From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

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The last week of Term 3 is especially important for our Year 12 cohort. With their eyes firmly on the future, no doubt they are wondering what life ahead will look like. The immediate future, the few weeks in October/November when they begin and finish the HSC as well as the time next year when they will no longer be putting on uniforms and heading to the Hill Campus. Year 12 as a group have made a wonderful contribution to our School and they will be missed. Their efforts in the classroom and in the co-curricular program as well as their willingness to contribute to activities across the School have been greatly valued.

There have been many individual and collective achievements across the School over Term 3. At Park Campus we have seen the introduction of Mandarin, lunch time clubs, an inquiry approach to the teaching of Science, the excitement around Professor Empowerment and a new look to the walls and grounds aiming to interest the students as they arrive at School each day.

On the Hill Campus, Year 11 will start next term with electronic textbooks, our students have enjoyed new activities such as sailing and we continue to have great success in a wide variety of areas. Our Mock Trial team is still in the competition and many of our athletes have gone on to represent the Combined Independent Schools at the All Schools Competition.

In the holidays, students and staff head to New Zealand for the ski trip. Our library is open for Year 12 students wishing to study in a distraction free environment.

School resumes on Tuesday, 6 October and students return to school in summer uniform. Have a wonderful holiday break.

From the Director of Learning & Teaching
Mrs Lisa Peterson

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Year 12 – HSC Examinations

This week marks the final week of formal lessons for Year 12 students before they commence their HSC Examinations on Monday, 12 October. Students are reminded that their teachers will be available for consultation during their normal timetabled lessons in Week 1 of Term 4. Students who choose to study at School are most welcome, but we do ask that they are dressed in School uniform.

Year 12 – Educational Access Schemes

Students in Year 12 who’ve experienced long-term educational disadvantage may be eligible to apply for undergraduate admission through EAS. If you would like further information, please contact Mrs Peterson or visit the UAC website – 

Year 11 – Preliminary Reports,  P/T Evening and Information Session

Preliminary Reports will be emailed to parents on Friday, 18 September. If you do not receive your son/daughter’s report, please contact Mrs Peterson via email.

Parents and students are invited to the Parent/Teacher/Student Evening on Thursday, 8 October (Term 4, Week 1). Bookings for the evening can be made through the online booking system – using the event code provided with the Preliminary Report.

We will also be holding a brief Information Session for parents in HS1 commencing at 6.00pm to give a brief overview of Term 4 for Year 11 students.

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Past Exam Papers
Access through My Big Campus

Students in Years 5 to 10 are able to access the 2013 and 2014 NGS Yearly Examination papers online in My Big Campus (MBC).

Follow the steps below to access available papers.

– Log onto MBC through the Login Centre on the NGS Website

– Click on ‘Groups’ on the LHS of the screen

– Go to your Year Group 2015

1529 - Icon 1

– Select the Library icon
1529 - Icon 2


The past papers for the last two years are there.

These papers can be used online on iPads and computers, rather than printing them all.

Ms S Bright
Coordinator of Library Services, Teacher Librarian

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From the Hunter House Coordinators
Ms M Thomas and Ms C Byrnes

As the end of the term approaches Hunter House would like to say a heart-felt thank you for all the wonderful support of Hunter Term. This Term, Hunter students have hosted Chapel, presented assembly items, written newsletter and Facebook articles, designed artworks, served at Community Lunch, raised money for Allambi and Camp Quality, collected sanitary items for Share the Dignity and celebrated the signature strengths of appreciation of beauty, honesty and confidence. The pinnacle of our term was our beYOUtiful Hunter House Day which included our photographic exhibition. Prizes were awarded based on creativity, construction and composition and connectedness to the signature strengths. Congratulations goes to the following students:
1st – Vivien Kuru and Azeem Travadi
2nd – Unknown… (This submission was anonymous… please see Ms Thomas to claim your prize!)
3rd – Isobel Arthur-Henry
People’s Choice Winner – Jack Stevenson-Perkins

Thank you for all the beYOUtiful entries to the exhibition. Hunter House has had a fabulous term and we are very grateful for the support and the generous contributions. We are thrilled to be able to present over $1600 to Allambi and Camp Quality. We wish everyone a lovely holiday break and we look forward to doing it all again next year! beYOUtiful!!

1530-Marnie 1

1530-Marnie 2

1530-Marnie 3

1530-marnie 4

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From the Head of Park Campus
Mrs Alicha Dyer

The wonder of inquiry-based learning has come to shape the framework of modern learning practices. Backed by decades of research and with explicit applications across the Australian National Curriculum, it is safe to say that inquiry-based learning is at the core of 21st century learning.

During Term Four students in K-4 will undertake a Science or HSIE Unit of Inquiry. During this process students will be given opportunities to frame inquiries around provocative, essential questions rather than closed ‘topics and they will also develop a range of transferable skills around cognition, analysis and investigation.’

Gone are the days where students are seen as passive recipients of knowledge and teachers are viewed as static transmitter of facts! Today’s 21st century classroom is all about knowledge construction, probing students to independently and collaboratively learn through the process of exploration, investigation and research.

I Wonder…

In Kindergarten our little ones went home recently clutching a little box. That’s because we all had great fun…with Smarties!

We wondered if all the Smarties were the same in all the different boxes?

We wondered if all the boxes would have the same amount of Smarties?

We wondered if they would all have the same colours?

So, before anyone could sit and gobble up all the Smarties, we decided to do some investigating ourselves and find out.

We discussed the different ways we could sort our Smarties and then decided to make a Smarties Graph for Mathematics.

We were each given our own small box of Smarties to sort into a graph according to colour. We wanted to find out which was the most popular colour Smartie in our box, which colour was the least popular, and how many Smarties there were altogether. We found out that some boxes had 13 or 14 Smarties in them, while others had only 11!  This then led to a different discussion as to whether that was a fair share!

You might like to do some Smartie research of your own.

I wonder how many Smarties there will be in your box?

I wonder which colour will be the most popular?

We don’t know. But, Kindergarten do know you will have fun finding out!
kinder 4 Kinder 2

kinder 6

Kinder 3

kinder 5

Kindergarten’s Garden

In Term 3, Kindergarten have been following a line of inquiry about local places.

One of the things we wondered was ‘How can we look after a local place?’

Kindergarten thought of many ways we could look after the School.  We thought we could not only look after our School but improve the garden nearest to our rooms and extend our learning with hands on experiences.

First of all we drew some plans and discussed our ideas. Next, we had to ask Mrs Dyer if we could implement our ideas. Then, Mrs Van Dyck bought the plants and organised for Whalan’s Nursery to deliver them. We were very excited when they arrived! We all helped carry the plants and dig them into the ground with help from Mr Ryan and our teachers.

Through this collaborative experience students learnt about their responsibilities to their environment, many scientific facts, following plans and looking at pros and cons of a situation. As a result it is apparent that students have developed self-confidence, a sense of responsibility and to love our School and love improving it.


1530-Kinder 4

1530-Kinder 5

1530-Kinder 6

1530-Kinder 7

1530-Kinder 8

1530-Kinder 1

Tournament of Minds (TOM)

Tournament of Minds (TOM) is an exciting and engaging competition which allows students to combine higher order thinking with a creative performance component. Tournament of Minds is for students with a passion for learning and problem solving to demonstrate their skills and talents in an exciting, vibrant and public way. It involves teams from both primary and secondary years.

Newcastle Grammar School was thrilled to win the Regional Competition and were very excited to attend the State Finals which was held on the weekend. This being our first experience at State Finals, the whole experience was novel. State Finals changes the format of the competition requiring students to read and interpret the challenge, create and discuss ideas and compose a play which answers the challenge. All if this is completed unassisted and in three hours! We are incredible proud of our team and their efforts. Students developed their ability to think both critically and creatively and they really had to employ their teamwork skills. We walked away from this day richer as students (and teachers) for being involved and we look forward to participating in 2016.

Once again we congratulate the Tournament of the Minds final participants:

  • Sebastian Spencer
  • Ruby Macdonald
  • Pierra Singh
  • Lucy Nightingale
  • Alexander Macdougall
  • Kalen Routley
  • Thomas McGrath

Speech News – Congratulations!  

Semester 2 is shaping up to be very busy in the Speech Department – preparing for our exams in November!!  And then, a handful of Kindergarten and Year 1 students took the challenge to also enter into the Abermain Speech & Drama Eisteddfod on the weekend.  I am very proud of your achievements and I am very fortunate to have such committed young people to work with.  It has been a delight!  The results are as follows:

Kindergarten: Kensington Steele (1st) S/R Verse, (1st) Own choice Verse; Bailee Turner (Enc) Own Choice Verse; Jessica Choi (Enc) Own choice Verse, (Enc) S/R Verse; Alexis Swancott (Enc) S/R Verse; Chloe Armitage (Enc) S/R Verse.

Year 1: Jenny Park (1st) Open Verse; Ivy Heslop (HC) S/R Verse; Shanti Gupta-Orpin (Enc) S/R Verse.

Mrs J Jones
Speech & Drama

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From the Director of Pre-school
Mrs Angela Tapp

This week at pre-school we were lucky enough to have the Tournament Of The Minds (TOM) team come and perform their piece for Pre-school. We were blown away at their talent, confidence and ability to remember so many lines. The children loved it. We had familiarised the children with the story ‘Sunday Chutney’ last week so the Pre-schoolers were excited to see it performed by the ‘Big School’ children. Thank you Mrs Tucker and the TOM Team!

The other exciting bit of news this week relates to a ‘science experiment’ we carried out a couple of weeks ago. Each room took 3 pieces of white bread. The first (control) piece was placed in a plastic bag using a pair of gloves. The second piece was handled by a child straight after outside play in the gravel pit and the third piece by another child who had washed and gelled their hands. Today we looked at the bread and, sure enough, the second (dirty) piece had significantly more mould growing on it than the other 2 pieces!

Continuing with the ‘growing’ theme, last week we mentioned how spring had sprung and the spring theme continued into this week with the planting of sunflower seeds. We have planted them in our garden as well as inside in pots and hopefully we will see some seedlings when we return next term (if the seeds haven’t been washed away with the enthusiastic watering regime).

Finally, with the warmer weather, we had our first big fly in the Groovers’ room. This caused a bit of excitement. “It’s okay, it’s just a fly” said Miss Ange. “Yes, but it is one that marches” said one of the boys! Cute!

Next week is our last week for Term 3. Pre-school families will be receiving their child’s Pre-school report next week. We wish everyone a safe and happy break and look forward to seeing everyone again in Term 4.





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Head of Co-curricular
Mrs Corey Rowntree

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NCYC Sailing School Holiday Camp

Please >Click here for further details regarding the School Holiday Camp and >click here for Registration Form

Job Opportunities

Subway in Hunter Street is looking for friendly, motivated, responsible team players to join their business. If you are interested in applying and want to be a part of the team send your resume to and see Mrs Rowntree for a copy of the employment form.


>Click here to find further information on the variety of events coming up that you may be interested in attending:

– Course and Institute Information Sessions for Students and Parents
– Course and Workshops for Students
– Open Days
– Scholarships
– Early Entry
– Jobs and Career Opportunities for Students
– New Courses
– North Construction Apprenticeship
– School Based Traineeship – Expressions of Interest

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From the Director of Music Performance
Mr Kevin Young

From the Director of Music Performance image

Years 5-8 Disco

Last Friday night our two rock bands and Oliver Watt supported the Years 5-8 Disco. By all accounts, everyone had a great time and the boys in the bands played really well and entertained the audience who really got involved throughout the night.  I’d like to sincerely thank Mr Leigh Sherringham for the time he puts into this programme and working with the lads.

Oliver Watt from Year 11 was the DJ for the event and did a superb job providing the dance tracks and assisting with the setting up of the gear.

It’s wonderful to see the emerging talents of these young musicians.

Senior Band: Alex Young, Xavier Logan, Trent Pepper.
Year 9 Band: Eoin Brown, Hamish Young, Nick Seah, Alex Oakley.

Congratulations to you all and for providing superb entertainment for all to enjoy.


1530 - Music 3

1530 - Music 4

George Golla Visit

Last Wednesday we were privileged to have a visit from Mr George Golla the Australian Jazz Guitar Virtuoso. George was accompanied by singer Miss Jacki Cooper. Mr Golla spent 90 minutes with ten of our guitar students discussing the finer points and techniques of playing jazz guitar. We were also treated to a few songs from Miss Cooper as well.  Students had the opportunity to ask questions and listen to the maestro play. Thanks to all of the students who attended and to Mr Fraser for the fine work he is doing with the guitar ensemble.


1530 - Music 1

1530 - Music 2

Singapore Fund Raising Event

Mrs Jennifer Bell has organized a Sausage Sizzle at Park Campus on Friday, 18 September. There will be cupcakes and other treats available on the day as well. If anyone would like to donate cakes on the day, please drop them into the Music Basement on the morning of 18 September. My thanks to Mrs Bell and her team of parents and to the Mrs Dyer and the staff at Park Campus.

An Afternoon at the Proms 2015

This wonderful event will be held on Sunday, 22 November in the Sandi Warren Performance Centre. Once again, our guest conductor for the event will be Mr George Ellis. The afternoon will be hosted by a special guest. Please mark this date in your diaries.

Upcoming  Music Events

16 September: Brass RaZoo at Graduation Dinner 7.30pm City Hall
18 September: Orchestra and Choir at Valedictory Service  9.30am CCC
Term 4
30 October: Brass RaZoo and Bamboozle Dinner Dance 7.00pm at Merewether Bowling Club.
22 November : An Afternoon at the Proms  3.00pm SWPC

Singapore Rehearsals

All students must attend all rehearsals in Term 4. Students involved in the tour are reminded to check the rehearsal schedule as each ensemble is only rehearsing a few times prior to the tour. As such, you are asked to attend all the rehearsals in which you are involved.

9 October: Choir,  3.30 to 5.00pm, Arts Space
22 October: Concert Orchestra, 5.30pm to 7.00pm – Arts Space
29 October: Symphony Orchestra Only, 3.30pm to 6.00pm – Proms Rehearsal (Arts Space)
30 October: Choir, 3.30pm to 5.00pm – Arts Space
19 November: Concert Orchestra, 5.30pm to 7.00pm – Arts Space
20 November: Concert & Symphony Orchestra, 3.30pm to 6.00pm – Proms Rehearsal (SWPC)
22 November: Concert Orchestra & Choir, 3.00pm Proms – SWPC
23 November: Rehearsal day for Carols & Speech Day, Separate Schedule – TBA
6 December: Tour Commences

Term 3 has been busy with the HSC Practical Examinations being the focus. I would like to sincerely thank all involved in music making across our school. Our involvement in the HRIS Cultural Festival and the Years 5 – 8 HICES Festival was excellent. The performances of the Grammarphones, Guitar and Brass Ensembles, Year 12 musicians, Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Choir were outstanding. The many performances at Chapel and our Founders Day Service really added so much to these special occasions.

Then there was Music week and the HSC Recitals. All students prepared well with the expert assistance of Miss Sweetman, Mr Sherringham, Mr Power, Mr Fraser and Mr Tracy. Our students really are fortunate to have such expertise to guide and advise them through the HSC preparation process.

My congratulations to everyone. Have a restful break, stay safe and well.

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From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

From the Director of Sport image

Sport News

>Click here to find further information on this weeks sporting news:
– Futsal
– Rowing
– Surf Sports /Surf Lifesaving
– Tennis
– NSWCIS Athletics Championships – Primary
– Primary Tennis

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Leaving NGS?

One full Term’s notice must be given in writing to the Head of School prior to the withdrawal of a Student from the School, otherwise one full Term’s fees are payable. This does not apply to Year 12 Students in their last Term at the School.

Smart Phone App

The new NGS App is now connected to the NGS website and should allow you to read events in the calendar, alerts and the newsletter in a format that should prove more convenient.  It can be downloaded from the >Apple Store or >Google Play.

Uniform Shop
Hours for 2015

The Uniform shop hours are as follows.

Monday: 8.00am – 2.00pm
Wednesday & Friday: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Summer Uniform
Term 4

We will move into Summer Uniform at the beginning of Term 4.

Please > click here for the Hill Campus Uniform Guidelines.

Speech Day Sponsorship

Thank you to all of the School families that have continued to sponsor prizes at Newcastle Grammar School’s Speech Day.  This event is a prize giving ceremony for students who have excelled in varying areas throughout the year and it is attended by all students from Kindergarten to Year 12.  Staff, parents and extended family are encouraged to attend the ceremony and this regularly results in an audience of over 1200 people.  This year’s presentation will be held at the Great Hall, University of Newcastle on Wednesday, 2 December 2015.

As we prepare for this event, we would like to provide you or your company with the opportunity to sponsor a prize.  In return for your generous donation, acknowledgement will be provided through the following:
– Business name included in Speech day programme book.

Should you wish to take up this opportunity, please contact me ( as soon as possible to discuss suitable prizes. Please note, prizes will be allocated based on a first come, first served basis.

iStadium Run Update

Volunteers are needed to man the drink station on Union Street in front of Park Campus on 11 October.  Everything will be provided so if you can spare a little time, please email Glenda Young at

A second training session will be held this coming Friday (18 September) at 3.30pm.  Come along to pick up tips and techniques from elite marathoner, Vlad Shatrov and Runlab coach, Lucas McBeath. This session is for everyone – those interested in running, new to running and of course also the faster runners. No matter your level, everyone will benefit this session. Come and join Vlad, Lucas your iStadium Run School Ambassadors Caleb Agostino-Morrow, Lorcan Redmond and Phoebe O’Keeffe. Meet on Merrick.

1528 - Cathedral Invite 2015