From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

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70 000 students in 13 locations around the world began the HSC on Monday.  The first English paper covered the compulsory Area of Study that focuses on the theme, Discovery. Students were asked a number of questions including “Compose a piece of imaginative writing which explores the unexpected impact of discovery” and “The process of discovery involves uncovering what is hidden and reconsidering what is known.  How is this perspective on discovery explored in your prescribed text and one other text of your own choosing”.  The HSC continues throughout this month and into November.

At the Hill Campus assembly this week, I spoke to Years 5-11 about some of the events that have happened in the world and Australia in the last month. These included the refugee crisis moving from Syria across the Middle East and into Europe; the death of an innocent man in Parramatta, shot by a 15 year old and the change of Prime Minister and leadership of this country. The need for leadership in our world is paramount. To end, I used this story of hope about Michael Ascharsobi by Georgina Mitchell in the SMH on September 29, 2015. >Click here to view article.

Congratulations to the following students on their recent achievements:
– Ricky Park (Year 9), William Carraro (Year 7) and Isaac Duncan-Daly (Year 7) who achieved First Place in the Lake Macquarie Eisteddfod in the U16 division.
– Lorcan Redmond (Year 9) who won both the 3000m (new record time) and the 1500m in the 15years category at the NSW All Schools’ Athletics Championships last weekend.
– Sabrina Kliousis (Year 10) also competed at the NSW All Schools’ Athletics Championships and finished 5th in the 15 Years Javelin (personal best).
– Jackson Campbell (Year 4) who came 8th in his age group at the NSW Tennis Championships.
– Thomas McGrath (Year 3) who came 2nd in the U13 category of the 5km iStadium run last weekend.
– Timothy Harris (Year 10) who has been selected to train with the NSW cycling team.
–  Amelia Sadler (Year 9) who continues to perform well in her chosen sport Ice Skating and we wish her well for the State Championships this weekend.
– Our Mock Trial Team in Year 10 who achieved a placing in the top 16 of the 2015 NSW-wide competition. They were narrowly defeated last week by St John Paul College at Coffs Harbour.

From the Director of Wellbeing
Ms Lynne Walker

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Year 10 Dinner

The Year 10 Dinner was held last Thursday evening at the University of Newcastle. The students had a great night – with lots of fun, conversation and dancing. A special thank you must go to the Berkeley House Coordinators (Ms M Thomas, Mrs B Patel, Mr P Juchneiwicz and Mr P Lumley), who supervised the students on the evening.

1532 - Year-10-Group-Photo

Don’t Panic… Get Organised

One of the ways we can support our students is to help them plan ahead and get organised.

Apart from allowing them to learn how to set goals, work to deadlines and prepare for tasks (so that they can try to achieve the results they hope for), this process can also help to reduce feelings of anxiety or stress… especially the anxiety which comes from time-stress and tiredness from cramming in the week (or night!) before an exam.

Last Monday, during Mentor, House Coordinators and mentors worked with all students in Years 5 – 10 to help them plan for the term ahead.


Have you ever wondered why your child finds it almost impossible to turn their phone or computer off?  The Fear Of Missing Out is an old (actually an ancient) fear, which is being triggered by the newest form of communication:  social media.

>Click here to read an article by Anita Sanz (Clinical Psychologist​).


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Macquarie House Coordinators
Ms B Patel & Mrs V Dart

This week Macquarie has focused on the signature strength of Spirituality.

At the joint assembly on Tuesday the students discussed the difference between spirituality and religion. They outlined that although they can be hard to tell apart, there were some key differences:

  • Religion is a specific set of organised beliefs and practices, usually shared by a community or group.
  • Spirituality is more of an individual practice and has to do with having a sense of peace and purpose. It also relates to the process of developing beliefs around the meaning of life and connection with others.

They then went on to discuss the different types of spirituality, which included mystical, intellectual and service spirituality and the ways they could be incorporated into one’s life.

This term, Macquarie is encouraging the NGS community to ‘remember to REconnect’, whether that be as part of an organised religion, serving others or developing a sense of peace or purpose.

As NGS is a Christian affiliated school, we decided to ask some students what God means to them. Ms Howard visited Park Campus last term to find out the answers. Ms Figures put the responses together in this wonderful clip: > What Does God Mean to You.

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Director of Operations
2016 Public Transport Passes

If your child does not have a public transport pass (bus/ferry or train) and wishes to for 2016, application forms are now at the School office to complete ready for 2016.

Students who currently have a public transport pass for 2015 automatically receive one in 2016, EXCEPT students who are going into Year K, 3 or 7.  These students need to reapply.

From the Head of Park Campus
Mrs Alicha Dyer

UNSW Mathematics and English Competition Results

This year, in August, Newcastle Grammar School had 61 students across Years 3 & 4 participate in the UNSW Competitions in English and Mathematics. The School gained outstanding results. In English, our students received an impressive total of 4 High Distinctions, 4 Distinctions, 15 Credits, 10 Merits and 28 Participations. In Mathematics, our students received 8 Distinctions, 19 credits, 2 merits and 29 participation certificates. Congratulations to the following students who received certificates of distinction.

English Year 3
High Distinction:
Lucy Nightingale, Ashmita Umesh,
Ambrose Raftos,
Credit: Zachary Choi, Mitchell Franks, Alice Jeffery, William Jeffery, Thomas McGrath, Binuk Weerabaddana

English Year 4
High Distinction:
Katie Mejia, Ruby MacDonald
Kalen Routley, Alexander MacDougall, Helena Cake
Credit: Athanasia Petrelis, Kieran Kabir, Hannah Choi, Mary Alexander, Isaac Boyle, Jackson Broad, Madeline Guest, Ruby Bush

Mathematics Year 3
Alice Jeffery, William Jeffery, Lucy Nightingale, Arthur Petrelis, Susamai Saha,
Mitchell Franks, Thomas McGrath, Ambrose Raftos, Binuk Weerabaddana

Mathematics Year 4
Alexander MacDougall, Katie Mejia, PIerra Singh,
Credit: Ruby Bush, Madeline Guest, Ruby Robinson, Isaac Boyle, Hannah Choi, Megan Galettis, Eliza Ginns, Kieran Kabir, Veronica Kuru, Ruby Macdonald, Alessandra Martinelli, Hayden Martinelli, Ayva Myers, Kalen Routley, Robert Teyhan


Congratulations to Jackson Campbell for competing in the NSW Tennis Championships in Cessnock over the weekend. There were 180 entrants and Jackson came 8th. What a magnificent result!

There is so much excitement this week with our Fun Fair fast approaching!

Sorting Waste, I wonder…

Is it all really rubbish?

In Kindergarten we tipped a big pile of “rubbish” items from the holidays out onto the mat. We then wondered if it actually was ALL rubbish.

We each chose an item to have a closer look. On closer inspection, we found lots of different little recycling symbols or writing that simply said, “Please Recycle”. Soon the room was abuzz with ideas and suggestions for what we could do with this so-called rubbish.
“We can recycle it!”
“I could make a Titanic with this box.”
“We could make a snappy crocodile mouth with this berry container.”
“I could make a baby alien with this little egg carton to go with the big alien I made at home with a big egg carton.”
“We could reuse this yoghurt tub and put paint in it like the ones on the Art Table.”
“I could make a painting on this cardboard.”
“I can hide all my treasures in this little box!”

And so the ideas kept coming thick and fast. This led to a discussion about the 3 R’s and the need to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We then decided which crate to sort our different items into and explained to each other why we chose to put it there.

So, next time you’re at home and you have some rubbish – don’t throw it away! Be a Recycling Detective and have a look for a recycling symbol. Or, maybe you can reuse it and turn it into something else new and exciting!

1532-kinder rubbish 2

1532-kinder rubbish 3

1532-Kinder rubbish 1

Kindergarten’s Excursion to see The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Kindergarten arrived at school on Friday morning bursting with excitement – and not just because we were going on a bus! We were going on a bus to the Civic Theatre to see The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other stories by Eric Carle!

We waved a very happy goodbye to Mrs Dyer, then two by two we hopped onto the bus and two by two we walked into the theatre. The children took in their surroundings with wide eyes as we found our seats. The theatre quickly filled and the children exchanged excited whispers in anticipation as they wondered when the show would begin and what would happen next.

We wondered how they would turn the book into a show on the stage: “I wonder if they will dress up?” “Maybe there will be puppets?” “Will they use broomsticks to hold the fruit up?” “I wonder if they will paint the background?” “I wonder how they are going to turn him into a big fat caterpillar?” “Maybe they will add more people to make him fat?” “Maybe they will fill him up with cotton balls?” We didn’t have long to wait as the lights dimmed and a hush fell across the crowd.

The children were all wonderful audience members, and the teachers were so proud, as they showed their appreciation for the performance with enthusiastic applause.

As we exited the theatre and waited for the bus to take us back to School (“We get to go on a bus again!!”) the children eagerly compared their many favourite moments.

Here are some snippets of conversations:
“I liked when he – popped! – out of the egg! POP!”
“I liked when the big fat caterpillar went plomp, plomp, plomp!”
“I liked the teeny tiny egg.”
“I liked the BIG book.”
“I liked the beautiful butterfly.”
“I liked when he turned into a FAT caterpillar.”
“I liked the butterfly’s soft and fluttery wings.”
“I love the dome in the roof and the big chandelier (in the theatre).”
“I liked the eggs on the belly of the fish in the Mister Seahorse story.”
“I liked the little firefly’s light in The Lonely Firefly story.”
“I liked ALL of it – absolutely everything!”
“This was the bestest day – it was my most favourite day of Kindergarten ever!”

1532 - KG 3

1532 - KG 2

1532 - KG 1

Mrs J Biddleston

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From the Director of Pre-school
Mrs Angela Tapp

We’ve had an incredibly busy first week back. The children have settled in beautifully and, as we seem to discover at the beginning of every term, many of our children have had growth spurts.

Week 1 this term has seen us move in to our ‘summer programme’ (when the weather allowed us), where we started the day outside, participating in our outdoor program. This means that across this term the children will be adding to their morning routine where they will not only be unpacking their bags and placing their lunch boxes in the fridge but they will also have to apply sunscreen and come outside with their hats on.  We will be encouraging the parents to allow the children to do these tasks independently, preparing for their transition to school.

In the next couple of weeks a note will go home detailing what will take place in our ‘News’ weeks that are coming up in Week 5 and Week 6 of this term. Through the implementation of ‘News’ we will extend our focus on sharing and turn taking. The children will be able to bring in an item that has special meaning to them and share it with their peers.  News week encourages them to use their expressive language skills and helps them to become more confident speaking in front of a group (although some of them already love the limelight!). It also provides the children with the opportunity to listen to others, take turns in a formalised situation and ask questions to gather information and this is often the more challenging aspect of ‘News’. Finally, it is terrific practice for kindergarten and, in relation to the Early Years Learning Framework it addresses all five learning outcomes.

The children are also beginning to help staff prepare for the Enrolment Evening planned for Wednesday, 21 October for families of children enrolled at Pre-school for 2016. The children’s preparation involves them doing their ‘best big school’ work so that we can display items that demonstrate just how amazing they are! The Groovers and Shakers are loving the fact that new Mummies and Daddies will be able to see their incredible efforts displayed around the room. In relation to the Early Years Learning Framework the children are connecting with and contributing to their world.

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Head of Co-curricular
Mrs Corey Rowntree

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>Click here to find further information on the variety of events coming up that you may be interested in attending:

– Course and Institute Information Sessions for Students and Parents
– Course and Workshops for Students
– Open Days
– Scholarships
– Early Entry
– Jobs and Career Opportunities for Students
– Other News

From the Director of Music Performance
Mr Kevin Young

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Music Scholarship Recital

This event, scheduled for next Thursday, 15 October, has been postponed and will now be held on Tuesday, 27 October at 6.00pm in the Arts Space.

Brass RaZoo and Bamboozle Fundraiser

This year, this great night of entertainment will be held at Merewether Bowling Club on Friday, 30 October commencing at 7.00pm. Please come along and support these brilliant young musicians. Tickets are now on sale at the >Flexischools website.

An Afternoon at the Proms 2015

This wonderful event will be held on Sunday, 22 November in the Sandi Warren Performance Centre. Once again, our guest conductor for the event will be Mr George Ellis. The afternoon will be hosted by a special guest. Please mark this date in your diaries.

Brass RaZoo Auditions for 2016

Brass Razoo auditions will be held on Monday, 26 October in the Arts Space at lunchtimes.

These positions need to be filled for 2016: Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trumpet x 2, Trombone and female vocalist. Please read below for the audition requirements.

Instruments required: Audition requirements
Alto Sax: Earth Wind and Fire Dance Mix/Libertango + Sight Reading
Tenor Sax: Earth Wind and Fire Dance Mix/Libertango + Sight Reading
Trumpet: Earth Wind and Fire Dance Mix/Libertango + Sight Reading
Trombone: Earth Wind and Fire Dance Mix/Libertango + Sight Reading
Female Vocal: Jazz –  Its only a Paper Moon, Rock –  Respect

In the Audition, you will be required to play your part along with the rhythm section and perform a Sight Reading exercise.

The resources you need for the auditions can be found at the following links:

Sheet music available here – S:/Music 2015/Brass Razoo/AUDITION MATERIAL

Audio samples of the actual arrangements here
Earth Wind and Fire:
Its Only A Paper Moon:

Once the audition process is completed we will let you know the outcome and rehearsals will begin this year.

Please email Mr Sherringham your Expression of Interest:

Year 6 Instrumental Performance

On Tuesday, 20 October, all students in the Year 6 Instrumental Programme will have the opportunity to perform in their class groups at the Year 6 Band Night to be held in Horbury Hunt Hall.

This exciting event will not only provide a performance outlet for the Year 6 students, but also give the parents a first-hand look at the program and to have a chat with the tutors and the Music staff.

The evening will commence at 5.30 pm and conclude around 6.30pm.

It is most important that all students attend as performances will be in individual class groups. It is difficult for groups to function successfully with missing students.

I encourage parents to attend this event to see what your children have been learning for the past two years. I look forward to speaking with you on the night.

Term 4 Events

Tuesday, 20 October: Year 6 Instrumental Performances – 5.30pm (HHH)
Tuesday, 27 October: Music Scholars Recital – 6.00pm (Arts Space)
Friday, 30 October: Brass RaZoo and Bamboozle Dinner Dance – 7.00pm (Merewether Bowling Club)
Sunday, 22 November: An Afternoon at the Proms – 3.00pm (SWPC)

Singapore Rehearsals… not many to go!

All students must attend all rehearsals in Term 4. Students involved in the tour are reminded to check the rehearsal schedule as each ensemble is only rehearsing a few times prior to the tour. As such, you are asked to attend all the rehearsals in which you are involved.

22 October: Concert Orchestra, 5.30pm to 7.00pm (Arts Space)
29 October: Symphony Orchestra Only, 3.30pm to 6.00pm – Proms Rehearsal (Arts Space)
30 October: Choir, 3.30pm to 5.00pm (Arts Space)
19 November: Concert Orchestra, 5.30pm to 7.00pm (Arts Space)
20 November: Concert & Symphony Orchestra, 3.30pm to 6.00pm – Proms Rehearsal (SWPC)
22 November: Concert Orchestra & Choir, 3.00pm Proms (SWPC)
23 November: Rehearsal day for Carols & Speech Day, Separate Schedule – TBA
6 December: Tour Commences


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2015 New Zealand Ski & Snowboard Trip
by Rhiannon Harvey - Year 11 Student

On 21 September, a range of Berkeley students accompanied by Mrs Patel and Mr Lumley embarked on a journey to the mountain scape of New Zealand. After a very early 4.00am start, we had a long day of travelling ahead of us, and eventually flew into Queenstown airport by late afternoon. We were fortunate enough to meet Don, our bus driver for the week, who was able to navigate the diciest of roads, and gave us advice on a range of topics such as slope conditions, great restaurants and funny stories.

For the next three days, we skied at various mountains including Cardrona, Treble Cone and Coronet Peak. While some days we were very fortunate to have fantastic snow and sunny conditions, our day at treble cone was limited due to the very poor visibility. During these three days, we partook in skiing lessons in the morning, and split up for free skiing the rest of day. There were many falls by everyone, and one of our most memorable stacks was Saxon, who fell over while speeding down a slope, and ended up with a concussion and a very swollen lip.

On Friday, our rest day, we enjoyed a sleep in followed by a birthday breakfast, which included delicious crepes filled with Nutella or lemon and sugar. After a slow morning we all hired bikes and took a scenic trail around the lake for the afternoon. This was a welcome break from the arduous skiing, which everybody greatly enjoyed.

For our last two days, we headed back to Treble Cone, which provided clear skies and great snow conditions. The last day was very memorable, as it was the last day of the season which everyone on the mountain dressed up in costume, which included lots of animal onesies, superheroes, beach wear and many more. There was even a waterskiing pond, in which skiers or snowboarders had to speed down the slope and make it across the 10 metre pond without falling in to the freezing cold water. Needless to say, there were a lot who fell in. We all greatly enjoyed the last two days of skiing, but were very exhausted after the long week of adventure.

We took the long journey back to Newcastle on Monday, tired but fulfilled from our trip. The ski trip is an experience I will never forget, and I greatly appreciated the opportunity I had to go. Thank you Mr Lumley and Mrs Patel for accompanying us on our trip, and making it as enjoyable as it could be.

1532-sport-ski 4

1532-sport ski 3

1532-sport-ski 2

1532-sport-ski 1

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From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

From the Director of Sport image

Sport News

>Click here to find further information on this weeks sporting news:
– Student Achievements
– Basketball
– HRIS Primary Tennis
– Futsal
– Touch Football
– Rowing

Brass Razoo & Bamboozle
Dinner Dance

1532 - BrassRazooDD_2015

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The Blog
By the Head of School

Smart Phone App

The new NGS App is now connected to the NGS website and should allow you to read events in the calendar, alerts and the newsletter in a format that should prove more convenient.  It can be downloaded from the >Apple Store or >Google Play.

Uniform Shop
Hours for 2015

The Uniform shop hours are as follows.

Monday: 8.00am – 2.00pm
Wednesday & Friday: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Whooping Cough
Outbreak of Whooping Cough

There is an outbreak of whooping cough (pertussis) in NSW, mainly affecting school-aged children.

Coughing spreads the infection to others nearby. Whooping cough can spread to anyone at home, including younger brothers and sisters. Whooping cough can be especially dangerous for babies.

Whooping cough starts like a cold and progresses to bouts of coughing that can last for many weeks. The infection can occur even in fully-vaccinated children. Older children may just have a cough that is persistent and may be worse at night.

  • Children with these symptoms should see a doctor.
  • If your doctor diagnoses whooping cough in your school-aged child, please let the school know and keep your child at home until they have taken 5 days of antibiotics. Keep coughing children away from babies.
  • Whooping cough vaccines give good protection against infection but immunity fades with time. Check that all your children are up to date with their vaccines, due at 6 weeks, 4 months, 6 months, 4 years and 12 years of age (offered to all Year 7 students through the NSW school-based vaccination program). A booster is also recommended at 18 months of age.

A booster dose of vaccine is also recommended for adults that are in contact with young children, such as school staff and parents. Pregnant women are recommended to have a booster dose during each pregnancy and this is funded by NSW Health. Those who are new parents or carers of babies should consult their general practitioner about appropriate immunisation.

Your local public health unit can provide advice about whooping cough on 1300 066 055 or visit the NSW Health website

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Canteen Duties

Hill Campus

Mon 19 October:
Edwina Forrest

Tue 20 October:
Hayley Martin

Wed 21 October:
Elizabeth Sprott
Kathryn McGowan

Thu 22 October:
Lesley Filby

Fri 23 October:
Kate Ellis

Park Campus

Mon 19 October:
Natalie Swancott

Tue 20 October:

Wed 21 October:
Lisa Griffiths

Thu 22 October:

Fri 23 October:
Amanda Folpp
Allison Elvish

Cyber Safety Seminar
Susan McLean

Newcastle Grammar School is delighted to host a complimentary Cyber Safety Seminar on Monday, 16 November at 6.00pm in the Horbury Hunt Hall.

Telephone Reception to reserve your seat on Ph: 4929 5811.
>Click here to view the poster of information

Fun Fair
Park Campus

1527 - FunFairPoster_15

Ride Tickets are $25 if purchased on Wednesday or Thursday.
Tickets purchased on Friday, 16 October will cost $30.00.
Purchase tickets via Flexischools