratulations to Kiara Bower (Year 6), and Maryam Dundas-Sharrad (Year 5), who played outstanding Netball and gained selection in the HRIS Primary Girls Netball team. Both girls played some impressive Netball to catch the eye of selectors with only 9 players selected from 30 players on the day Kiara and Mary will travel to Sydney next term to compete for HRIS in the NSWCIS Primary Netball Championship. We wish them all the best for a successful tournament. Well done girls.

1608 Sport 2

AICES (Secondary) Swimming Championships

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected in the 2016 HRIS Swimming team to contest the AICES Championships at SOPAC, Homebush on Wednesday, 30 March.

All students should have received an information sheet and any questions should be referred to me as soon as possible.

Jack Fensom: 12-19 years 6 x 50m Freestyle Relay

Oscar Jeffery: 13 years 50m Backstroke, 13 years 50m Freestyle, 13 years 100m Freestyle, 12-14 years 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay, 12-14 years 4 x 50m Medley Relay, 12-19 years 6 x 50m Freestyle Relay

Kyle Riley: 12-14 years 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay, 12-14 years 4 x 50m Medley Relay

Hamish Bell: 14 years 50m Breaststroke, 12-14 years 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay, 12-14 years 4 x 50m Medley Relay

Jadon Routley: 12-14 years 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay, 12-14 years 4 x 50m Medley Relay, 12-19 years 6 x 50m Freestyle Relay,

Connor Henderson: 12-19 years 6 x 50m Freestyle Relay

Samuel Barnett: 12-19 years 6 x 50m Freestyle Relay

Seraina Danuser: 17 years+ 200m Freestyle

Caleb Agostino-Morrow: 17 year + 200m Individual Medley, 17 years+ 200m Freestyle, 17 years+ 4 x 50m Medley Relay

Joshua Barnett: 18 years 50m Breaststroke, 17 years+ 4 x 50m Medley Relay

Nathan Young: 17 years+ 4 x 50m Medley Relay

Bronson Elsley, 18 years 50m Butterfly, 18 years 50m Backstroke, 18 years 50m Breaststroke, 18 years 100m Freestyle, 18 years 50m Freestyle, 17 years+ 4 x 50m Medley Relay


Umpiring course for 11-12-13 years’ teams.
Each year, players in these age groups undertake an internal club umpiring session early in the season to bring them up to speed on the rules of the game to improve both their umpiring skills and also their knowledge of the game. This year, due to a number of rule changes, the NNA is conducting an information session/umpiring course at Park Campus on Wednesday, 30 March to cover these changes. NGS 11-12-13 years’ teams have been invited to attend that session. All players in the 11-12-13 years’ teams will receive an information sheet regarding this session at Wednesday’s training this week.

Official Opening of the season and Parade of Banners.
Due to a major clash with NSW Netball commitments, the 2016 Official Opening of the Season and Parade of Banners has been changed by the NNA and will now be held on the Saturday of the second round of the competition which is on Saturday, 9 April. Further information regarding this day will be distributed to players and will also appear in this Newsletter in coming weeks.


Gold in the Schoolboy Quad Scull Sprint!!

1608 Sport 3

Last week, selected NGS Rowers competed in the Australian Rowing Championships at Penrith against the best crews and rowers in the country.

The Schoolboy Quad Scull of Bronson Elsley, Nathan Young, Connor McDonald, Jackson Gosling and Gabby Angus were thrilled when it was announced that this year the Australian Championships would include a 500 metre Sprint event. After winning the Under 19 and under 21 Quad Scull at the State Sprint Championships and Nathan and Bronson winning the Under 19 Double they knew they were in with a shot at the National title!

They dominated their heat and then the final in impressive form to claim the title of National Sprint Champions! This crew has had an extremely successful season including wins at Head of the River and Independent Schools Championships and second at the State Championships and have capped off their season finishing fourth in Australia in the full distance event.

Another highlight of the week was Year 10 Boys Alex Oakley, Max Routh, Sam Barnett, Sebastian Young coxed by Ryan Philpotts who after winning their heat in great form, finished a very impressive 5th overall just 0.3 from 4th place in the Under 17 Coxed Quad Scull, improving their time from the State Championships just 1 month ago by 20 seconds!

All crews performed well, gained a great deal of experience and set lots of Personal Best times, congratulations to all that were selected to participate.

1608 Sport 4

Full Results

Under 17 Men’s Coxed Quad Scull
5th Final (1st in Heat) – Alexander Oakley, Maximilian Routh, Samuel Barnett, Sebastian Young coxed by Ryan Philpotts

(6th in Heat, 4th in Rep) – Eoin Brown, Saxon Leibbrandt, James Carraro, Kieran Fallon coxed by Daniel Turner

Under 17 Women’s Coxed Quad Scull
(6th in Heat, 6th in Rep) – Sarah Dykes, Imogen Ryan, Tyla Casey- Knight, Shelby Walters coxed by Kirsty Rochow

Schoolboy Coxed Quad Scull – Sprint
Gold (1st in Heat) Bronson Elsley, Nathan Young, Connor McDonald, Jackson Gosling coxed by Gabrielle Angus

(5th in Heat) Emerson Gosling, Sebastian Young, William Gardner, Finn Wilson coxed by Ryan Philpotts.

Schoolgirl Coxed Quad Scull – Sprint
(6th in Heat) Imogen Ryan, Amelia Pawley, Bridie Bland, Shelby Walters coxed by Daniel Turner

Schoolboy Coxed Quad Scull
4th A Final (1st in Heat, 3rd in Semi) –  Bronson Elsley, Nathan Young, Connor McDonald, Jackson Gosling coxed by Gabrielle Angus

3rd B Final – Alexander Oakley, Maximilian Routh, Samuel Barnett, Eoin Brown and Daniel Turner

6th B Final – Emerson Gosling, Sebastian Young, William Gardner, Finn Wilson and Ryan Philpotts.

Schoolgirl Coxed Quad Scull
3rd C Final (7th in Heat, 3rd in Rep, 2nd in Semi) – Sarah Dykes, Imogen Ryan, Amelia Pawley, Bridie Bland and Kirsty Rochow

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Gala Ball

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Sonnet Stroll

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