From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

From the Head of School image

Welcome to the final term for the 2015 school year and I hope all of our students are feeling refreshed and ready for the busy term ahead. We welcome several new families to NGS this term and I hope you quickly feel part of our community. The HSC begins next week and our thoughts are very much with our Year 12 students as they begin these important examinations. >Click here to see the 2015 HSC examination timetable.

Staff and students travelled to New Zealand over the holidays. The weather was perfect for skiing and I thank Mr Paul Lumley and Ms Bobbie Patel for accompanying the group and making such a terrific experience possible. >Click here to see photos of this trip. Our younger rowers spent time at rowing camp in the holidays developing their skills and building team spirit.

The Park Campus Fun Fair will be held on Friday, 16 October. Thank you to our parent coordinators Mrs Katherine Dun and Mrs Germeen Kaldas who have been working hard to make this event a success. Students from K – 7 are able to attend and tickets are available via Flexischools. The Fun Fair is always a highlight of the School’s calendar.

The iStadium Run Newcastle on Sunday, 11 October is another fun event the School is involved in. Participants will run through the streets of Newcastle and around the beaches, enjoying live entertainment along the way. Race day will see a 21.1km Half Marathon, 10km, Family 5km and the KidsMile This event provides something for the whole family. For FAQ, visit

From the Director of Learning & Teaching
Mrs Lisa Peterson

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Year 11 Parent/Teacher Evening and Information Session

The Year 11 Parent/Teacher Evening will take place on Thursday, 8 October in the Holland and Parnell buildings from 4.00pm. Appointments can be made using the online booking system with the event code provided with your son/daughter’s Preliminary Report. Students are encouraged to attend the interviews with their parents. As this is a school function, they must be dressed in full school uniform.

We will also be holding an Information Session in Horbury Hunt Hall at 6.00pm to give parents an overview of the rules and procedures governing the HSC year.

2015 HSC Examinations

We wish our Year 12 students all the best this week as they undertake their final preparations for the HSC Examinations, which begin on Monday, 12 October. Teachers are available in their normal timetabled lessons throughout this week for any last minute advice.

All examinations will take place on the top floor of the Holland building. Students are reminded to be prompt to the examinations, and if they experience any illness or unforeseen circumstances, to contact Mrs Peterson on the morning of the examination.

Students who may be eligible to apply for Educational Access Scheme (EAS) are reminded to contact Mrs Peterson as soon as possible. This scheme is designed to help students who have experienced long-term educational disadvantage gain admission to tertiary study.

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From the Head of Park Campus
Mrs Alicha Dyer

A very warm welcome back to Term 4!

The buzz and energy this week is reflective of some well-deserved down time spent holidaying, catching up with family and friends. It was lovely to see some new faces amongst the student community at our Tuesday morning Assembly.

I would like to congratulate the students on a great start to the School term. As I move around the campus, I am greeted by a positive and friendly buzz. The holidays will quickly be a distant memory as we settle into what we are about – the business of Teaching and Learning and preparing our students to be active citizens in an ever changing world.

It is no secret that, at NGS we believe in developing well-rounded students and our expectations of the students in our care is high. We are working together in the pursuit of excellence.

I encourage all of our students to come to School determined to be the best that they can be!

HRIS Netball Gala

Congratulations to the girls HRIS Netball Gala team who made the Grand Finals, unfortunately they were not successful but we congratulate them for fantastic efforts, well done girls.

1531-netball Gala - park campus


I Wonder… What might a plant need to survive and grow?

In Kindergarten we are investigating living things as part of our Inquiry into the World We Want and we were wondering what a plant might need to survive and grow.

Here are some of our wonderings about the needs of a plant:
I wonder if a plant needs water?
I wonder if plants need sun to grow?
I wonder if the roots get bigger?
I wonder if they need some soil to grow?

So, we decided to do a plant experiment to find out. We had 4 tomato plants and then we had to work out what to do. We decided that one plant would have no sun, one plant would have no water and one plant would have no soil. This meant that one plant was leftover. This 4th plant was quickly given the nickname, ‘The Lucky Plant’ because it was given sun, water and soil.

We then made some predictions of what we thought would happen to the different plants. We predicted that the plant with no sun might get cold and the leaves would turn brown. We predicted that the plant with no water would dry up and die. We predicted that the plant with no soil would die because its roots would have nothing to cling to. We predicted that the plant with sun, water and soil would grow bigger, get more green leaves, live forever and grow tomatoes.

We closely observed, discussed and recorded the changes we could see in the different plants each day for 3 weeks. We found out that our predictions were actually quite accurate and that plants do in fact need sun, water and soil to grow and survive. We then carefully carried our surviving plants out to the playground and planted them in our School veggie patch. Here all the plants have sun, water and soil and we look forward to them growing cherry tomatoes soon!

1531 -Kinder 1

1531-kinder 2

1531-kinder 5

1531-kinder 3

1531-kinder 6

Ms J Biddleston – Kindergarten Teacher

Year 4 Disco

On Thursday, 17 September, Year 4 organised a fundraiser disco for Park Campus. The students brainstormed their ideas and created a wonderful range of lunch time activities for all students to enjoy. Stalls selling cakes, donuts, fruit sticks, drinks, lucky dips and raffles provided a great selection for all. Everybody had a great time and the final result of over $ 900 was an outstanding achievement for the Year 4 students who demonstrated great team work, organisation and leadership to make the day a success.

1531-disco 1

1531-disco 3

1531-disco 4


Mr Newling, Mrs Keane & Mr Potter


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Head of Co-curricular
Mrs Corey Rowntree

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>Click here to find further information on the variety of events coming up that you may be interested in attending:

– Course and Institute Information Sessions for Students and Parents
– Course and Workshops for Students
– Open Days
– Scholarships
– Early Entry
– Jobs and Career Opportunities for Students
– Other News

Macquarie House Coordinators
Ms B Patel & Mrs V Dart

Welcome to Term 4, Macquarie’s Term. On Hill Campus this term, NGS celebrating the signature strengths of spirituality and fairness and the ‘You Can Do It’ key of organisation.

We will be exploring our CONNECTEDNESS to each other, to humanity and our earth through shared activities and recognition of a wide range of ideas about SPIRITUALITY, including organized religion. We will be urging students to partake in the theme ‘Remember to Reconnect’. We will be promoting FAIRNESS as part of our obligation as a community and recognizing the impact of our actions on others and we will be encouraging each other to be ORGANISED and flexible in the lead up to exams this term.

The charity we will be supporting is ‘The Wall of Hands’. It is a sad reality that only 1 out of 5 Indigenous children in remote Northern Territory communities can read at the minimum NAPLAN standard. But we have the power to make a difference. By donating to the Wall of Hands, we can help the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation continue life-changing literacy programs in remote community’s right around Australia.

Everyone in Macquarie is looking forward to a special term and there will be lots of wonderful opportunities for students to take part in assemblies, community lunches, chapel services and the main Mac Day celebration of ‘Splendour on the Courts’.

Most importantly though, we want the NGS community to keep the message: ‘Remember to REconnect’ in the back of their mind. When life gets busy it easy to forget the little things that are so important. Every day this week, take a pause to connect with your breathe, to feel the sun on your skin, to smell the spring flowers or to look someone in the eye when wishing them a pleasant day.

Have a great MACQUARIE term!

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From the Director of Music Performance
Mr Kevin Young

From the Director of Music Performance image

Welcome back to Term 4! My how time flies when you’re having fun! I hope everyone had a wonderful break.

This term we will be preparing for our Carol service on 28 November and Speech Day as well as other events in our calendar.

Singapore tour preparations will continue and I ask that all students please make sure all paperwork is finalised by the end of Week 3. However, your passport copies are required immediately.

Music Scholarship Recital

This event, scheduled for next Thursday, 15 October, has been postponed and will now be held on Tuesday, 27 October at 6.00pm in the Arts Space.

Brass RaZoo and Bamboozle Fundraiser

This year, this great night of entertainment will be held at Merewether Bowling Club on Friday, 30 October commencing at 7.00pm. Tickets will be available soon. Please come along and support these brilliant young musicians.

An Afternoon at the Proms 2015

This wonderful event will be held on Sunday, 22 November in the Sandi Warren Performance Centre. Once again, our guest conductor for the event will be Mr George Ellis. The afternoon will be hosted by a special guest. Please mark this date in your diaries.

Year 12 Graduation

My thanks to Mr Sherringham and members of Brass RaZoo for the outstanding musical support at the Year 12 Graduation Dinner at the end of last term. It was great to see the guests up on the dance floor having a great time.

Year 6 Instrumental Performance

On Tuesday, 20 October, all students in the Year 6 Instrumental Programme will have the opportunity to perform in their class groups at the Year 6 Band Night to be held in Horbury Hunt Hall.

This exciting event will not only provide a performance outlet for the Year 6 students, but also give the parents a first-hand look at the programme and to have a chat with the tutors and the Music staff.

The evening will commence at 5.30pm and conclude around 6.30pm.

It is most important that all students attend as performances will be in individual class groups and it is difficult for groups to function successfully with missing students.

I encourage parents to attend this event to see what your children have been learning for the past two years. I look forward to speaking with you on the night. Please complete and return the note below to the box outside of the Music staffroom.

From Park Campus

Kindergarten Commission Mr Young!
Earlier in the year I asked Mr Young if he would compose some songs about animals for my Kindergarten Music lessons.

It was not long before I was receiving copies of songs called My Bunny Harry, Tree Frogs, Barney the Elephant, Clancy the Camel and the list goes on.  They were perfect for the children and I was able to draw many teaching points from them. The students asked many question about both the animals and the music.

I prepared the students during Term 3 and we worked towards a performance especially for Mr Young – our composer well and truly in residence and parents.

The students were delighted by the lyrics and musical content of the songs and I will be able to use them for many years to come. Many solos and a few duets were sung by the students and the Minims as a choir performed the songs both in tune and with youthful energy.

Thank you Mr Young for creating such age appropriate and adorable songs for our Kindergarten 2015.  Now we can also look forward to our Christmas repertoire – also composed by Mr Young.

Term 4

Tuesday, 20 October: Year 6 Instrumental Performances HHH 5.30pm
Tuesday, 27 October: Music Scholars Recital 6.00pm Arts Space
Friday, 30 October: Brass RaZoo and Bamboozle Dinner Dance 7.00pm at Merewether Bowling Club.
Sunday, 22 November: An Afternoon at the Proms  3.00pm SWPC

Singapore Rehearsals

All students must attend all rehearsals in Term 4. Students involved in the tour are reminded to check the rehearsal schedule as each ensemble is only rehearsing a few times prior to the tour. As such, you are asked to attend all the rehearsals in which you are involved.

9 October: Choir,  3.30 to 5.00pm, Arts Space
22 October: Concert Orchestra, 5.30pm to 7.00pm – Arts Space
29 October: Symphony Orchestra Only, 3.30pm to 6.00pm – Proms Rehearsal (Arts Space)
30 October: Choir, 3.30pm to 5.00pm – Arts Space
19 November: Concert Orchestra, 5.30pm to 7.00pm – Arts Space
20 November: Concert & Symphony Orchestra, 3.30pm to 6.00pm – Proms Rehearsal (SWPC)
22 November: Concert Orchestra & Choir, 3.00pm Proms – SWPC
23 November: Rehearsal day for Carols & Speech Day, Separate Schedule – TBA
6 December: Tour Commences

1531-music 4

1531-music 3

Brass RaZoo at the Year 12 Graduation

1531-music 2

1531-music 1

Kindergarten Performing Mr Young’s Composed Songs

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Year 12 Design & Technology
HSC Major Design Projects

The Year 12 Design and Technology HSC Major projects were on display this week following a year of hard work by our Year 12 students. Students are expected to identify a genuine need, develop creative solutions and apply a range of evaluative methods throughout the development and realisation of their project. I would like to congratulate the Year 12 DT class for the outstanding work that has been produced this year.

To view some of the works >click here 


From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

From the Director of Sport image

Sport News

>Click here to find further information on this weeks sporting news:
– NSWCIS Athletics Championships – Secondary
– Futsal
– HRIS Primary Football & Netball Gala Day
– Co-curricular Summer Touch
– Surf Sports
– Rowing


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Uniform Shop
Hours for 2015

The Uniform shop hours are as follows.

Monday: 8.00am – 2.00pm
Wednesday & Friday: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Canteen Duties

Hill Campus

Mon 12 October:
Louise Phillips

Tue 13 October:
Fiona Merritt
Oona Sullivan

Wed 14 October:
Maeve Brown
Kerrie Kerr

Thu 15 October:
Donna Carney

Fri 16 October:
Lesley Filby

Park Campus

Mon 12 October:
Emily Macdonald

Tue 13 October:
Siobhan Marr

Wed 14 October:
Julie Kosy

Thu 15 October:

Fri 16 October:
Kym Carpenter

iStadium Run Update

Volunteers are needed to man the drink station on Union Street in front of Park Campus on 11 October.  Everything will be provided so if you can spare a little time, please email Glenda Young at

Cyber Safety Seminar
Susan McLean

Newcastle Grammar School is delighted to host a complimentary Cyber Safety Seminar on Monday, 16 November at 6.00pm in the Horbury Hunt Hall.

Telephone Reception to reserve your seat on Ph: 4929 5811.
>Click here to view the poster of information

Rowing Regatta Sponsorship
Expression of Interest

As a valued member of the Newcastle Grammar School Community, we would like to offer your Family or Business the opportunity to be involved in sponsoring the School’s 4th Annual Rowing Regatta being held on Saturday, 24 October 2015.

The event, to be held at Berry Park Rowing Complex, will be a friendly day of racing with a programme to cater for all ages and abilities. Participants will include rowers from Newcastle Grammar School, Hunter Valley Grammar School and Newcastle University, Endeavour, Lake Macquarie, Manning River, Port Macquarie, Central Coast and Newcastle Rowing Clubs as well as some Sydney Competitors. Live music, food stalls, merchandise and raffle prizes will also be featured.

There will be approximately 80 races available to sponsor, should you be interested in supporting rowing at Newcastle Grammar School as well as promoting your Business, please contact the Rowing Coordinator at by Monday, 12 October 2015.