From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

From the Head of School image

Congratulations to our Year 6 debaters Mathew Macdougall, Zoe Roberts-Thomson, Alice Carraro and Georgia Cameron who won their elimination final last week arguing the negative ‘mothers should stay home and look after their children’ and our Year 12 debating team Toby Noon, Lauren Merritt, Nicola Illiadis and Casey Dykes who were narrowly defeated against Arden Anglican College on Monday, arguing that ‘community service should be a mandatory HSC subject’. The growth of interest in public speaking and debating is very pleasing. Our Mock Trial team have progressed to the next round and are one of only 32 teams across NSW left in the competition. Good luck this weekend to the students representing Newcastle Grammar School in Tournament of the Minds. We are hosting this event and our teams will be in action at the Hill Campus on Sunday from 9.30am.

Year 8 enjoyed their language experience last Friday participating in a range of cultural activities to enhance their engagement with their study of French and Japanese. It has also been pleasing to hear the positive feedback from Years 3 and 4 about their study of Mandarin. At assembly two weeks ago, Year 3 made a film about their new classes. >Click here to see this short film.

The Year 8 snow camp has started well. >Click here to see some photos. Our students very much enjoyed hearing from Dianne McGrath about the Mars project in assembly yesterday and our Year 7 Science Club students were able to ask lots of questions.


Photo: Our Year 6 Debaters

From the Director of Learning & Teaching
Mrs Lisa Peterson

From the Director of Learning & Teaching image

Year 11 Preliminary Examinations

Students in Year 11 began their Preliminary Examinations this week. Students are reminded to be at the examination room at least 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the exam. Students are only required to be at school for their examinations. The Library is available for private study, but students must be dressed in full School uniform if they are on site. Students are also reminded to let Mrs Peterson know if they will be absent from an examination.

Tournament of the Minds

This Sunday, students from Newcastle Grammar School will compete in the Hunter Region Tournament of the Minds challenge. The Hill Campus Primary Team (Tamsyn Burley, Sophie Franks, Anishika Kendurkar, Cameron Carson, Elliot Wentworth, Jordan Muddle and Josephine Armstrong) are to meet Mrs Peterson at 12.30pm on Merrick before competing in their first challenge at 1.00pm

The Hill Campus Secondary Team are to meet Mrs Peterson on Merrick at 8.45am before their first challenge at 9.15am. (please see more information elsewhere in this Newsletter)

Year 9 2016 Subject Selection Information Evening

Year 8 students and their parents are invited to attend a Subject Selection Information Evening for Year 9, 2016. The evening will be held on Tuesday, 1 September in Horbury Hunt Hall (HHH) commencing at 6.30pm. The evening will include an overview of the Stage 5 curriculum, the ROSA and elective subjects offered at NGS. I would encourage all students and their parents to attend. As this is an official School function, students are required to wear full School uniform.

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From the Director of Operations
Mr Duncan McKensey

2015 Year 5 & Year 6 Father-Son Camp

Please >click here to view details of the 2015 NGS Father – Son Camp.

From the Director of Wellbeing
Ms Lynne Walker

From the Director of Wellbeing image

Year 9 Wellbeing Session

There are 4 key communication skills for children:
– ​Listening
– Speaking
– Reading
– Writing

Studies have shown that the key to success, with regard to understanding others and empathising  with them, is listening. (Interestingly… writing is the least used skill but the most taught skill, while listening is the most used skill but the least taught skill​!)

Our Year 9 students had the opportunity to practise the skill of active and constructive listening as part of their Wellbeing Session this week. We hope that they will continue to use this skill as it brings two significant benefits:
– ​Firstly it will develop their ability to empathise with others, thus increasing tolerance and understanding which are foundations of positive relationships.
– Secondly, studies have shown that regular practice at active and constructive listening promotes feelings of happiness and decreases the incidence of depression.

Happy listening!​

From the Hunter House Coordinators
Ms M Thomas and Ms C Byrnes

This week Hunter House would like to remind students on the Hill Campus to get involved in our beYOutiful photographic exhibition. Please get creative and submit a photo which links to one of our signature strengths which are beauty, honesty or confidence. All entries will be displayed on Hunter Day and there will be a range of prizes including a People’s Choice Award.  Each photo needs a title and a very brief sentence explaining which strength it links to. Please give your photos to Ms Thomas or Ms Byrnes prior to Friday, 28 August.

Wishing you a beYOUtiful week!

From the Head of Park Campus
Mrs Alicha Dyer

What a great time was had by all who attended the Stage Two Camp last week. Our students were fantastic and approached all activities with great enthusiasm and effort. All of the camp instructors commented on how well-behaved and approachable our students were. This is a reflection of the ethos which is developed and maintained by all staff at school.

A big thank you also to the teachers who attended camp, your efforts are certainly greatly appreciated, especially by the students. All staff in attendance did a great job of looking after our students and giving that extra special care and attention.

Year 4 Camp Reflections

Camp was really fun. There were really good activities. My favourite activities were fencing and high ropes. – Hayden

Camp was AWESOME! The activities were so cool! My favourite activities were the giant swing, county fair and high ropes. – Allie

Camp was AMAZING! The activities were lots of fun. My favourites were County Fair, High Ropes, Fencing and Giant Swing. – Katie

I thought camp was really good and I would like to do it again. My favourite activities were fencing, high ropes, orienteering, county fair and the best was the giant swing. The giant swing was really good because everyone went on it, including Mr Newling and Mrs Keane. – Alex      

Great Aussie Bush Camp was such a great experience for the students and teachers. We pushed our limits on various activities including the 12m and 15m Giant Swing. – Pierra   

The hardest challenge was by far getting sleep. We worked as a team in many challenges especially initiatives and orienteering and some of us even made new friends. – Alexander

I’m sure all the students and teachers enjoyed county fair where we got to run a stall such as milkshakes, bakery, face painting and arcade. – Ruby B

High ropes was a tiny, little bit challenging at first but after the first tight rope I through it like lightning. – Veronica

Fencing was great fun because I won against all the boys and it was great to learn how to use a sword. – Hannah

The giant swing was awesome; I wish I got another turn. – Kieran

My favourite activity was the giant swing because I love heights. – Oliver

My favourite was definitely the flying fox (in high ropes) because at first it took forever to get the courage to go on it but when I was on it I realised I could really do it. – Helena

Jeans for Genes Day

The Staff and students of Park Campus from Pre-school to Year 4 enjoyed wearing jeans to School for the day on Friday, 7 August.

Thank you to everyone who kindly donated gold coins to support the Children’s Medical Research Institute with $430 raised from Newcastle Grammar School.

1526 - Park 4

1526 - Park 1 1526 - Park 2 1526 - Park 3

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From the Director of Pre-school
Mrs Angela Tapp

We have been so fortunate at Pre-school this year to have so much parental interest and participation. We have had parent helpers for excursions and parents coming in to read stories with the children. This week Miss Kat (not our Miss Kat) and Miss Amy from the Marie Walton Mahon Dance Academy came to Pre-school to implement two fabulous dance activities developed specifically for four and five year olds. These two visits were organised by Brett and Vicki Morgan (parents from last year) from the Dance Academy and we would like to give them both a huge thank you!

During the visits on Tuesday, 11 August and Thursday, 13 August, Miss Amy and Miss Kat took the children on an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ adventure. The children learnt basic ballet steps including first position and plie’. The children painted roses red, turned into a caterpillar through a magical tunnel and, at the end, performed an imaginative expressive dance of their journey through Wonderland. Miss Amy and Miss Kat were so engaging that on both days the children (boys and girls alike) were enchanted and danced, moved and listened beautifully. Miss Amy and Miss Kat were presented with flowers from the children.

In relation to the Early Years Learning Framework, Learning Outcomes 2.1 and 5.3 were met. 2.1: Children develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities and an understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active community participation; Activities promote a sense of community within the early childhood setting. 5.3: Children express ideas and make meaning using a range of media; Children use the creative arts such as drawing, painting, sculpture, drama, dance, movement, music and storytelling to express ideas and make meaning.

1526 - PS 2

1526 - PS 1

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Head of Co-curricular
Mrs Corey Rowntree

Head of Co-curricular image

Year 10 Work Experience

Could I please remind all Year 10 students that it is now time to finalise Work Experience for Week 7, 16 – 20 November 2015. All Year 10 students were given paper work that is required to be completed by the employer and returned to me prior to the students attending.  It is the sole responsibility of the Year 10 student to arrange this placement. Any student having problems should see me as soon as possible.

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From the Director of Music Performance
Mr Kevin Young

From the Director of Music Performance image

Christ Church Cathedral Flower Festival 2015

We have been invited to support this event on Saturday, 5 September. Students in Grammarphones, Chamber Choir, Guitar Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Brass Ensemble will be involved at various times throughout the day. Students have been emailed the performance times of ensembles this week. Please let Mr Young know if there are any problems attending these performances.


HSC Recital Change of Date

Please note the second HSC Recital has been moved from Thursday, 3 September to Wednesday, 2 September. Please come along and support our Year 12 musicians.

Next week is Music Week and it would be great if staff and students could come along on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtimes to hear our Year 12 musicians perform their programs. Please feel free to bring your lunch with you.

The HSC Practical Examinations will be held at the following times:
Music 1: Monday, 7 September from 1.55pm to 4.50pm
Music 2 and Extension: Friday, 11 September from 11.30am to 4.10pm.

We wish our Year 12 Musicians well in their final stages of preparation for these performances.

Singapore Rehearsals

These rehearsals are now well underway. Students involved in the tour are reminded to check the rehearsal schedule as each ensemble is only rehearsing a few times prior to the tour. As such, you are asked to attend all the rehearsals in which you are involved.

27 August: Concert Orchestra, 5.30pm to 7.00pm – Arts Space
4 September: Choir, 3.30pm to 5.00pm – Arts Space
9 October: Choir, 3.30pm to 5.00pm – Arts Space
22 October: Concert Orchestra, 5.30pm to 7.00pm – Arts Space
29 October: Symphony Orchestra, 3.30pm to 6.00pm – Proms Rehearsal
30 October: Choir, 3.30pm to 5.00pm – Arts Space
19 November: Concert Orchestra, 5.30pm to 7.00pm – Arts Space
20 November: Concert & Symphony Orchestra, 3.30pm to 6.00pm – Proms Rehearsal
22 November: Concert Orchestra & Choir, 3.00pm Proms – SWPC
23 November: Concert Orchestra, Rehearsal day for Carols & Speech Day – TBA
23 November: Choir, Separate Schedule – TBA
6 December: Tour Commences

Term 3 Music Events

24 – 28 August: Music Week
29 August: Brass RaZoo at the  Newcastle Jazz Festival times TBA
31 August: Brass RaZoo assisting with HSC Recitals  TBC
31 August: HSC Recital 1 Arts Space 6.00pm
2 September:  HSC Recital 2 in the Arts Space 6.00pm
5 September: Orchestra, Brass Ensemble, Grammarphones and HSC students CCC Flower Festival
12 September: Brass RaZoo at Morpeth Jazz Festival  Time TBA
16 September: Brass RaZoo at Graduation Dinner  City Hall Times TBA
18 September: Orchestra and Choir at Valedictory Service  9.30am CCC
30 October: Brass RaZoo and Bamboozle Dinner Dance  Venue TBA


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Tournament of Minds
Hosted by Newcastle Grammar School

Tournament of Minds image

On 23 August 2015, over 350 students from all three educational sectors of schools in the Hunter region will compete in the Regional Final of Tournament of Minds at Newcastle Grammar School.

Tournament of Minds is an Australian-wide program designed to encourage students to develop their co-operative problem solving skills, along with creative and critical thinking.  Tournament’s aim is to enhance the potential of our youth by developing diverse skills, enterprise, time management, and the discipline to work collaboratively within a challenging and competitive environment.

The Tournament objectives are to:

  • To provide the stimulation of real, open-ended challenges
  • To develop creative problem solving approaches and techniques
  • To foster cooperative learning and team work
  • To promote knowledge and appreciation of self and others
  • To encourage experimentation and risk taking
  • To expand and reward creative and divergent thinking
  • To stimulate a spirit of inquiry and a love of learning
  • To develop enterprise
  • To celebrate excellence

Teams of 7 students are required to work together on a Long Term Challenge for six weeks without assistance from teachers, parents or peers. Teams come from both primary and secondary schools.  They are encouraged to explore possibilities and experiment with ideas as they endeavour to produce their best possible solution.  There are four Long Term Challenge disciplines – Social Sciences, Language Literature, Applied Technology and Maths/Engineering.

In the discipline of Social Sciences, students find themselves evaluating the contributions of significant historical figures such as Florence Nightingale, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Cleopatra and others. Students choosing Language Literature are required to work with Australian author Aaron Blabey’s books to retell one of his narratives. The Maths Engineering challenge asks students to build a near invisible vehicle which can transport cargo along a predetermined path. The Applied Technology challenge requires students to use both coding and Mechano to create a device that can follow set commands.

The solution to chosen challenge must be presented on Tournament Day, within a ten minute time frame.  Further restrictions are placed on the types of materials that can be used for costumes and props.  On Tournament Day the team must also solve an unseen Spontaneous Challenge.  This challenge requires rapid interchange of ideas, the ability to think creatively and well developed cooperative group skills.  They may be required to think of the ten best ways to clear a truck load of golf balls overturned on a busy road, or to replace Neil Armstrong’s words as he took that historic first step on the moon’s surface.

Tournament of Minds provides a forum in which our youth can display ingenuity and enterprise. The skills encourage in Tournament are:

  • Co-operation
  • Teamwork
  • Risk – Taking
  • Creative, divergent and critical thinking

Tournament of Minds has been one of the fastest growing national interschool programs to challenge the youth of Australia and is now expanding internationally. It provides for the ever increasing demand for sophisticated, educational opportunities. The rapidly increasing and widespread involvement of thousands of participants throughout Australia and internationally, demonstrates that Tournament of Minds is not only a worthwhile investment in the education of our youth, but is also an integral part of our collective future.

Tournament of Minds looks beyond academic achievement and understands that the pursuit of excellence knows no boundaries. Tournament offers students a unique, total experience, providing challenge and growth through its six week problem solving structure. The Tournament process provides a platform for excellence and equips participants with strategies and skills which will support future success.

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From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

From the Director of Sport image


Congratulations to Lachlan Rae, Year 10, who last week participated with 80,000 other people in the City to Surf, 14km run in Sydney.

Lachlan finished in 1.03.21 hours for the 14km – a great effort! A particularly big effort considering he had to spend 4 hours in the car to go to and from Sydney just to run up ‘heartbreak hill’ on a Sunday morning.

Overall, he finished in 3,001st position, or, to put it in perspective, Lachlan finished in the top 5% of the over 65,000 runners. Well done, Lachlan!



AICES Football Success

Lachlan Keane has recently showed his football talents by competing in the 15 Years boys HRIS team at Valentine Sports Complex, Glenwood on Wednesday, 12 August. The HRIS boy’s football team played four games winning three and were names AICES Champions at the end of the competition.

We wish Lachlan (pictured below during a game and also with his wining team) all the best for future success.

Congratulations also to Caitlin Spencer, Year 9, who played in the HRIS 15 Years girls team who also won their division at AICES. It should be noted that earlier in the year, Caitlin was also selected in the HRIS Open girls’ team which played in the AICES Open competition. We look forward to following Caitlin’s achievements in the next few years.

1526-sport 2

1526-sport 1

Congratulation to Elizabeth Carter and Veronica Van Gemert – Year 7, who competed at the HVGS Equestrian Championships on Saturday, 15 August at Salt Ash Sports Grounds. The pair competed in the Show jumping and Dressage categories and with both girls obtaining personal best results.

Below – Elizabeth Carter on her horse Boo competes in the dressage category.

1526-sport 3



Last Thursday, 25 NGS Rugby players travelled to Macquarie College to play a number of games of 7’s and 10’s in both U14 and U16 age groups. This was Macquarie’s first real hit-out Rugby and is part of their introduction of Rugby to the School. The NGS boys acquitted themselves very well, had a great time, plenty of success and will hopefully have another game in a couple of weeks’ time. Many thanks to those NGS boys who pulled on a Macquarie jersey to even numbers up.

The NGS teams (pictured below) comprised:

1526 - sport rugby

Under 14’s: Ashley Sewell, Hamish Bell, Henry Riddell, Jackson Bartley, Ewan McGaffin, Jazz Cooper, Samuel Alsop, Lachlan Harbury, Alexander Rose, Ben Vickery, Kyle Riley, Jaydon Bisson

Under 16’s: Ryan Campbell,  Ryan Philpotts, Nick Seah, Joe McGaffin, Eoin Brown, Alexander Oakley, Jackson Bartley, Michael Rewitt, Lachlan Earp, James Davis, Nicholas Gentizon, Michael Sharpe, Liam Farragher and Oscar Nicholson.

Summer Touch Football

An information note has gone home to all Park Campus (Years 2 – 4) and Hill Campus (Years 5 – 10) students who have signed up to play Summer Co-curricular Touch 2015.

If you have not signed up and are interested in playing Touch please contact Miss Byrnes at Hill campus or on  Registration will close on Monday, 24 August.

Training will commence in Term 3, Week 8 with competition starting Term 4.

HRIS Athletics Championships – Secondary

Following the success of the NGS athletes at the recent HRIS Championships, 18 students have been selected to represent HRIS at the 2015 AICES Championships to be held at Homebush on Monday, 31 August. A bus will be provided for all NGS students and an information sheet will be distributed shortly.

NGS students selected in the 2015 HRIS Athletics team are:
Mia Osmotherly – 13 Years Javelin
Jadon Routley – 13 Years 400m
Bronte Anscombe – 14 Years High Jump
Connor Henderson – 14 Years 400m
Charlotte Parsons – 14 Years Discus
Sabrina Kliousis – 15 Years Discus, 15 Years Javelin
Caitlin Spencer – 15 Years 800m
Seraina Danuser – 16 Years 800m, 16 Years 1500m
Phoebe O’Keeffe – 16 Years 400m, 16 Years 800m, 16 Years 1500m
Marshall Unie – 16 Years Shot Put
Laura Flack – 17 Years High Jump, 17 Years 1500m
Sarah Melrose – 17 Years High Jump
James Robinson – 17 Years Shot Put
Conrad Talbot – 17 Years High Jump, 17 Years Long Jump
Rebecca Frendo – 18 Years 1500m
Sophia Laurence – 18 Years 400m, 18 Years 800m, 18 Years 1500m
Gemma Oakley – 18 Years 200m, 18 Years 400m, 18 Years 1500m
Mackenzie Smith – 18 Years Shot Put


Last Saturday saw our 12/2’s and 14/2’s play their Minor Semi-Finals. Unfortunately, both teams were defeated on the day; however, both teams had outstanding seasons to get to this level. Particularly by virtue of the fact that both teams were playing up a division from last year- which is always a tough task.

Our 8 and 9 Years teams have their final game of the season this Saturday, which will mark the end of a 16 game season – long by any standard!

Our 15/2’s play their Major Semi-Final this Saturday and on behalf of the School I would like to wish them every success. Details of that match are indicated below and I would encourage any students who is looking for a good game of Netball to watch, to come along and support our girls.

Our teams’ standings are outlined below:
NGS 1, Cadet A: Season completed. Finished in 7th place.
NGS 2, 15/2: Finished regular season in 2nd place. Play their Major Semi-Final on Saturday, 22 August on court 11 at 12.00noon against South Newcastle Leagues.
NGS 3, 15/3: Season completed. Finished in 6th place.
NGS 4, 14/2: Finished season in 4th place. Defeated in their Minor Semi-Final by South Newcastle Leagues.
NGS 5, 12/2: Finished season in 4th place. Defeated in their Minor Semi-Final by Sugar Valley.
NGS 6, 12/3: Season completed. Finished in 8th place.
NGS 7, 11/2: Season completed. Finished in 6th place.
NGS 8, 11/3: Season completed. Finished in 7th place.
NGS 9 10/2: Season completed, Finished in 6th place.
NGS 10, 9 White: Currently in 5th position and have 1 game remaining. No finals in Division.
NGS 11, 8 Brown: Play in non-point-scored competitions and have 1 game remaining.

The NGS 12/2’s

1526-sport 4

The NGS 14/2’s1526-sport 5


It was great to get back on the water last week and it has been particularly enjoyable meeting some of our Year 6 and 7 rowers and families.

The start of training has prompted me to pass on some reminders to all Students/Parents it would be greatly appreciated if you could assist in reinforcing the points below regarding uniform.

Students have been informed by Ms Walker the uniform regulations regarding wearing sports uniform. Please remember:
– Students MUST change into School Uniform after morning training. They are not to stay in their sports uniform all day even if they have afternoon training or PE* on the same day.
– * Students with PE 1st period can stay in their sports uniform after training; however, still need to get changed into School uniform after PE.
– Students must wear PE uniform and joggers to all training sessions at School sessions. Camp shirts, white rowing UV tops or event merchandise is not to be worn at School. These can be worn on water rowing sessions only.

Dressing appropriately for cold weather
Currently, both morning and afternoon sessions are still quite cold. Please read the Rowing Handbook for clothing suggestions. All students need to bring/ wear at minimum a jumper/ jersey as well as Zootie or PE Uniform.

Thongs must be bought to ALL on water sessions.

Morning Training at School
Training will remain as per the interim program until further notice.
Gates and Parking: The only gate that will be open at 6.00am is the Gate on Wolfe St by the courts. Parents- please do not drive up the drive way there is limited light and very limited space to drop off and turn around. For the safety of all please park/ drop off on Wolfe St.
Students to meet in the Stewart Sweat Shed at 6.00am

Current Winter Sport Commitments
Students that have made a commitment to a current winter co-curric need to give these games and training priority if they clash with Rowing.

Upcoming Dates
Sunday, 13 September: Henley on Hunter Regatta, Berry Park. All Rowers Years 9-11
Please inform Rowing Coordinator if you cannot attend by 31/8/15

Wednesday, 23 Saturday to 26 September: Junior Rowing Camp. All Rowers Years 7 and 8 (if available). Details will be sent out soon.


1522 - Surf poster 2015

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The new NGS App is now connected to the NGS website and should allow you to read events in the calendar, alerts and the newsletter in a format that should prove more convenient.  It can be downloaded from the >Apple Store or >Google Play.

Stewart Disco
Parent Volunteers Needed

Our Stewart Disco for Years 5 to 8 is to be held on the 11 September from 6.00pm-10.00pm and we are in need of some parent volunteers to help cook and serve food on the night.

If you are able to help out please email Mrs Glenda Young on: Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

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The Passing of an Old Girl

Dorothy Bright (nee Dorothy Eddy), passed away last week. She would be one of oldest surviving ex-students of Newcastle Girls Grammar School. Her 100th birthday would have been next Sunday, 23 August.

Dorothy has an article written in the ‘From the Spirit – a History of Newcastle Grammar School’ publication on page 35, about the school day. She was a student at NGGS in 1929-1930.  She is also in the photo on page 55, of the whole school in 1929.

Our condolences to her family at this time.

Uniform Shop
Hours for 2015

The Uniform shop hours are as follows.

Monday: 8.00am – 2.00pm
Wednesday & Friday: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Sports Socks
Plain white socks are now permitted as we will be phasing out our current striped socks over the next several months.

Canteen Ordering System


1524 - Woolworths Earn & Learn
We are  now collecting Earn & Learn stickers from Woolworths.  If you would like to send some in from your shopping, its one sticker per $10 spend.  We have already received a lot of valuable equipment for the students over the last few years.  If you would like to get your extended family to help collect it would be very much appreciated.  Please deliver to the Park or Hill Campus Canteen.

Canteen Duties

Hill Campus

Mon 24 August:
Edwina Forrest

Tue 25 August:
Oona Sullivan
Alette Schot

Wed 26 August:
Elizabeth Sprott
Kathryn McGowan

Thu 27 August:
Marnie Coulton
Vicki Robinson

Fri 28 August:
Doreen Ingram

Park Campus

Mon 24 August:
Natalie Steele

Tue 25 August:
Natalie Swancott

Wed 26 August:
Belinda Banister

Thu 27 August:
Felicity Prior

Fri 28 August:
Marie Williamson

Family Sessions

1525 - Interrelate Ad jpeg

Interrelate family evening session is on Thursday, 27 August 2015, 6.00pm sharp at the SWPC.  All sessions are to be paid for in advance to either Mrs Foster at Park Campus or Mrs Gallagher at the Hill Campus.  Credit card payments can be taken over the phone.

For more information and payment details, see attached link >Interrelate Application Form

Mrs S Muddle
Year 6 Teacher / Stage 3 Director