From the Head of School
Mrs Erica Thomas

From the Head of School image

The SATU Dining In evening on Friday night was a wonderful evening full of the formalities of a military dinner. I congratulate Adam Krause (SUO) on his speech that articulated the experiences and learnings he has enjoyed through his time in the unit. The Year 11 Hospitality students led by Mrs Sally Mackay produced a sit down dinner for 47 guests and should be extremely proud of their efforts. Congratulations to all involved.

Our Primary HRIS athletics team competed in this regional competition yesterday and they were placed 4th in Division 2. Well done to Kalen Routley who won the 9 Years Boys HRIS Age Championship. Congratulations also to Skye Simpson, Isobel Prince, Eliza Guest, Emma McGrath, Vivien Kuru and Isabella Oakley who won the Age Pennant for the highest point score.

The Year 12 Trial Examinations continue until 14 August and I congratulate Year 12 on the way they have begun their examinations. Year 10 commenced their HSC journey on Tuesday night when they began their subject selection process for 2016 and 2017.


School Attendance

During 2015 the School has implemented new attendance processes at both campuses. As part of this process and to further streamline communication, we will be implementing a contact via SMS versus a School Secretary call if parents have not contacted the School previously. Please note from 10 August this system will commence when students have not been marked present during morning roll call. The SMS will be issued to the parent/guardian noted on the NGS system as the primary residence for the applicable student. If in receipt of an absence SMS please either return the SMS or call via the appropriate School reception to confirm the reason for your son or daughter’s absence.

Director of Learning & Teaching
Mrs Lisa Peterson

Director of Learning & Teaching image

Trial HSC Examinations

Best wishes to our Year 12 students who commence their Trial HSC Examinations next week. Please >click here to view timetable.


2015 Year 11 Preliminary HSC Examination Timetable

Please >click here to view the 2015 Timetable.


UNSW/ICAS Mathematics Competition

Students who registered to participate in the UNSW ICAS Mathematics competition are reminded that this will take place on Tuesday, 11 August in HS1 at 3.15pm.

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From the Director of Operations
Mr Duncan McKensey

2015 Year 5 & Year 6 Father-Son Camp

Please >click here to view details of the 2015 NGS Father – Son Camp.

From the Director of Wellbeing
Ms Lynne Walker

From the Director of Wellbeing image

Boost your Positive Emotions

On Monday, Year 8 worked with the Stewart House Coordinators in their Wellbeing Session for Term 3.

They looked at ways to Boost their Positive Emotions. This included learning about:

  • The Negativity Bias – why we tend to naturally focus on negative issues and thoughts
  • The Positivity Ratio – why we need to work hard to develop ways to appreciate beauty, show gratitude and find flow if we want to flourish
  • Practical ways we can all Boost our Positive Emotions through actions, attitudes and thoughts.

We hope that this knowledge, and the opportunity to practise skills to enhance their feelings of positivity and happiness, will be of great benefit to them both now and in the years to come.

From the Hunter House Coordinators
Ms M Thomas and Ms C Byrnes

On the Hill Campus last Thursday Hunter House had the wonderful opportunity to host Chapel. Hunter Stewart and Berkeley students presented a lovely Service in Christ Church Cathedral which celebrated the Term 3 signature strengths of beauty, appreciation of beauty and confidence. The inspiration for the service was the rainbow and students were encouraged to think about inner beauty and the power of united colour. Perhaps the pinnacle of the service was Abby Higgin’s oration and the construction of a beYOUtiful rainbow. >Click here for the Chapel Oration. The Hunter musicians were also stunning and presented the songs True Colours and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. A sincere thank you to all Hunter House students for a very special service.

1524 - Chapel 2

1524 - Chapel 1


Hunter House would also like to remind all students to start thinking about submitting images to the beYOUtiful photographic exhibition to be held on Hunter Day. All entries must be in hard copy (no digital photos) and can be any size. A reminder to also give your photo a title and to write a short statement linking the photo to one of the Term 3 signature strengths (honesty, appreciation of beauty, confidence.) Photos may be given to Ms Thomas or Ms Byrnes. We encourage all students to get involved and start taking photos!

Wishing you a beYOUtiful week!


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From the Head of Park Campus
Mrs Alicha Dyer

The teacher–student relationship is one of the most powerful elements within the learning environment. In a recent Staff meeting the Park Campus teachers took a look at Rita Pierson’s TED talk ‘Every kid needs a champion‘ which clearly displays the importance of having relationships in education rather than just content. Pierson utilises the powerful tool of personal experiences to demonstrate how teachers should inspire and relate to their students rather than simply hand out content. She discusses the impacts of motivating students and giving them confidence in themselves and leaving a legacy of heroism and friendship between teacher and student. Pierson gives personal examples of bad teaching, effective teaching, and real impacts on students. Her motivational talk is a great reminder to all educators that ‘Every kid needs a champion’.


Jeans for Genes Day – Friday, 7 August

The staff and students of Park Campus are invited to wear their jeans (and any other suitable denim attire) to School on Friday, 7 August 2015 as part of a fundraising venture supporting the CMRI (Children’s Medical Research Institute), namely Jeans for Genes Day.

As well as jeans, the students must wear their navy blue Sports shirt, together with their Sports jacket/jersey and joggers. Please send in a gold coin as a donation.

During lunchtime on Thursday and Friday, students who donate another gold coin can participate in some fun ‘jeans’ sports and ‘genes’ activities.



For the past ten days Kindergarten have been making a sourdough friendship cake named ‘Herman the German’.

We have written a procedure using verbs to make it correctly.  We also had the opportunity to have a go at lots of measuring that gave us hands on and a real life experience for our Mathematics strand of Measurement.

After ten days we cooked it and ate it.  Then we reflected on our experience by writing a recount using the correct language of ‘first, next and finally’ to sequence the events.

We have learnt so much and had a tremendous amount of fun!

1524 - KG 1

1524 - KG 7

1524 - KG 6

Playground News

Kindergarten have been having a wonderful time playing with the new items in the playground.  It has been developing friendships and role play skills.

KV has been doing some writing about what we like and why.

1524-kg2 1524 - KG1

Here are some of their responses.

I like playing in the playground.  I like the bird feeder because it is like a fairy swing.
– Daisy Reynolds-Haddock

I like playing on the playground and I like monster trucks.  It has a round wheel on its nose.  It is maroon.  It has one golden tooth.  It has flat wheels.  It has red wheels inside.  It is fun to play with too. – Oliver Knauer

I like playing at the school in the fairy garden with the flowers and sitting on the toadstools.
– Matilda Dyer

I like mermaids because they have purple eyes.  I like the tail because it has sparkles.
– Audrey Ginns

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From the Director of Pre-school
Mrs Angela Tapp

We thought we would share a little snippet of the daily inquiry based learning that takes place at Pre-school. Each week we have planned activities that provide the children with the opportunity to create and share. One such activity is craft /collage. This week, two children approached Miss Lizzie and asked for help. They wanted to make a sail for the boat they had created from a box. They cut out the sail and decided to make more boats and more sails. Other children joined in and then, one of the children asked “Do you think this boat will float or sink?” and there it was… inquiry based learning.

What followed was a number of learning opportunities. At group time the children, with the help of Miss Lizzie, conducted an experiment using the boats that they had made and a big bowl of water. Would the boats sink or float? They also began to experiment with other pieces of equipment in the room (e.g. paper clips, textas, lego) and tried to predict whether the objects would sink or float. This hypothesising and learning continued outside where children began using the water trough and guessing whether outdoor objects would sink or float. From this, the Pre-school staff have gone on to plan some intentional teaching based experiences as an extension. Reading ‘Who Sank the Boat?’ by Pamela Allan is one of them.

This spontaneous learning experience demonstrates just how children’s inquiries can lead to rich learning experiences. It also relates perfectly to learning outcome 4 in The Early Years Learning Framework as the children applied a range of thinking strategies to solve a problem. They made predictions and generalisations from a daily activity that lead to learning about floating and sinking; cause and effect and motion. Each day that same daily activity of collage will assist in more inquiry based learning. Today, for example, a Shaker girl made a computer from a box. “What else does a keyboard have on it?” she asked. After discussion with Educators she then wrote / copied numbers and letters onto the ‘keyboard’.

Another Pre-school news item is our new chalk board – located on the fence near the sandpit. We would like to thank Mrs Thomas for the idea and Mr Ryan and Mr Dennis for installing it over the holiday period. As you can see from the photos, it is getting quite a work out. A lot more inquiry based learning to be had.

1524-Pre-school 3 1524-Pre-school 2 1524-Pre-school 1

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Head of Co-curricular
Mrs Corey Rowntree

Head of Co-curricular image

Year 8 Camp

All Year 8 students have received their pre-camp information and medical forms. Please return forms as soon as possible so that the final arrangements can be made.


Hill Campus Tutoring

I remind students and parents that our after school tutoring programme is available to all students Years 5 – 12.

On a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, staff are in the library from 3.00pm – 5.00pm to assist where required. On Mondays we have Dr Diskin who can assist with Mathematics and Science work, Tuesdays we have Mr Parr the English Co-ordinator there to help with English and humanities and on a Thursday afternoon we have both Mrs Wood and Mrs Jordan in the library to assist – Mrs Wood will assist with English and humanities and Mrs Jordan for Mathematics. If you need assistance in any subject at anytime please attend any or all of these sessions for 30 minutes up to the full 2 hours if required.

Turbo sessions are also available for any Year 11 or 12 student who feels they need some assistance in improving their HSC studies. Please contact Mrs Roberts in the Social Science Department and she will make time to assist with this process.


Year 10 Work Experience

Could I please remind all Year 10 students that it is now time to finalise Work Experience for Week 7, 16 – 20 November 2015. All Year 10 students were given paper work that is required to be completed by the employer and returned to me prior to the students attending.  It is the sole responsibility of the Year 10 student to arrange this placement. Any student having problems should see me as soon as possible.



>Click here to find further information on the variety of events coming up that you may be interested in attending:

– Course and Institute Information Sessions for Students and Parents
– Course and Workshops for Students
– Open Days
– Expos and Forums
– Scholarships
– Early Entry
– Resources for Students – Free
– Resources for Students – Fee Apply
– Defence Force Information Sessions
– Other News

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From the Director of Music Performance
Mr Kevin Young

From the Director of Music Performance image

Rehearsals Singapore Tour   

Rehearsals commenced last week for the tour to Singapore in December. It was great to see and hear the Concert Orchestra and they will sound brilliant on tour. This coming Friday, 7 August is the first tour choir rehearsal. Students in the orchestra are quite welcome to come and sing as part of the choir while away on tour.


HICES 2015

The Years 5-8 HICES Festival will be held at Stanwell Tops from Sunday, 9 August to Wednesday, 12 August. Miss Sweetman will be attending the camp with our students.

Students attending this event will travel by bus which will depart NGS at 1.00pm on Sunday, 9 August. The cost of the bus will be around $40. Please note, the fee of $475 for the camp must be paid prior to departure. The bus fee will be billed to your School account.


HRIS Cultural Festival

Last Wednesday, 25 students, along with Miss Parkes and myself attended the HRIS Cultural Festival at Hunter Valley Grammar School. Our students were involved in many of the ensembles, including String Orchestra, Years 5-8 choir and the Big Band. This is an opportunity for our students to meet and work with students and staff from other schools around our region. The day concluded with a concert performance which really did highlight the extraordinary talents of our young musicians and dancers from the Hunter Independent schools. I am certain everyone had a most rewarding day.


Change of Date

Please note the second HSC Recital has been moved from Thursday, 3 September to Wednesday, 2 September. Please come along and support our Year 12 musicians.


Christ Church Cathedral Flower Festival 2015

We have been invited to support this event on Saturday, 5 September. Students in Grammarphones, Chamber Choir , Symphony Orchestra, Brass Ensemble will be involved at various times throughout the day. Year 12 students will also be allocated a time to perform some of their HSC programmes.


Term 3 Music Events

14 August: Brass RaZoo assisting with HSC Trial Exams
24 – 28 August: Music Week
29 August: Brass RaZoo at the  Newcastle Jazz Festival times TBA
31 August: Brass RaZoo assisting with HSC Recitals  TBC
31 August: HSC Recital 1 Arts Space 6.00pm
2 September:  HSC Recital 2 in the Arts Space 6.00pm
5 September: Orchestra, Brass Ensemble, Grammarphones and HSC students CCC Flower Festival
12 September: Brass RaZoo at Morpeth Jazz Festival  Time TBA
16 September: Brass RaZoo at Graduation Dinner  City Hall Times TBA
18 September: Orchestra and Choir at Valedictory Service  9.30am CCC
30 October: Brass RaZoo and Bamboozle Dinner Dance  Venue TBA

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From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

From the Director of Sport image

HRIS Junior Secondary Football Gala Day

Fifteen young men from Year 7 and 8 took to the Adamstown Oval last Tuesday in a bid to contest for the title of Under 15 HRIS Champions for 2015.

The students played 6 games with 3 wins and 3 losses and a finishing place of 6th out of a possible 15 teams.

The young men played a competition that included opponents that were mainly in Year 9 and they often outplayed their opposition with great football. They represented their School with pride and their sportsmanship was admirable. I would like to thank the following students for a great day: Lachlan Keane, Vincent Unie, Blaine Stubbs, Jazz Cooper, Felix Prince, Isaac Duncan-Daley, Owen Hunt, Ryan Turner, Michael Papadopoulos, Aidan Lourens, Nicholas McGrath, Jackson Lane, Oliver Wentworth, Connor Henderson and Max Ventura.


HRIS Primary and Secondary Equestrian

Any Primary or Secondary student who is interested in entering the  HVGS Equestrian (Dressage and Show Jumping) Championships on Saturday, 15 August. Please see Miss Byrnes in the PDHPE Department for further information.


HRIS Athletics Championships-Secondary

Following the success of the NGS athletes at the recent HRIS Championships, 19 students have been selected to represent HRIS at the 2015 AICES Championships to be held at Homebush on Monday, 31 August. A bus will be provided for all NGS students and an information sheet will be distributed shortly.

NGS students selected in the 2015 HRIS Athletics team are:

Mia Osmotherly – 13 Years Javelin
Jadon Routley – 13 Years 400m
Bronte Anscombe – 14 Years High Jump
Connor Henderson – 14 Years 400m
Charlotte Parsons – 14 Years Discus
Sabrina Kliousis – 15 Years Discus, 15 Years Javelin
Lorcan Redmond – 15 Years 800m, 15 Years 1500m, Open 3000m
Caitlin Spencer – 15 Years 800m
Seraina Danuser – 16 Years 800m, 16 Years 1500m
Phoebe O’Keeffe – 16 Years 400m, 16 Years 800m, 16 Years 1500m
Marshall Unie – 16 Years Shot Put
Laura Flack – 17 Years High Jump, 17 Years 1500m
Sarah Melrose – 17 Years High Jump
James Robinson – 17 Years Shot Put
Conrad Talbot – 17 Years High Jump, 17 Years Long Jump
Rebecca Frendo – 18 Years 1500m
Sophia Laurence – 18 Years 400m, 18 Years 800m, 18 Years 1500m
Gemma Oakley – 18 Years 200m, 18 Years 400m, 18 Years 1500m
Mackenzie Smith – 18 Years Shot Put


HRIS Primary Netball and Football Gala Day

On Tuesday, 25 August, HRIS will be hosting the Primary Netball and Football Gala Days 2015. Students from Years 3 – 6 are asked to attend trials below to select teams for this day.

Football – Year 5 & 6. Wednesday lunchtime. Mr J Ms Byrnes
Football – Year 3 & 4. TBA. Mr Lloyd Mr Taylor
Netball – Year 5 & 6. Thursday lunchtime. Ms Byrnes
Netball Year 3 & 4. NGS Netball training National Park 3.30 – 4.30pm. Mrs Tucker Ms Byrnes

We hope for excellent attendance at trials so we can take strong, committed teams to these Gala days to represent NGS.



This Saturday sees the final game of the regular competition season for many of our teams. It is great to see that a number of the NGS teams are going to qualify for the semi-finals after a typically long and competitive season. Please watch future newsletters for information on semi-final details.

Our teams’ standings are outlined below:
NGS 1, Cadet A’s are currently in 7th place with 1 game remaining before the semis.
NGS 2, 15/2’s are currently in 2nd place with 1 game remaining before the semis.
NGS 3, 15/3’s have a BYE this Saturday and therefore finish in 7th place for the season.
NGS 4, 14/2’s are currently in =3rd place with 1 game remaining before the semis.
NGS 5, 12/2’s are currently in 4th place with 1 game remaining before the semis.
NGS 6, 12/3’s are currently in 8th place with 1 game remaining before the semis.
NGS 7, 11/2’s are currently in 6th place with 1 game remaining before the semis.
NGS 8, 11/3’s are currently in =7th place with 1 game remaining before the semis.
NGS 9 10/2’s currently in 6th place with 2 games remaining before the semis.
NGS 10, 9 Years White, play in non-point-scored competitions and have 3 games remaining.
NGS 11, 8 Years Brown, play in non-point-scored competitions and have 3 games remaining.


Winter Touch

A huge thankyou and congratulations to our Winter Touch players who finished their season on a high with a brilliant 3 – 2 win over their opposition.

James Robinson, Freya Whitehead, Sara Farragher-Hoey, Bethany Lee, Hamish Burge, Patrick Nicolle, Michael Waring, Tristram Kaluski, Tara Valerie, Asha Ryan, Sarah Melrose, Theo Sam and Eliza McGowan braved some cold winter Thursday nights and competed against some experienced teams during the season.

A special thankyou to Ms Karen Armstrong and her input to coaching this season and a sad farewell to the players in Year 12 who have contributed so wonderfully to the NGS Touch program over the years.

Ms C Byrnes – MIC Touch


Student Achievements

Jayden makes NSW Hockey Debut
Congratulations to Year 7 student Jayden Bisson who was selected in the NSW 13 Years Hockey team over the weekend. Jayden showed his experience and talent, being selected from a squad of 43 players.

Jayden will now play with his NSW team at the National Hockey Championships in Darwin late September.

We wish Jayden all the best as he represents his State. What a fabulous achievement.


Cody, Isaac and Michael to face Futsal’s best.

Congratulations to Isaac Duncan-Daly and Cody Peluso who will be representing NGS at the National Schools Futsal tournament in Brisbane during the holidays. This is a great reward for some long hours spent training and playing the game they love.

Isaac Duncan-Daly and Michael Papadopoulos have also been selected in the 13 Years Australian Futsal team to compete overseas at the International Futsal Championships in Barcelona. These two talented Futsal players have been selected in a 12 man team to compete against countries from all around the world.

The competition starts on the 2 November and runs for 3 weeks. The boys will travel with family and gave special mention to coach Mr Guy Peluso who has been working with the boys every Sunday to develop the much needed skills they will require to match it with the best in the world.

We wish the boys all the best for a successful and fun time in their competition and travels overseas.




Another picture perfect Saturday competition day for our enthusiastic tennis players. A special thank you to Leo and Anika who voluntarily made themselves available to play in both the midday and the 2.00pm timeslots. Thank you. I bet you slept well on Saturday night!

It was great to see Laura and Harriet take advantage of the extra training session offered by Mr Billingham for our beginners’ group. Mr Billingham, Laura, Harriet and I finished off the session with a dynamic doubles match. Their net play and positioning had markedly improved as a result of the extra training session.

Just a reminder that all NGS players must wear their full sport uniform on Saturdays, including the School jersey if the weather is cool.

Mrs V Dart-MIC Tennis

image9 image1



Rowing Information Evening
Please join us this Thursday, 6 August at 6.00pm in the Horbury Hunt Hall at Hill Campus for the 2015 Rowing Information Evening. This is for all new and current rowers, parents/ guardians as well as anyone interested in finding out additional information about the NGS Rowing Programme.

This will include a brief introduction to the Rowing Programme and overview of the season, coaches introduced and 2015 Rowing Captain and Vice-Captain announced.

The 2015/16 Season Handbook will be issued which includes the Training Programme and Regatta Schedule as well as other relevant information and/changes.

Our partners in well-being, Ethos Health will also give a short Nutrition presentation on how to best fuel your body through training and racing. (This is a ‘light’ presentation relevant to all in the programme, a more detailed session will be held for seniors later in the year).

This is also an opportunity to ask any lingering questions, share information, as well as catch up with other families or plan car pools.

As mentioned, it is very beneficial for a parent or guardian to attend, particularly if starting this year.

Training Start Dates and Interim Programme
Currently the Lake Macquarie Rowing Club, out of which NGS row, is having some building works done. They have been delayed slightly and until the work is complete we will be operating on an interim programme which will be explained in detail on Thursday evening and emailed out to rowing families. This will include variations to training sessions and venues.

Some detail is outlined in upcoming dates.

Please watch this space for more Rowing news and updates. If you would like more information on starting rowing please contact Mrs Ellis on

Upcoming dates
Thursday, 6 August: Rowing Information Evening Hill Campus – HHH. All Students and parents/ guardians

Saturday, 8 August: Training Commences  Years 9-11 Only. Booragul 5.45 – 10.00am

Monday, 10 August: Afternoon Training Commences for all rowers Years 6-11 (this will include on water for Year 6 and 7). Morning Training Commences for Year 9-11. Training Schedule will be issued on Thursday evening and emailed to rowing families.

Saturday, 15 August: Morning Training Commences Year 7. Booragul Girls 5.45 – 8.00am/ Boys 7.45 – 10.00am

Monday, 24 August: Morning Training Commences Year 8 (After Camp). Year 6 will commence Saturdays once we are back in the boat shed.

Mrs S Ellis – Rowing Coordinator

1522 - Surf poster 2015

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1524 - Woolworths Earn & Learn
We are  now collecting Earn & Learn stickers from Woolworths.  If you would like to send some in from your shopping, its one sticker per $10 spend.  We have already received a lot of valuable equipment for the students over the last few years.  If you would like to get your extended family to help collect it would be very much appreciated.  Please deliver to the Park or Hill Campus Canteen.

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