From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

From the Head of School image

It seems hard to believe we are already in Week 8 of the School term. With three weeks’ left of Term 3 our students are managing a range of activities as well as their School work. I congratulate all the students who competed in the FISAF championships in Brisbane on the weekend – National gold medallists Mackenzie Smith, Dominique Oakley, Dominique Murphy and Verity Webb in the Senior International Step Team; Alexandra Lange, Tia de Silva, Molly Broad, Anishika Kendurkar and Brilee Stubbs in the Cadet 5 Team International Step team category; and Leo Hasdarngkul in the Cadet National Individual Male section. At the AICES athletics championships on Monday, Newcastle Grammar School had 13 representatives and a number of these students will go on to compete for the Combined Independent Schools’ team – a significant achievement. Congratulations to Lorcan Redmond in Year 9 who is now the Australian U16 Cross Country Champion. Lorcan is also a member of the victorious NSW Cross Country team. The SATU unit completed the field component of their promotion courses over the weekend – the highlights of which were team work and rising to the challenges of leadership.

This week, many Year 12 students began visiting University Open Days, Year 11 were challenged to think about their responsibilities as leaders of the School from Term 4 and Year 8 parents and students joined together for their Subject selection evening for 2016. Our Year 8 Stewart Council leaders have been working hard to plan a disco for Years 5-8 on 11 September.

All Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 families should now have received their son/daughter’s NAPLAN results. Overall, we are pleased with the results. Our students on average performing well above State levels.

From the Director of Learning & Teaching
Mrs Lisa Peterson

From the Director of Learning & Teaching image

Year 10 Course Selections for the Preliminary HSC 2016

Following the initial course selection process after the Year 10 Parent/Student Evening held in August, courses were placed into subject lines (groups of courses) for the second round selection process (which was conducted in class with a photocopy of individual student choices being sent home to parents/guardians). Whilst it is not possible to accommodate all subject selections for all students nearly every student was able to select their first 3 preferred elective choices. Also, it is pleasing to report that almost all students were successful in being able to enrol in at least 5 of their first 6 choices (including English and Mathematics) from their original priority list of courses, with over 60% of students being able to obtain all of their original preferred choices in this second round process.

If parents or students have not been individually approached, it may be assumed that Year 10 students have been successful in obtaining their preferred choices from this second round selection process.

This now concludes the course selection process for Year 10 (Year 11, 2016). Please feel free to contact Mr Filby or myself, if you require clarification of any of the above matters.

Subject Selections

Students in Years 8 and 11 are reminded to return their Subject Selection Forms for 2016 to Mrs Gowdy in the Hill Campus Office by Tuesday, 8 September.

HSC Practical Examinations

Congratulations to our Year 12 Extension 2 English, Design and Technology, Visual Arts, French and Drama students who have all completed practical examinations or submitted Major Works for their HSC over the past week. Best wishes to our HSC Music students who will complete their performance examination next week.

Year 12 Reports

Year 12 Yearly Reports will be emailed to parents early next week. Please contact the School if you do not receive your son/daughter’s report.


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From the Director of Operations
Mr Duncan McKensey

2015 Year 5 & Year 6 Father-Son Camp

Please >click here to view details of the 2015 NGS Father – Son Camp.

From the Director of Wellbeing
Ms Lynne Walker

From the Director of Wellbeing image

Year 11 Roadwhyz Seminar

On Friday, our Year 11 students will participate in the ROADWHYZ – ‘Choice and Consequence’ programme. This is a joint initiative of NSW Police, ambulance officers and paramedics from the NSW Ambulance Service and parents from within our community. The programme has been developed to assist drivers, in particular those young drivers from 17 – 25 years of age, as this category is over represented in road trauma statistics. It is also aimed at Learner Drivers, with the aim to provide all involved with the tools, skills and knowledge needed to stay safe on our roads.

From the Hunter House Coordinators
Ms M Thomas and Ms C Byrnes

As you read this newsletter today, Hill Campus is celebrating Hunter House’s ‘beYOUtiful’ Day! In the promotion of our wonderful signature strengths of appreciation of beauty, honesty and confidence we are selling fruit inspired creations at recess and taking Polaroid photos and launching our ‘beYOUtiful’ photographic exhibition, enjoying a musical concert and a BBQ at lunch. Students have come to school in their sports uniform with their favourite ‘beYOUtiful’ accessory that represents who they are as a person and shares their inner strength and beauty. Next week we will share some lovely photos and stories from the day.


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From the Head of Park Campus
Mrs Alicha Dyer

Asking questions and being curious can improve students’ enthusiasm and motivation for learning.

A wand, a mirror, a pair of glasses, a glove and some footsteps have recently been found at Park Campus. These clues have our students thinking, questioning, finding out, using their senses, making discoveries, expressing their thoughts, creating and representing their understandings. Curiosity is alive and well at Park Campus and very soon all will be revealed regarding those interesting indications!

Year 2 Tocal Homestead Excursion

On Thursday, 27 August 2015, Year 2 travelled to Tocal Homestead as part of their unit of inquiry into past and present life in our local area. After a tour of the property, students participated in a number of activities that required them to make comparisons between life in the past including domestic responsibilities such as cooking and cleaning, as well as, recreation activities. Whilst many enjoyed the challenge of undertaking such tasks, it was concluded that life in the past was much more challenging and demanding than life today.  Students asked relevant questions and showed great interest in what life would have been like many years ago.

Thank you to Mrs Cameron, Mrs Mott, Mrs Swancott, Mr Haddock and Mr Spencer for assisting us and ensuring that the students had a wonderful day.

1528 - Year 2 Tocal 2

1528 - Year 2 Tocal 3

1528 - Year 2 Tocal 1

Year 2’s Visit to Pre-school

Last Tuesday, Year 2 visited the Pre-school, to read some books for Book Week. It was an exciting visit for all those involved which was evident by their big smiling faces. It was lovely to see the patience and kindness Year 2 displayed towards their younger friends.  Many of the Year 2 students attended Newcastle Grammar School Pre-shool so it was “a trip down memory lane” for them and for the Pre-school teachers. Thank you to the Pre-school for the invitation and we look forward to visiting again next year!

Mrs A Unsted and Mr T Daly – Year 2 Teachers

004 008 011 017 020

Book Week 2015

Books Light Up Our World – Another Book Week has passed with successful celebrations. The highlights were Mr Power reading the delightful ‘The Book With No Pictures’ at lunchtime to an assortment of K-4 students. The laughter was so loud Mrs Dyer gave up working in her office to join in the fun! The rotating group activities morning provided lots of discussion about the shortlisted titles and there were some craft activities based on them. The students were in House groups and there were many stories of older students assisting our younger ones to complete their tasks – as Seniors and Apprentices.

The inaugural Year 3 versus Year 4 Trivia competition was a very close affair with the Year 3 team of Lucy Nightingale, James Marr, Alexandra Moss, Ambrose Raftos and Mitchell Franks coming out on top with 31 points to 30. The Year 4 team of Felix Wright, Hunter Rowntree, Hannah Choi, Pierra Singh and Lucia Clarke were tough competition. We also had some cross age reading with Year 2 visiting the Pre-school with their favourite picture books and Year 4 visiting their Kindergarten buddies.

1528-PC Book week 1 1528-PC Book Week 2 1528-PC Book Week 3 1528-PC Book Week 5

Kindergarten are Sprouting Seeds

In Kindergarten we have been busy sprouting our own tiny seeds. Here are some of our wonderings about the seeds.

I wonder if they will grow?
I wonder how they will change?
I wonder how long they will take to grow and change?
I wonder what they will look like?
I wonder if they will grow leaves?
I wonder if they will smell?
I wonder if we can eat it?

 1528-PC 2 1528-PC 1 1528-PC 3

Park Campus Friday Fun Fair

Planning is well underway for the Park Campus Friday Fun Fair which will take place on Friday, 16 October. Last year’s event was a huge success, due largely to the tremendous support of our generous sponsors. We are again seeking sponsors for the Fun Fair, with this year’s proceeds going towards dedicated outdoor learning areas.

If you are interested in sponsoring a ride or stall, or know of a business that would be, please let us know.  Sponsorship packages are priced at $200 per ride or stall (plus an additional $80 if you require us to print your sign) and include display of signage and recognition in posters and the School newsletter.  Please contact Germeen Kaldas via email for more information or to express your interest.

1527 - FunFairPoster_15

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From the Director of Pre-school
Mrs Angela Tapp

On Monday, 24 August, we had a fabulous day at Pre-school. It was another favourite day on the term calendar…. ‘Pancake Day’.  It was just like Junior Master Chef! The children not only looked the part in colourful aprons and chef hats but they all helped measure and mix the self-raising flour, milk, sugar, vanilla essence, bi-carb soda, white vinegar and eggs. We also talked about an ‘egg free’ recipe and this led to a fabulous discussion about allergies and anaphylaxis which the children responded to beautifully – an opportunistic discussion to take place before ‘big school’ next year.  The pancakes were delicious and the children enjoyed devouring the end result with big smiles and then finished the day with more cooking – this time in the sandpit (between showers of rain).

Making pancakes is actually a terrific learning experience involving science, maths, safety, sharing, taking turns, patience and persistence. To relate this back to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)… the experience demonstrated that the children were open to new challenges and discoveries; co-operated and worked collaboratively with others; recognised their individual achievements and the achievements of others; persisted when faced with challenges and when first attempts were not successful (EYLF outcomes 1.2); celebrated and shared their contributions and achievements with others (EYLF outcome 1.3); showed interest in other children and being part of a group;  and engaged in, and contributed to, shared play experiences (EYLF outcomes 1.4) – just to name a few.

Lastly, we extend a huge thank you to Miss Sally who came and did two amazing Yoga sessions with our Groover and Shaker children on Wednesday, 26 August. Miss Sally took the children on a yoga journey which began with children passing around a ‘gratitude ball’ and saying what they were grateful for. This ranged from particular toys to flowers, family and pre-school. The session ended with the children having a rest / meditating and passing around the solitude bell while listening to peaceful music. Heaven!

Stay tuned! Pre-school have something exciting to report on next week. A huge shout out to Diane and Kupa-Lilli. Until then…

1528 - PS 4

1528 - PS 3

1528 - PS 2

1528 - PS 1

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Head of Co-curricular
Mrs Corey Rowntree

Head of Co-curricular image

Year 10 Work Experience

Could I please remind all Year 10 students that it is now time to finalise Work Experience for Week 7, 16 – 20 November 2015. All Year 10 students were given paper work that is required to be completed by the employer and returned to me prior to the students attending.  It is the sole responsibility of the Year 10 student to arrange this placement. Any student having problems should see me as soon as possible.


Sancta Sophia College at University of Sydney >Click here

From the Director of Music Performance
Mr Kevin Young

From the Director of Music Performance image

Brass RaZoo at Newcastle Jazz Festival

Thanks to Mr Sherringham and members of Brass RaZoo for their outstanding performance last Saturday at the Newcastle Jazz Festival. There were many people in attendance and many positive comments came from the crowd at the conclusion of the bands set. Well done everyone.

Singapore Tour Rehearsal

The Concert Orchestra will have their second tour rehearsal this Thursday afternoon from 5.30pm to 7.00pm. Please see Mr Sherringham if there is a problem attending.
I am happy to report that the tour personnel has grown to 60 students which is outstanding. Thank you to all for supporting this wonderful opportunity.

Singapore Fund Raisers

On 11 October at 3.00pm in the SWPC, our Music Staff along with some invited guests will present a wonderful afternoon of music. This is currently being organized and more details will be in next week’s newsletter.

Mrs Jennifer Bell has organized a Sausage Sizzle at Park Campus on Friday, 18 September. There will be cupcakes and other treats available on the day as well. If anyone would like to donate cakes on the day, please drop them into the Music Basement on the morning of 18 September. My thanks to Mrs Bell and her team of parents and to the Mrs Dyer and the staff at Park Campus.

Christ Church Cathedral Flower Festival 2015

We have been invited to support this event on Saturday, 5 September.  Students in Grammarphones, Chamber Choir, Guitar Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Brass Ensemble will be involved at various times throughout the day. Please let Mr Young know if there are any problems attending these performances.

Time Group    /    Artist
10.00am: Grammarphones
10.30am: Year 12
11.00am: Year 12
11.30am: Year 12
12.00pm: Guitar Ensemble
12.30pm: Brass Ensemble
12.50pm: Set up orchestra
1.15pm: Symphony Orchestra
2.00pm: Orchestra Concludes and clears altar area
2.15pm: Chamber Choir
2.50pm: Chamber Choir Concludes

Term 3 Music Events

2 September:  HSC Recital 2 in the Arts Space 6.00pm
5 September: Orchestra, Brass Ensemble, Grammarphones and HSC students CCC Flower Festival
16 September: Brass RaZoo at Graduation Dinner  City Hall Times TBA
18 September: Orchestra and Choir at Valedictory Service  9.30am CCC
30 October: Brass RaZoo and Bamboozle Dinner Dance  Venue TBA

Singapore Rehearsals

These rehearsals are now well underway. Students involved in the tour are reminded to check the rehearsal schedule as each ensemble is only rehearsing a few times prior to the tour. As such, you are asked to attend all the rehearsals in which you are involved.

4 September: Choir, 3.30pm to 5.00pm – Arts Space
9 October: Choir, 3.30pm to 5.00pm – Arts Space
22 October: Concert Orchestra, 5.30pm to 7.00pm – Arts Space
29 October: Symphony Orchestra Only, 3.30pm to 6.00pm – Proms Rehearsal (Arts Space)
30 October: Choir, 3.30pm to 5.00pm – Arts Space
19 November: Concert Orchestra, 5.30pm to 7.00pm – Arts Space
20 November: Concert & Symphony Orchestra, 3.30pm to 6.00pm – Proms Rehearsal (SWPC)
22 November: Concert Orchestra & Choir, 3.00pm Proms – SWPC
23 November: Rehearsal day for Carols & Speech Day, Separate Schedule – TBA
6 December: Tour Commences


1528 - Music 1

1528 - Music 4

1528 - Music 3

1528 - Music 2

Photos: Some of the HSC students playing at the lunch time recitals, last week.

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From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

From the Director of Sport image

Sport News

>Click here to find further information on this weeks sporting news:
– Netball
– AICES Athletics Championships
– Futsal
– Rowing
– Tennis
– HRIS Primary Netball & Football Gala Day
– All Schools Touch Football Gala Day
– Cocurricular Summer Touch Football
– Surf Lifesaving
– Surf Survival Swim
– Surf Camp


We are extremely excited to announce that we have partnered up with the fantastic iStadium run Newcastle running festival shortly to be held within our backyard.

As you may have heard, the iSTADIUM Run fun run is coming to Newcastle on 10 – 11 October and we have teamed up with them to get as many people as possible in the Hunter and interstate running in the event.

iSTADIUM Run is more than just a run, it is an experience. You will start at the Hunter Stadium and then run towards Merewether Beach and return to finish inside the Stadium with Bands and fanfare so you can finish like a professional athlete.

All along the course you will be entertained with Music etc to keep your mind entertained for the entire time. There will also be a massive EXPO on the 2 days where you can entertain the kids and get some great running deals and information.

You can Choose from a:
– A Kids Mile (only for kids between 4 and 12 years, but parents can run alongside to motivate the kids)
– 5k run
– 10k run
– Or the full 21.1k Half Marathon Distance.

This course is certified, fast, wide and you get to finish running into the Hunter Stadium captured and projected onto the big scoreboards!

We are fortunate to have Vlad Shatrov conducting training days at the School on Friday, 11 September and Friday, 18 September. Caleb Agostino-Morrow, Lorcan Redmond and Pheobe O’Keeffe are the iRun champions at NGS, so if you have any questions about the event or training days, please see them.

Go to >

Your special team access is (select to enter as a Team, then enter the Newcastle Grammar School team using details below)

– TEAM NAME: Newcastle Grammar School

– PASSWORD: grammar

As part of the information for this event please find the link to the latest copy of the Inspire Magazine which is a special running edition that has been have launched by the organisers of iSTADIUM Run. > Inspire Mag Running Edition

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N.E.R.D.S Science Club
Mrs R Chamberlain - Head of Science

The N.E.R.D.S Science Club members have had a busy few weeks. They have been assisting in a range of programmes designed to extend our links with Park Campus as well as completing their own science activities.IMG_2124

Year 4 visited for a Forensic Science Day. The N.E.R.D.S were invaluable assistants in this journey of dastardly discovery. A crime site was set up to discover whether Jimmy, Pat or Selina stole the money from the local ice cream parlour. Clothing samples and blood samples were tested, fingerprints and plaster casts of footwear were analysed and chromatography was used to identify the pen used to leave the nasty note of crime. It was deduced that Jimmy did it!

A very excited group of Year 2 students also visited and performed some experiments linking into their Water Unit. The focus was on how polluted water can be made fit for human consumption with students exploring filtration, the effect of temperature and the use of indicators to identify toxins in seemingly clean water. The Science Club students were excellent mentors as they guided the Year 2 students through the experimental procedures needed tosolve the water crises.IMG_2171

Another highlight was the group tutorial conducted by Diane McGrath. The N.E.R.D.S asked insightful questions and were enthralled by Diane’s thoughtful responses.

This week is National Science in Schools Week and as part of this Science Club is currently preparing for a Science Fair of activities to be presented to Year 6 students. The theme of the morning will reflect concepts relevant to 2015 as International Year of Light.

Until next time… in the words of Marie Curie “In Science we can inspire as every discovery however small is a permanent gain”.


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Money Stuff Challenge Success
Mr Boyd - Commerce Teacher

The Money Stuff Challenge is competition run by NSW Fair Trading through its Money Stuff website ( ). The website contains a range of information relating to young people and their consumer rights. The Money Stuff Challenge is to ‘sell’ consumer rights information to teenagers. A hard task!  The competition gets thousands of entries each year and Grammar has made the finals (10 metropolitan and 8 regional schools) five times in the last thirteen years and won it in 2003. Commerce teacher, Mr Dwyer, also won a ‘Fair Trading Ambassador’ Award in 2012! This year we entered approximately fifteen entries from the Year 9 Commerce classes and the team of Emma Read, Luka Smith and Caitlin Spencer has made the finals. This means that they have a chance to be the overall winners (as judged by an independent panel of experts) and they are in the People’s Choice Awards (to be decided by popular vote). After an intense brainstorming session, the students decided to produce a puppet show. They had to write the script, do all the “acting” and special effects, film it and edit it. The end result was a very funny and highly informative two minute show which you can watch at: People’s Choice page on the Money Stuff website. Look for the ‘Regional Finalists’, sixth one down. If you like it, follow the link at the bottom of the page to vote for it. In fact, if you like it put a link to it on all your social media and get your friends to vote for it – remember, it is a popular choice award!

Year 12 Visual Arts
Mrs T Martin - Coordinator of Creative and Performing Arts

Congratulations to the Year 12 Visual Arts class of 2015. It has been a very busy and rewarding week for them.

Monday, 24 August was the Board of Studies submission date for the completion of their Bodies of Works. This marked the culmination of many of the goals and achievements for the students in their study of Visual Arts for their HSC.

Tuesday evening provided an opportunity for the families and friends of the students to view their artworks and relax and reflect on their many achievements. The evening was relaxed and enjoyable with the students feeling a sense of relief as they have now completed 50% of their HSC studies for this subject area.

The Bodies of Works will now be carefully stored until marked by the examiners in mid October. Once this process has been completed we will then be able to share images of the outstanding work that the students have produced during their HSC year.

1528 - Visual arts

Pictured from Left to Right:  Talina Danuser, Bethany Lee, Alexandra Kerras & Felix Ferguson.

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SRW Visit to Park Campus

On Monday, 31 August the SRW Mentor group from Hill Campus visited students in Kindergarten and Year 1 at Park Campus. This gave SRW the opportunity to fulfil a goal set at the beginning of the year, which was to share in the love of learning with younger students. During the short visit, SRW spent some time reading their favourite picture book and assisting the younger students in their classrooms. Comments made by some SRW members included:
“It was fun to teach instead of being taught”.- Zoe Roberts-Thomson
“It was great and they didn’t need much help”. – Alice Carraro
“It was cute answering their questions and knowing about their lives”. – Kiara Bower
“It was great because they wanted to keep reading”. – Amy-Jorgia Barnett

1528 - SRW 1

1528-SRW 2

1528-SRW 3

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1528-Reserve Wine Bar

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NGS Online Canteen Ordering System

Since the start of Term 3, we have implemented the Flexischools Online Canteen Ordering System. We would appreciate one minute of your time to complete a quick survey to inform our future direction in this area. The Survey will close on Friday, 4 September. >Click here for the Survey

Head Lice Notification

There have been several outbreaks of Head Lice within the Hill Campus this Term.

Could all families please check their child/ren’s hair on a regular basis & treat as necessary.

Smart Phone App

The new NGS App is now connected to the NGS website and should allow you to read events in the calendar, alerts and the newsletter in a format that should prove more convenient.  It can be downloaded from the >Apple Store or >Google Play.

Stewart Disco
Parent Volunteers Needed

Our Stewart Disco for Years 5 to 8 is to be held on the 11 September from 6.00pm-9.30pm and we are in need of some parent volunteers to help cook and serve food on the night.

If you are able to help out please email Mrs Glenda Young on: Any help would be most appreciated.

1527-Disco notice

Uniform Shop
Hours for 2015

The Uniform shop hours are as follows.

Monday: 8.00am – 2.00pm
Wednesday & Friday: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Sports Socks
Plain white socks are now permitted as we will be phasing out our current striped socks over the next several months.

Speech Day Sponsorship

Thank you to all of the School families that have continued to sponsor prizes at Newcastle Grammar School’s Speech Day.  This event is a prize giving ceremony for students who have excelled in varying areas throughout the year and it is attended by all students from Kindergarten to Year 12.  Staff, parents and extended family are encouraged to attend the ceremony and this regularly results in an audience of over 1200 people.  This year’s presentation will be held at the Great Hall, University of Newcastle on Wednesday, 2 December 2015.

As we prepare for this event, we would like to provide you or your company with the opportunity to sponsor a prize.  In return for your generous donation, acknowledgement will be provided through the following:
– Business name included in Speech day programme book.

Should you wish to take up this opportunity, please contact me ( as soon as possible to discuss suitable prizes. Please note, prizes will be allocated based on a first come, first served basis.

Mrs K Robson - Canteen Manager


Eat Fresh and Win

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables at the Canteen and WIN. When you purchase these from the canteen you will receive a sticker, when you have TWO stickers you win a free character pencil and eraser.  7 different sorts to win and then you can put your entry card into a major draw to be drawn in Sydney.  Prizes include… a TV & DVD player, Apple IPAD Mini 16GB, Gift Pack and Movie Vouchers.

Happy munching on your healthy fruit and vegetables at Hill Campus and Park Campus. Competition ends on 18 September 2015.

Canteen Duties

Hill Campus

Mon 7 September:
Louise Phillips

Tue 8 September
Alette Schot

Wed 9 September:
Rebecca Webster
Lee Fry

Thu 10 September:
Felicity Lumley

Fri 11 September:
Doreen Ingram

Park Campus

Mon 7 September:

Tue 8 September:
Sam Avery

Wed 9 September:
Kanika Singh

Thu 10 September:

Fri 11 September:
Kym Carpenter


HMRI1528 - Cathedral Invite 2015