From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

From the Head of School image

There are many beginnings and endings at present in the School. Kindergarten 2016 enjoyed their orientation evening last Friday and it was great to see so many eager young children run happily into Park Campus; the Year 4 Dinner tonight marks a formal end to Park Campus for this cohort; Years 5-9 are completing end of year tests and examinations and Year 10 are preparing for their week of Work Experience. Pre-school play days are happening at present to help our 2016 pre-school children feel comfortable in the environment they will enjoy next year. Year 12 of course are happy to see the end of the HSC and are thinking about a diverse range of future studies.

In the last few weeks of Term, preparations begin for End of Year events. Please find an invitation to all members of the community to Speech Day, the Carol Service and our final Eucharist in this section of the newsletter. Students who are presented with an award at Speech Day this year will be receiving a medal as their award rather than a book or gift certificate. We hope this specially struck medal will be a lasting reminder of their achievement in 2015. Our guest speaker this year is Ms Leah Armstrong, Board Chair of Supply Nation and previously, CEO of Reconciliation Australia. I look forward to seeing many members of the School Community at this event.

Congratulations to the following Year 12 students who have been nominated for consideration for inclusion in the following exhibitions:
HSC DesignTECH: Talina Danuser and Bethany Lee
Art Express: Felix Ferguson


From the Director of Learning and Teaching
Mrs Lisa Peterson

From the Director of Learning and Teaching image

HSC and the Year 12 BBQ

Our Year 12 students have now completed their HSC Examinations, and we congratulate them on this incredible effort. To celebrate their achievements, we’re hosting a Year 12 BBQ on Thursday, 17 December at 12.30pm on Merrick Quad. We hope to see all our wonderful Year 12 students there.

Yearly Examinations

– Year 10 began their Yearly Examinations this week.
– Years 7 – 9 will begin their examinations next week.
Please >Click here for the Examination Timetable
Please >Click here for the Examination Rules

We wish them well during this period.

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From the Director of Wellbeing
Ms Lynne Walker

From the Director of Wellbeing image

Growing up Online

Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to Susan McLean – and ask her the questions which will help you to better understand your child’s online world and the issues they, and you, will need to navigate.

Susan is a mother of three and was the first Victorian Police Officer appointed to a position involving Cybersafety and young people. Her passion for keeping our children safe online makes this an evening not to miss.

When: Monday, 16 November 2015 at 6.00pm
Where: Hill Campus – The Horbury Hunt Hall
RSVP: Before Friday, 13 November – Hill Campus Reception on Ph: 4929 5811

Year 8 Dinner

We will be celebrating the conclusion of the middle years of schooling for our Year 8 students at the Year 8 Dinner in Week 8. In order to finalise the arrangements for this evening, we ask that RSVPs be returned as soon as possible and that any special dietary requirements be included as necessary.

This should be a lovely evening and we look forward to sharing this with the students of Year 8, their families and friends.

Year 10 End of Year Programme

Thank you to those have already returned permission slips for the Year 10 End of Year Programme. As students will be off-site during Week 7 (enjoying their Work Experience activities!) it is essential that permission slips for Surfing and registrations for First Aid Course be submitted by Friday, 13 November, the end of Week 6.

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From the Macquarie House Coordinators
Ms B Patel & Mrs V Dart

Here it is, a photo montage of Macquarie week. The wonderful images show the sense of connectedness we shared as an NGS community, and to top it all we raised $2040 for Wall of Hands.

1536-bobbie 1 1536-bobbie 2 1536-bobbie 3

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From the Head of Park Campus
Mrs Alicha Dyer

What an exciting week at Park Campus!

On Friday, we welcomed our Kindergarten Families for 2016.  The students were entertained by a fairy and superhero whilst the parents received a kindergarten showbag and heard about the innovative learning opportunities happening in 2016.  After a disco and a movie by our current Kindergarten students, Kindergarten 2016 were certainly excited about School.

As part of Stage 2’s unit on Eating out, Year 3 enjoyed an excursion to the Arriverderci Restaurant at The Junction.

1536 - Park 1

1536 - Park 2

1536 - Park 3

1536 - Park 4

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Director of Pre-school
Ms Angela Tapp

Another busy, busy week at Pre-school with lots of children having visits to ‘big school’ and meeting their buddies. I cannot tell you how excited the children are when they talk about their buddies. They return to Pre-school and just want to make a card or a beautiful collage to give their buddies when they see them next.

We are also in the middle of our 2 week news programme. We have seen some beautiful photos of families, flower girls, holidays, babies, ballet concerts, big lizards, owls and, of course, buddies! We have heard about pets, mermaids, sharks, snakes, rock collections and, ACDC concerts. We have had dragon flies, Frozen books, a personalised pony book, surf boards, snorkelling gear and the list and fun keeps coming!

Overall, the children have been really enthusiastic about presenting their news and there are lots of hands up for questions, although sometimes the questions are ‘forgotten’ when asked. Then there are the popular questions like “Why do you like it?”; “Where do you keep it?” or “Which was / is your favourite page / character / thing to do?”

We love “News” as it covers such a wide range of the children’s interests. It is great preparation for all the public speaking activities the children will become involved with in big school and it ticks a lot of EYLF boxes – from ‘children developing knowledgeable and confident self-identities (1.3); ‘children resourcing their own learning through connecting with people, place, technologies and natural and processed materials’ (4.4) to ‘children interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes (5.1).

Lastly, our new signs have arrived for Pre-school and they look amazing. Thank you to Mrs Dyer for the inspiration. Nothing better than something that brightens your day! Talking of which… One of the Shaker boys introduced his grandparents to Mr Jason last week. He explained that he was staying with them because mummy and daddy were going to Sydney to see their favourite song – Robbie Williams!

1536 - Preschool

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Head of Co-curricular
Mrs Corey Rowntree

Head of Co-curricular image

Co-Curricular Nominations

All students during mentor over the next few weeks will be required to nominate for their 2016 Co-curricular activities. The handbook with all the details outlined can be found on the school website under Curriculum and then into Co-curricular Programmes where the Co-curricular handbook 2016 is attached.

Please take the time to discuss with your son/daughter their options and please ensure they do not nominate for more activities than they can realistically undertake. The School wishes to organise coaching staff over the holiday break to ensure all activities are ready to commence at the start of the new school year.

Rustic Pathways

In the upcoming holidays, some Year 10 students and teachers are travelling to Cambodia to experience a culture and lifestyle much different to our own. On our trip we visit several school children who don’t get to experience the luxuries that we are all accustomed to. As a gift from the School we would like to ask that if anyone has old soccer boots, stationary items or toys that they would like to donate to us to take over to the children on our trip that would be wonderful. Donating things would assist both the school and the students in Cambodia to live a more meaningful life and we are sure that receiving these few gifts will be greatly appreciated. If you have anything suitable please bring them in and leave them with Mrs Rowntree or Mr Carroll. – Eve Turner, Year 10


Law Insight Evening, 18 November 2015.
5.30pm – 7.00pm – Watt Space Gallery, Auckland Street, Newcastle. Please >click here for more details

From the Director of Music Performance
Mr Kevin Young

From the Director of Music Performance image

Co-Curricular Rehearsals     

A reminder to all students you are required to attend normal co-curricular music rehearsals during the exam week. There are many end of year events to prepare musical items for.

Music Rehearsal Day 25 November

This year’s rehearsals for Speech Day and the Carol Service will be held on Wednesday, 25 November. Students in Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band, Grammarphones and Chamber Choir are involved in sessions throughout the day. The schedule for the day has been loaded to all groups on MBC and sent by email. Please check the schedule carefully.

An Afternoon at the Proms 2015

This wonderful event will be held on Sunday, 22 November in the Sandi Warren Performance Centre. Once again, our guest conductor for the event will be Mr George Ellis. The afternoon will now commence at 5pm which is a change from the staring time in the 2015 School Calendar. Please note the time change. Tickets can be purchased from the both School offices or at the door. Family $25, Adult $15 and concession $10. The afternoon will commence at 4.00pm with Music and BBQ on the veranda of SWPC. Come along and enjoy the performances of our talented students from across our School with our guest conductor Mr George Ellis.

Term 4

Sunday, 22 November: An Afternoon at the Proms.  5.00pm – SWPC
Saturday, 28 November: NGS Carol Service. 6.00pm – Christ Church Cathedral
Tuesday, 1 December: Speech Day Rehearsals
Wednesday, 2 December: Speech Day
Thursday, 3 December: Tour Rehearsal Day (Schedule to be emailed)
Friday, 4 December: Final Morning rehearsals finishing at midday.
Sunday, 6 December: Depart for Singapore

Singapore Rehearsals

Some rehearsals have been changed or added.

Please note: All tour students must be at the rehearsals on Thursday, 3 and Friday, 4 December as required.

13 November: 3.30pm to 6.30pm (Arts Space)
19 November: Concert Orchestra, 5.30pm to 7.00pm (Arts Space)
20 November: Concert & Symphony Orchestra, 3.30pm to 6.00pm – Proms Rehearsal (SWPC)
22 November: Concert Orchestra & Choir, 5.00pm Proms (SWPC)
23 November: Rehearsal Day for Carols & Speech Day, Separate Schedule – TBA
3 December:  9.00am Rehearsal Day, Separate Schedule, (Arts Space)
4 December:  9.00am Pack Up, (Arts Space)
6 December: Tour Commences

1536-Music 3

Year 6 students at the Recital Night

1536-Music 2

Chamber Choir at Salvation Army Community Performance

1536-music 1

William, Alice, Thomas and James Carraro performing at Chapel

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TAS Showcase 2015
Mr Rob Barter

The TAS Department Showcase was held last Friday in the Holland Building, Hill Campus. A variety of student work was placed on display for students, parents and friends.

I would like to congratulate all students for the high standard of work that was displayed at the Showcase. Thanks also to Mrs Mackay, Mr Blackwell and Mr Rowntree who assisted in the setting up the displays.

>Click here to see some of the photos of the works.

From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

From the Director of Sport image

Surf Sports

Congratulations to Caleb Agostino-Morrow, Sophie Cominos, Tan Hasdarngkul and Ryan Campbell on the completion of their Bronze Medallion this week. The students have meet the requirements for this course after working through the 10 week Surf Lifesaver program at Cooks Hill Surf Club. The students will now join Patrol 14 for their first patrol on Sunday, 22 November from 12.45pm. Patrol dates are listed below. Kyle Robinson (Year 9) also completed his Bronze Medallion and will continue to patrol through the club.

1536 - Surfing

Regular surf training will continue with Jye and iSurf this week.

Sunday, 22 November: 12.45pm – 5.00pm
Sunday, 13 December: 8.30am – 1.00pm
Monday, 28 December: 12.45pm – 5.00pm
Sunday, 17 January: 8.30am – 1.00pm
Sunday, 14 February: 12.45pm – 5.00pm
Sunday, 13 March: 12.45pm – 5.00pm
Sunday, 3 April: 12.45pm – 5.00pm
Sunday, 17 April: 8.30am – 1.00pm

For further information on the Surf lifesaving co-curricular activity please contact Mr Lumley,

Mr P Lumley – MIC Surf Sports


Over the weekend our rowing team travelled to two regattas. On Saturday the Loreto Normanhurst Regatta and on Sunday the Newcastle University Regatta. Congratulations to all rowers and thank you to the coaches and parents that were required at both.

>Click here to Rowing Results.

Park Campus Sports Presentation Morning

The Park Campus Sports presentation Morning will be held at SWPC on Friday morning, 13 November from 9.15am – 10.15am.

This is an opportunity to thank players, coaches, managers and parents for their commitment to the Summer and Winter Co-curricular seasons 2015.

Ms Byrnes – Park Campus Sports Coordinator.

Co-curricular Summer Touch

Round 7 – Tuesday, 17 November 2015

8 Girls: NGS Divas – 4.15pm Aimee Hill
8 Boys: NGS Roosters – 3.45pm Mr Daly/Miss Aimee Kerr
10 Girls: NGS Swifts – 4.45pm Miss Natasha Robards
10 Boys: NGS Power Pugs – 5.45pm Ms Byrnes
10 Boys: NGS Marshalls – 5.45pm Mr Newling
12 Girls: NGS Seals – 6.15pm Ms Byrnes
12 Girls: NGS Lightning – 6.15pm Mrs Bright
12 Boys: NGS Buttercups – BYE Mr Joe Ryan
12 Boys: NGS Bolts – 7.15pm Mr Daniel Abulfia
14 Girls: NGS Magical Moustaches – 7.15pm Miss Lucy Judd
14 Girls: Sugar Babes – 7.15pm Ms Byrnes
14 Boys: NGS Skinny Baboons – 7.45pm Mr Stevens

Ms C Byrnes – MIC Touch

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Tyrrell Library
Ms S Bright

Library Book Mark Competition

We have recently asked students to design a bookmark, where the main requirement was creativity. The Library team had the hard, but fun task of selecting the winners.

Congratulations to Eloise Alsop (1st prize), Phoebe Eisenberg (2nd prize) and Chantelle Pepper (3rd prize).  Many thanks to all the participants.

1536 - Library

1536 - Library 2

We have printed the winner’s bookmarks so students can collect one when they come to the Library.​​ Please see attached for photos of some of the outstanding entries and the winners.

Special thanks to Mrs Davidson for coordinating this competition.

Mr A Blackwell

On Saturday, 31 October 2015 16 students and myself as well as several parents travelled to Macquarie University to compete in the annual First Lego League Regional Competition. This year saw the students work to a very tight schedule which meant that with the limited time they had they performed extremely well. It was a wonderful day and very hectic ensuring that two teams were presented where they had to be and on time. The students learnt a lot about team work and engineering skills as well as presenting a project relating to STEM. The Students involved were: Jackson Bartley (mentor), James Carraro (mentor), Azeem Tavadi, Jadon Routley, Laura Carson, Alex Macdougal, Kalen Routley, Sebastian Spencer, Alex Koshy, Mitchell Ellis, Jack Humphreys, Cameron Carson and Max Galettis.

1536 - Robotics 2

1536 - Robotics

Cyber Safety Seminar
Presentation to Parents

1532 - Susan McLean Parent flyer 2015


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Uniform Shop
Trading Hours for 2015

The Uniform shop hours are as follows.

Monday: 8.00am – 2.00pm
Wednesday & Friday: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Smart Phone App

The new NGS App is now connected to the NGS website and should allow you to read events in the calendar, alerts and the newsletter in a format that should prove more convenient.  It can be downloaded from the >Apple Store or >Google Play.

Uniform Shop
Christmas Holiday Hours

The Uniform Shop is open the usual business hours until Wednesday, 2 December.

For all Uniform Fittings beyond this date you can now book an on-line appointment.

Go to
Enter the Event Code: LEC5J

On-line Bookings are available from:
Monday, 7 December 2015(running for 1-2 weeks depending on demand)
Monday, 11 January – Thursday, 14 January 2016.

Avoid the rush and book your appointment now.

If you are unable to make these allocated times, please phone reception on 4929 5811 prior to the holidays to arrange an alternative fitting date.

Mrs K Fischer
Uniform Shop Manager

Canteen Duties

Hill Campus

Mon 16 November:
Edwina Forrest

Tue 17 November:
Hayley Martin

Wed 18 November:
Aznive Beesley
Julieanne Vickery

Thu 19 November:
Carmen Cox

Fri 20 November:
Lesley Filby

Park Campus

Mon 16 November:

Tue 17 November:
Alette Schot

Wed 18 November:
Cass Worpell

Thu 19 November:

Fri 20 November:
Allison Van Gaal
Lisa Reynolds

Cyber Safety Seminar
Susan McLean

Newcastle Grammar School is delighted to host a complimentary Cyber Safety Seminar on Monday, 16 November at 6.00pm in the Horbury Hunt Hall.

Telephone Reception to reserve your seat on Ph: 4929 5811.
>Click here to view the poster of information