From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

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The redevelopment of the Art Cottage site to provide Hill Campus students with an open, green space was positively received when it opened this week.  There were lots of comments from excited students particularly from Years 5 and 6 who ran, sat quietly, played and enjoyed the atmosphere of this addition to the playground.  >Click here to see some photos of the development between December 2015 and February 2016.  This has greatly improved the Hill Campus site and I am sure many of our younger students will enjoy the open space.

Good luck to our primary HRIS swimming representative team who compete at Maitland on Thursday.  Our Year 6-12 rowers head to Taree this weekend to compete in the regatta on the Manning River.

Year 7 are preparing for camp that begins next week on the Central Coast.  Camp provides these students an opportunity to get to know each other at the start of high school in an environment away from school.  Outdoor education challenges and builds resilience in young people and I am sure Year 7 will enjoy the experience.  Year 6 and Year 8 have been involved in the yLead program this week that focuses on building relationships.

If I look back over the last few weeks, many things come to mind – orientation programs, three terrific swimming carnivals, two leadership induction services, student initiatives, an expansion of the co-curricular program, information evenings for parents and music camp to name a few.  As the routine for learning this year now gathers pace, I congratulate the NGS students on their positive start to the school year.

From the Director of Primary
Mrs Alicha Dyer

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In order to help our students be the best that they can be we need to understand what they value. I have learned that discovering and appealing to what students value has the power of ensuring that our students will eagerly engage in and own their learning . At our Assembly last Friday the students were asked to have a voice and contribute to the life of our Primary School.  Our initiative known us POST IT was unveiled!  Students are encouraged to write to Mrs Dyer and Miss Bibby to offer their thoughts, comments and feedback regarding life in our Primary School.


1604 Park

Thank you

I am looking forward to reading the mail that flows in from our students. Knowing what the students value and celebrating their thoughts and passions with them is certainly a positive springboard for learning.

Thank you to parents for attending the Stage Three Information Evening. Our POST system was used as an effective communication tool with our families.  Thank you for your messages, I greatly appreciated your feedback.

Congratulations to K-4 students for their dedication and commitment they displayed at our Swimming Carnival. The House cheers were a definite highlight with Shortland taking out the House Spirit Cup. Tyrrell House took out the 2016 Carnival with some impressive victories in the pool. Congratulations to all students and best wishes to our students moving forward to compete in the HRIS Carnival this week.

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From the Director of Pre-school
Ms Angela Tapp

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This week we had a visit from Pacific Smiles which involved Julie, Bonnie and Eric the Dinosaur coming to talk with the children about having healthy teeth and a healthy diet. They told us about ‘healthy’ food and ‘sometimes’ food; ensuring that we use a tooth brush with straight bristles; the difference between baby teeth and big teeth; how to use dental floss (it cleans between our teeth where plaque likes to hide); how to brush our teeth using circles – don’t forget your tongue! They also told us how fluoride protects the outside layer of our teeth, which is called enamel.

The children were then encouraged to participate in a pretend dental experience where they donned masks, gloves, gowns and protective glasses and pretended to be the dentist cleaning Eric and his dinosaur friends’ teeth! To top all this fun off, the children received a ‘show bag’ with a new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, fridge magnet and tattoo.

Experiences like this enable the children to build connections between the early childhood setting, the home and local community. They also develop an awareness of healthy life styles and good nutrition and an increasing independence and competence in relation to personal hygiene, care and safety (thereby meeting Learning Outcomes 2.1 and 3.2 as part of the Early Years Learning Framework).

On a less serious note, one of the Groover boys shared the following joke this week with us:

“Why is the sand wet?… Because the sea weed!!!”

1604 - PS 3

1604 - PS 1

1604 - PS 2

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Head of Co-curricular
Mrs Corey Rowntree

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Many 2016 Co-curricular activities commenced this week.

Information regarding the activities commencement dates and finer details for the events can be found on Schoolbox. Please spend time with your child going through these expectations.

If you have any questions regarding the activity of your choice please do not hesitate to email the MIC of the activity which you will find on the School website in the Co-curricular handbook.

>Click here for a list of the activities and the venues.


>Click here for career information on the following:
– Course and Institution Information Sessions for Students and Parents
– General Course Updates, Changes
– Courses and Workshops for students
– Open Days
– Expos and Forums
– Cadetships, Apprenticeships, Traineeships
– Scholarships
– Information Sessions
– Work Experience
– Jobs and Career opportunities for students
– Resources for Students – Free
– Overseas Opportunities
– Gap Medics

From the Coordinator of Gifted and Talented
Mrs Simone Muddle

Year 5 and 6 STEM Investigative work

This week, our Year 5 and 6 STEM group looked at a range of shelters that are found in the community and discussed how they could gather information about shelters that we use. After creating a table for data collection on the shelters around our Hill Campus, students did some investigative field work, looking at categories such as the purpose of the shelter, the types of materials used, design features such as aesthetics and shapes used, the physical location of the shelter, what type of protection they provide and the approximate costs involved in building the shelter.


1604 - STEm x


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From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

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Registration of teams for 2016 is well underway and a list of the Netball teams to represent NGS in this year’s Newcastle Netball Association’s Saturday competition is on the Merrick noticeboard for Hill Campus students.

All team members will receive an information sheet detailing the arrangements of the season, in the coming weeks.

A reminder that all teams, Park and Hill, will train on a Wednesday afternoon.

Any questions regarding Netball, please see me as soon as possible.


Co-curricular Rugby will start in a number of weeks, and the exact start date and full details of this activity will appear in the Newsletter in coming weeks. There are still plenty of positions in this sport so if you are keen to sign up, please see me as soon as possible.

Park Campus Swimming Carnival

On Thursday, 18 February students from Park Campus enjoyed the sunshine and activities at the Swimming Carnival. Students from Years 2 – 4 competed throughout the day with an amazingly high level of participation and enthusiasm.

K-1 students competed in their own carnival with plenty of water activities and little pool games.

Tyrrell house were crowned 2016 Swimming Champions taking home the trophy with Shortland being crowned cheering champions.



Tyrrell: 1st – 289 points
Hunter: 2nd – 260 points
Macquarie: 3rd – 153 points
Shortland: 4th – 150 points

Shortland: 2016 Cheering Champions

Age Champions
7/8 Boys: Morrison Martin
7/8 Girls: Sophia Richardson
9 boys: Brandon Muddle
9 girls: Zahli Ginns
10 Boys: William Jeffery
10 Girls: Alice Jeffery

1604 - PC Swimming 2


Age Champions

1604 - PC Swimming 3


The Record Breaking Tyrrell Relay Team

A huge thankyou to Mr Sam Taylor for his work in organising such a fun carnival. Thankyou to the teachers and parents who worked tirelessly all day on various jobs.

A NGS Swimming Team has now been selected to compete at the Division 1 HRIS Swimming Championships at Maitland Pool on Thursday, 25 February. We wish the NGS Swim team all the best of luck.

1604 - PC Swimming 4 1604 - PC Swimming 5 1604 - PC Swimming 6

HRIS Primary Swimming Championships

The HRIS Primary Swimming championship will be held on Thursday, 25 February with NGS competing in the Division 1 carnival. A strong team has been selected with information, program and travel details sent home with team members.

Newcastle Grammar School Swimming Teams:
Year 2: Morrison Martin, Bailey Parkinson, Sophia Richardson, Amelia Dries, Maximillian Cohen

Year 3: William Bird, Harriet Arnall, Zahli Ginns, Vanessa Kuru, Eden Simpson, Luca Swancott, Georgia Holdsworth, Lucy Nightingale, Lachlan Smith

Year 4: William Jeffery, Alice Jeffery, Bowen Stubbs, Edward Bell, Henry Guest, Brandon Muddle, Luke Talley

Year 5: Tatum Gilmour, Kalen Routley, Connor Johansen, Hunter Rowntree, Eliza Ginns, Jackson Campbell, Veronica Kuru, Aiden Manning

Year 6: Gabriel Jeffery, Scott Philpotts, Marcus Ferch, Alexander Fong, Halle Smith, Alexandria Smith, Chanel Holmes, Amy-Jorjia Barnett.

We wish this team all the best of luck on Thursday. Go team!

Amazing NGS Swimming Records 2016

Throughout our swimming carnivals we have seen long standing records broken through outstanding performances in the pool.

These are the many achievements so far this year after our Park and Stewart swimming carnivals.

Park Campus
– Tyrrell House All Age Boys 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay: William Jeffery, Henry Guest, Thomas McGrath, and Edward Bell 2.54.57 2016

– Tatum Gilmour (Shortland): 10 years girls 50 m Backstroke 45:08, 10 years girls 200IM 3.24.88
– Gabriel Jeffery (Terrell): 11 years boys 200m Freestyle 2.38.31
– Boys 11 years 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay (Tyrrell): Gabriel Jeffery, Alistair Patterson-Clark, Alexander Macdougall, Oscar Bush 2.50.38
– Boys 14 years 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay (Hunter): Jadon Routley, Athan Siderovski, Joel Owers, Kyle Riley  2.15.53
– Mixed All Age Relay (Tyrrell): Chanel Holmes, Emma McGrath, Tia de Silva, Halle Smith, Hamish Bell, Oscar Jeffery, Gabriel Jeffery, Scott Philpotts 5:12:05

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