From the Head of the School
Mrs Erica Thomas

From the Head of the School image

The Year 10 Production of the Addams Family was enjoyed by a wide audience last week. I congratulate the students in the manner in which they approached the activity and the way they worked together to produce such a quality performance. The music was outstanding and the crew who worked backstage ensured a seamless production. Well done Year 10. To produce a musical as a Year group is a unique experience and one I am sure you will remember for years to come. >Click Here to see some photos of the Addams Family production.

Our secondary HRIS athletics team placed second overall in the HRIS Athletics Championships. I congratulate the team for this excellent result in Division 1 and a number of students will now go on to compete at the 2015 AICES Athletics Championship in late August. The Primary HRIS competition will be held next Tuesday.

We have welcomed parents to Parent-Teacher meetings at both Park and Hill Campuses in the last weeks. We hope you find these meetings useful at the mid point in the year and that they are helpful in giving you an insight into how your son or daughter can improve. Year 12 begin their Trial Examinations next week. It is a busy time for the students who use these examinations to test their learning to date and look critically at areas where they can improve. The Trials are very much part of the learning process and we wish Year 12 well. The HSC begins in October.

Director of Learning & Teaching
Mrs Lisa Peterson

Director of Learning & Teaching image

Year 11, 2016 Subject Selection Evening

Parents and students of Year 10 (Year 11, 2016) are invited to the 2016 Subject Selection Evening to be held next Tuesday, 4 August in HHH commencing at 6.30pm. 

The evening will include a presentation on the HSC and ATAR and the opportunity to discuss subjects with Faculty Coordinators. Students will also receive an information package containing course outlines and the Subject Selection Form.

We encourage all current Year 10 students and their parents to attend in order to gain important information to assist in making subject selections.

As this is a School function, students are to be dressed in full school uniform.


Trial HSC Examinations

Best wishes to our Year 12 students who commence their Trial HSC Examinations next week. Please >click here to view timetable.


UNSW/ICAS Mathematics Competition

Students who registered to participate in the UNSW ICAS Mathematics competition are reminded that this will take place on Tuesday, 11 August in HS1 at 3.15pm.

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From the Director of Wellbeing
Ms Lynne Walker

From the Director of Wellbeing image

Stewart House Debating  – Stage 3 Final

Roses or Cabbages? Appreciation of beauty or practicality?  We heard some very convincing arguments from the Year 6 students in both Macquarie and Shortland in last Thursday’s debate, so that it was difficult for us all to decide whether or not our gardens would be filled with vegies or petals!  The adjudicators, once again members of our NGS Senior Debating Teams, were very impressed by the standard of all the speakers. They commented that the students had prepared well, spoken confidently and that the final outcome was extremely close. In the end, ‘Roses’ and Shortland prevailed.  We congratulate all students who participated and thank our Senior students for adjudicating and providing such useful feedback.

1523 - Year 6 debating

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From the Hunter House Coordinators
Ms M Thomas and Ms C Byrnes

beYOUtiful Photographic Exhibition

This week we are very excited to be launching our beYOUtiful photographic exhibition to be held on Hunter Day in Week 8. It will be held in HHH at lunch and will showcase all appropriate entries. There will be prizes over a range of categories including People’s Choice. We are looking for photos, taken by students that showcase honesty, appreciation of beauty and confidence. When students submit their photo they must provide their name, a name for their photo as well as a very brief statement that links the image to one of the three signature strengths for this term. Students might like to think about special people in their life, significant places, the world of nature, even a simple flower or wave breaking at the beach… anything! Along with linking the photo to one of the three Hunter strengths, the only other requirements are that students must have permission to photograph individuals and print their image and there are absolutely no selfies allowed. Printed photos are to be submitted to Ms Byrnes, Ms Thomas or Hunter House Captains by the end of Week 7. This will give us enough time to mount the photos and prepare our exhibition. Students are encouraged to keep their eye out for our lovely posters around the school with the details of Hunter Day. The image on the poster is a child looking the wrong way through a camera lens. Obviously it is there to promote our photographic exhibition but it is also a reminder of the innocence of children. The child who is looking through the lens of the camera the wrong way is completely unaware of the impact that the media will have on him in the future. When students take their photos for the exhibition they are encouraged to keep in mind the power they have in constructing the image and the perception of beauty that is being promoted. We encourage all students to get involved and submit a beYOUtiful image. We are looking forward to seeing all the photos!

Head of Co-curricular
Mrs Corey Rowntree

Head of Co-curricular image

Year 8 Camp

All Year 8 students have received their pre-camp information and medical forms. Please return forms as soon as possible so that the final arrangements can be made.


Hill Campus Tutoring

I remind students and parents that our after school tutoring programme is available to all students Years 5 – 12.

On a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, staff are in the library from 3.00pm – 5.00pm to assist where required. On Mondays we have Dr Diskin who can assist with Mathematics and Science work, Tuesdays we have Mr Parr the English Co-ordinator there to help with English and humanities and on a Thursday afternoon we have both Mrs Wood and Mrs Jordan in the library to assist – Mrs Wood will assist with English and humanities and Mrs Jordan for Mathematics. If you need assistance in any subject at anytime please attend any or all of these sessions for 30 minutes up to the full 2 hours if required.

Turbo sessions are also available for any Year 11 or 12 student who feels they need some assistance in improving their HSC studies. Please contact Mrs Roberts in the Social Science Department and she will make time to assist with this process.


Year 10 Work Experience

Could I please remind all Year 10 students that it is now time to finalise Work Experience for Week 7, 16 – 20 November 2015. All Year 10 students were given paper work that is required to be completed by the employer and returned to me prior to the students attending.  It is the sole responsibility of the Year 10 student to arrange this placement. Any student having problems should see me as soon as possible.



>Click here to find further information on the variety of events coming up that you may be interested in attending:

– Courses available to students at UNSW
– Open Days at University of Newcastle

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From the Head of Park Campus
Mrs Alicha Dyer

‘Teaching and learning empowers students to take self‐initiated action as a result of the learning.’

I guess I have always felt that if learning does not result in some form of action then what is the point? As teachers we understand that learning should lead to responsible action, initiated by the student as a result of the learning process. This action will extend the student’s learning, or it may have a wider social impact.

Effective action does not need to be grandiose. It begins at the most immediate level: with the self, friends, family, within the classroom and playground. Throughout the Term I will be reminding our students of the importance of taking self-initiated action. This could include:
– To help students to keep the School safe and tidy.
– To raise awareness about making Park Campus a better place and help other people outside school.
– To take positive action at Park Campus and make a difference.

We see our students (and staff) taking action as a result of their learning across the School every day. No doubt you too witness examples of action at home. Our Park Campus is certainly a community which promotes, provokes and values action!


Mark Hughes Foundation

Park Campus would like to thank all students and families who wore Beanies and bought along gold coin donations on Friday, 24 July in support of The Mark Hughes Foundation. Mark Hughes, ex-Knight’s footballer and State of Origin player visited the school on Thursday morning and with Miley Griffiths by his side, discussed his involvement in the foundation and encouraged students to raise much needed funds for Brain Cancer research.

On behalf of the school, Miley Griffiths gave a very warm thank you to Mark and encouraged the children to get behind her and Mark by wearing beanies the following day. We thank all the families who attended last Friday’s chapel service, as proceeds collected on this day contributed to the funds raised. Donations are still coming in and the final amount raised will be announced at Park Campus this week.

For more information or to make donation please visit:


Jeans for Genes Day at Park Campus – Friday, 7 August

In Week 4, the staff and students of Park Campus will be involved in fundraising activities for the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI), culminating in Jeans for Genes Day. Further details will be provided next week.

Details about this ever-popular community event can be found at

What is Jeans for Genes?
Jeans for Genes is the iconic fundraising campaign of Children’s Medical Research Institute. Each year, Australians unite by wearing their favourite jeans and outdoing each other with crazy denim outfits, and donating money or purchasing merchandise, to support genetic research.

On the first Friday in August each year workplaces, schools and streets become a sea of denim in a united stance against childhood disease. This year it will be Friday, 7 August.

Every dollar raised on the day helps scientists at Children’s Medical Research Institute discover treatments and cures, to give every child the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

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From the Director of Pre-school
Mrs Angela Tapp

There has been a real sense of community this week at Pre-school. We had a visit from Pacific Smiles which involved Julie and Eric the Dinosaur coming to talk with the children about having healthy teeth and a healthy diet. They told us about ‘healthy’ food and ‘sometimes’ food; about using a tooth brush with straight bristles; the difference between baby teeth and big teeth; how to use dental floss (it cleans between our teeth where plaque likes to hide); and how to brush our teeth using circles-don’t forget your tongue! They also told us how fluoride protects the outside layer of our teeth, which is called enamel. The children were then encouraged to participate in a pretend dental experience where they donned masks, gloves, gowns and protective glasses and pretended to be the dentist cleaning Eric and his dinosaur friends’ teeth!

Pre-school would also like to thank families for their contributions in helping support Park Campus raise awareness about Brain Cancer. We had a fabulous day on Friday wearing our Beanies for Brain Cancer in support of the Mark Hughes Foundation. We talked about how some children are unable to walk, think, see, play or hear the same as other children yet they are still beautiful and smart and like to do the same things as other children.

Experiences like this develop an awareness of others and encourage children to think about their health, life styles, personal hygiene, care, safety and wellbeing of themselves and others (thereby meeting Learning Outcomes 2.1 and 3.2 as part of the Early Years Learning Framework).

1523-Pre-school 3 1523-Pre-school 2 1523-Pre-school 1

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From the Director of Music Performance
Mr Kevin Young

From the Director of Music Performance image

Rehearsals Singapore Tour  

Rehearsals will commence this week for the tour to Singapore which takes place in December. There are still two positions left if there are any students in Years 7 to 11 who wish to go. You must be in an ensemble to apply. Please come and see me.

On Thursday, 30 July from 5.30pm to 7.00pm the Concert Orchestra will have their first rehearsal and on Friday, 7 August, the Tour Choir will join together for the first time. Students who are in the orchestra who would like to sing with the choir are most welcome to do so but please see Mr Young before making this decision.


HICES 2015

The Year 5-8 HICES Festival will be held at Stanwell Tops from Sunday, 9 August to Wednesday, 12 August. Miss Sweetman will be attending the camp with our students.

Students attending this event will travel by bus which will depart NGS at 1.00pm on Sunday 9 August. The cost of the bus will be advised via email.


Music Programme

The Music programmes we offer at NGS from Years 3 – 6 are designed to give your children an experience that can be developed into a rewarding and life long activity. However, at the end of Year 6, some students decide not to continue their instrumental learning. When I ask students why they do not continue, I hear these types of responses:

“The instrument I learnt was too hard” or “I don’t have any musical ability, I’m hopeless” or “I’m way too busy to do any music” or ‘I can’t seem to go anywhere with my music”.

There is no doubt that children are influenced by their friends and family and if learning a musical instrument is seen as ‘uncool’ by mates or becomes a logistical problem with the family for example, the child’s opportunity may be missed.

Music is like anything else. If you want to become good at it then you need to follow it through from the introductory stage to private lessons and a private practice regime. It’s amazing how proficient you become when you devote two hours over the course of an entire week to practising your instrument.

Without the proper tools and practice habits to imporve, students will become frustrated and want to quit. It is the role of music educators and parents to give students ownership over their learning. As teachers, we must teach students why, how, where, and when to practise, and parents must obtain minimal knowledge about how students learn music in order to properly support them at home.

As far as those who do not think they are talented, sure, there are some students who pick up an instrument and sound decent immediately, but they will hit a wall later and have to work hard to overcome it. Most everyone else won’t sound that great at first. Playing a musical instrument is a craft that, if practised correctly, is something that all children can find success in. As long as students know how to practise and that it needs to be done regularly, they will get better.

So I encourage all our students to maintain their commitment to developing their skills and remain involved in music.  It will bring life long joy.


Term 3 Music Events

29 July: HRIS Cultural Festival HVGS
14 August: Brass RaZoo assisting with HSC Trial Exams
24 – 28 August: Music Week
29 August: Brass RaZoo at the  Newcastle Jazz Festival times TBA
31 August: Brass RaZoo assisting with HSC Recitals  TBC
31 August: HSC Recital 1 Arts Space 6.00pm
3 September:  HSC Recital 2 in the Arts Space 6.00pm
5 September: Orchestra, Brass Ensemble, Grammarphones and HSC students CCC Flower Festival
12 September: Brass RaZoo at Morpeth Jazz Festival  Time TBA
16 September: Brass RaZoo at Graduation Dinner  City Hall Times TBA
18 September: Orchestra and Choir at Valedictory Service  9.30am CCC
30 October: Brass RaZoo and Bamboozle Dinner Dance  Venue TBA

1523-Music 5 1523-Music 4 1523-music 3 1523-Music 2 1523-Music 1

Photos: Founders’ Day in the Cathedral

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From the Director of Sport
Mr Leigh Carroll

From the Director of Sport image


Just a quick thanks to all of those parents who were able to assist with helping in the canteen at the netball courts on Saturday.

NGS had the 5 hour morning shift and, as those who worked in the canteen can attest, it can become very busy at times. Having so many willing helpers makes the job that much easier.


HRIS Athletics Championships – Secondary

Last Thursday, 21 July saw the 2015 HRIS Division 1 Athletics Championships held at Hunter Sports Centre, Glendale. What was a magnificent day weather-wise was also a magnificent day results-wise with NGS finishing in 2nd place overall.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each and every one of the 98 students who attended and who competed so well all day to produce this fine result.

I would like to particularly thank our 2015 Captains of Athletics-Tim Rogers and Sophia Laurence who between them represented the School in the majority of events in their age group on the day and led, at all times by example.

Results of the day were:

Overall School Championship
1st – Hunter Valley Grammar School
2nd – Newcastle Grammar School
3rd – Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College
4th – Lakes Grammar Anglican School
5th – Avondale School
6th – Central Coast Adventist School
7th – St. Phillip’s Christian College, Pt. Stephens
8th – Macquarie College

Age Division Champions
NGS won four of the fourteen Age Division Championships on the day:
– 15 Years Girls. This team comprised: Sabrina Kliousis, Caitlin Spencer, Amelia Sadler, Lateisha Bower and Karma Randall.
– 17 Years Girls. This team comprised: Monique Bower, Eliza McGowan, Isabelle Todhunter, Laura Flack, Sara Melrose, Rebekah Stuart and Laura Blanch.
– 18 Years Boys. This team comprised: Tim Rogers, Mikey Cominos, Michael Sebastian, Felix Ferguson, Aden Luker, Hamish Burge, Joshua Franks, Ryan Peters, Michael Waring, Oscar Sloan, Luke Davies and Max Markey.
– 18 Years Girls. This team comprised: Gemma Oakley, Sophia Laurence, Rebecca Frendo, Mackenzie Smith, Sara Farragher-Hoey and Casey Dykes.

NGS Record Breakers
– Sabrina Kliousis: Sabrina set a new record in the 15 Years Javelin with a throw of 33.85m (old record-21.48m)
– Phoebe O’Keeffe: Phoebe set a new record in the 16 Years 1500m with a time of 5.27.92m (old record-5.31.51)
– Lorcan Redmond: Lorcan set a new record in the 17 Years 1500m with a time of 4.11.10m (old record-4.16.00). Please note that Lorcan is 15 and competed in the 17 Years event! Lorcan also set a new record in the Open 3000m event with a time of 9.03.55m (old record-9.37.38)

Top Ten Finishers in Age Championships
12 Years Girls: Molly Broad – 3rd
13 Years Boys: Jadon Routley – 5th
14 Years Girls: Bronte Anscombe – 8th
14 Years Boys: Connor Henderson – =5th
15 Years Girls: Sabrina Kliousis – 2nd
15 Years Girls: Caitlin Spencer – 4th
16 Years Girls: Sophie Cominos – =2nd
16 Years Girls: Phoebe O’Keeffe – 9th
16 Years Boys: Marshall Unie – 4th
17 Years Girls: Laura Flack – 3rd
17 Years Boys: Conrad Talbot – =6th
18 Years Girls: Sophia Laurence – 6th
18 Years Girls: Gemma Oakley – 7th
18 Years Girls: Rebecca Frendo – 10th
18 Years Boys: Tim Rogers – 2nd

Notable Mentions
– Bronson Elsley, who was originally down to compete in just the Discus helped the School out by also competing  in the 100m finishing 9th, 800m finishing 5th, 1500m finishing 6th, Javelin finishing, Shot Put finishing 7th and Discus finishing 6th.

– Imogen Patey, competed up an age group throughout the day, competing in the 100m finishing 5th, 200m finishing 4th, Long Jump finishing 9th and Discus finishing 8th.

A big congratulations to both Imogen and Bronson for their efforts on the day.

Following this carnival and the Division 2 carnival which was held the day prior, an HRIS team will be selected to compete at the 2015 AICES Athletics Championships to be held at Homebush on Monday, 31 August. That team will be posted as soon as it comes to hand.

Transport will be provided for all NGS students and a note detailing arrangements for the day will be distributed to all team members closer to the date.


Student Achievements


Georgia Ferguson, Year 7, has been selected in the U13s NSW Girls Hockey side.  Georgia comes from a talented hockey family and has cemented her spot at goal keeper through training hard and love of the game. We wish Georgia all the best in her upcoming State tournament and wish her much success in her Hockey career.

1523-sport 1

Jayden Bisson, Year 7, travelled to Tamworth last weekend to trial for the U13s Boys NSW Hockey team. Jayden will find out during the week whether he was successful in gaining selection in the 16 player squad from the 44 players who attended the weekend camp. We wish Jayden all the best for his selection.


Newcastle Grammar School Primary Athletics Team

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected in the Newcastle Grammar School Primary Athletics team to compete at the HRIS Primary Athletics Championships at Hunter Sports Complex – Glendale on Tuesday, 4 August.

8 Years – Luca Swancott, Andrew Carpenter, Brandon Muddle, Elliot Collins, Daniel Richardson, Arthur Petrelis, Jack Martin, Eden Simpson, Zahli Ginns, Isabella Myers, Vanessa Kuru, Ella Beattie, Harriette Arnall, Lucy Nightingale

9 Years – Kalen Routley, Thomas McGrath, Ambrose Raftos, William Jeffery, Gabriel Leishman, Alexander Yost, Lachlan Dunning, Alex Moss, Eliza Ginns, Ruby Macdonald, Hunter Rowntree, Abbey Bryant, Emily Lilleyman, Katherine Wang, Alice Jeffery

10 Years – Cameron Carson, Hayden Martinelli, Gabriel Jeffery, Connor Johansen, Alexander Macdougall, Lucas Bortolloto, Jackson Campbell, Bronte Simpson, Hannah Choi, Josephine Armstrong, Sophia Prince, Harriet Carroll, Mary Dundas, Ayva Myers, Veronica Kuru

11 Years – Scott Philpotts, Luke Siderovski, Marcus Ferch, Rhett Boden, Niamh Harrigan, Kiara Bower, Lily Webster, Millie Robbs, Phoebe Eisenburg, Lauren Harvey.

12 Years – Ben Henderson, Jett Robinson, Nicholas Marlette, Dominic Leishman, Lachlan Carey, Leo Hasdarngkul, Ethan Stevenson, Skye Simpson, Eliza Guest, Olivia Byth, Isobel Prince, Isobel Oakley, Vivien Kuru, Emma McGrath

Information regarding the HRIS Primary Athletics Championship was given out last term with students required to bring permission notes back to school.

Students are asked to attend Athletics training on Tuesday afternoons from 3:20 – 4:30pm at Newcastle Athletics track. A bus will travel to and from the venue collecting Park Campus students on the way.

Ms C Byrnes-Park/Stewart Sports Coordinator



The 2015 season is now in the final rounds before the semi-finals begin with a good number of our teams in contention for places in those semi-finals.

Our teams’ standings are outlined below:
NGS 1, Cadet A are currently in 7th place with 2 games remaining before the semis.
NGS 2, 15/2’s are currently in = 2nd place with 2 games remaining before the semis.
NGS 3, 15/3’s are currently in 7th place with 2 games remaining before the semis.
NGS 4, 14/2’s are currently in 3rd place with 2 games remaining before the semis.
NGS 5, 12/2’s are currently in = 2nd place with 2 games remaining before the semis.
NGS 6, 12/3’s are currently in 8th place with 2 games remaining before the semis.
NGS 7, 11/2’s are currently in 7th place with 2 games remaining before the semis.
NGS 8, 11/3’s are currently in 7th place with 2 games remaining before the semis.
NGS 9 10/2’s currently in 6th place with 3 games remaining before the semis.
NGS 10, 9 Years White, play in non-point-scored competitions and have 4 games remaining.
NGS 11, 8 Years Brown, play in non-point-scored competitions and have 4 games remaining.


HRIS Primary Netball and Football Gala Day

On Tuesday, 25 August, HRIS will be hosting the Primary Netball and Football Gala Days 2015.

Students from Years 3 to 6 are asked to attend trials to select teams for this day.

In Netball we will be selecting Division A and Division B teams from Years 5 & 6 girls and Division C from Years 3 & 4 girls.

Ms Byrnes will be holding trials for these teams. TBA at assembly.

In Football we will be selecting Division A and Division B teams from Years 5 & 6 boys and girls and Division C from Years 3 & 4 boys and girls.

Mr Juchniewicz and Mr Lloyd will be announcing at assembly times and day for the trials.

We hope for excellent attendance at trials so we can take strong, committed teams to these Gala days to represent NGS.

Ms C Byrnes-Park/Stewart Sports Coordinator


HRIS Primary and Secondary Equestrian

Any Primary or Secondary student who is interested in entering the  HVGS Equestrian (Dressage and Showjumping) Championships on Saturday, 15 August. Please see Miss Byrnes in the PDHPE Department for further information.

Ms C Byrnes-Park/Stewart Sports Coordinator



Our season kicked off last Saturday in brilliant sunshine and a stiff breeze, just to keep players on their toes.

Thanks to everyone who arrived 15 minutes prior to their game. This gave you ample time to have your name marked off, make your way to the court and have a warm up before the game began.

It was great to see 7 players from the beginners’ group attend Mr Billingham’s intensive coaching program on Saturday. This is a voluntary attendance and we encourage all beginners to take advantage of extra coaching in a small group each Saturday from 12.30 -1.45pm. Two players have already demonstrated that they are ready to enter the interdistrict competition and will start playing in that competition next week. Congratulations William and Cameron!

Mrs V Dart-MIC Tennis



If you would like to try rowing this season it’s not too late to sign up! Please contact Mrs Ellis in the PD/H/PE staff room for information.

If you are rowing please return registration forms.

Upcoming Information Evening
Thursday, 6 August: Rowing Information Evening, Hill Campus – HHH. 6.00pm start. All Students and Parents. Summary of the season, plans and changes, training schedules, Rowing handbook released and coaches are introduced.

1522 - Surf poster 2015

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Service Learning

World’s Greatest Shave

Student Jade Williams, Year 8,  is bravely participating in the World’s Greatest Shave. She is hoping to raise $3000 for the Leukaemia Foundation and would truly appreciate it if the Newcastle Grammar School community got behind her to help her with the fundraising. Jade’s Greatest Shave will be held at Cooks Hill Surf Club on Sunday, 20 September at 2.30pm. We encourage everyone to support Jade and an amazing cause.

To donate go to:

All donations will be accepted with gratitude. When donating online, please insert the name of student.

Smart Phone App

The new NGS App is now connected to the NGS website and should allow you to read events in the calendar, alerts and the newsletter in a format that should prove more convenient.  It can be downloaded from the >Apple Store or >Google Play.


All professional event photography from Newcastle School Portraits is available for purchase for the Newcastle School Portraits website. Follow the online ordering tabs to Past Photo Shoots. To enter this area, please use the access code: 42359AR

Current Events avaliable:
– Winter Concert
– Founders’ Day Cathedral
– Grandparents’ Day
– Presentation Ball Groups (Packages are available from the Newcastle School Portraits office)

17A Denney Street, Broadmeadow 2292
Hours: 9.00am to 3.30pm Mon – Fri
Phone: 4965 4114

Uniform Shop
Hours for 2015

The Uniform shop hours are as follows.

Monday: 8.00am – 2.00pm
Wednesday & Friday: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Sports Socks
Plain white socks are now permitted as we will be phasing out our current striped socks over the next several months.

Canteen Ordering System


Canteen Duties

Hill Campus

Mon 3 August:
Toni Lee

Tue 4 August:
Jacquelene Doran
Hayley Martin

Wed 5 August:
Aznive Beesley
Julieanne Vickery

Thu 6 August:
Jennie Dykes
Allison Elvish

Fri 7 August:
Lesley Filby

Park Campus

Mon 3 August:

Tue 4 August:

Wed 5 August:

Thu 6 August:
Melanie Pook

Fri 7 August:
Michelle Smith